KG in LA?

June 27, 2007

Kobe is making waves in LA after a dismal showing last playoff season he wants a trade or a revamp in the roster. I can’t blame him after the Shaq-Kobe era they were eliminated on the first round and the year before that they felt short for a playoff spot.

Kobe wanted a point guard in the likes of Jason Kid but LA’s General manager Mitch Kupchak didn’t allow the 7 foot rookie Andrew Bynum to be part of the trade. So it was not capitalized.

KG or Kevin Garnet got in the picture after seasons of frustration opted out of the Minnesota organization. His the biggest fish in NBA right now. I think its just reasonable for Minnesota to trade KG to LA because aside from his whooping salary they can also get good and talented players from LA like Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum. Andrew may not be as talented as Yao Ming or Chris Bosh but he is a developing shot blocking and low post offensive player and his only 19 years old. Minnesota wouldn’t have to start over again for the rebuilding process. They can also demand some future draft picks and a wide salary cap. LA in return would keep Kobe and will have a good run for the playoffs or the Larry O’brian cup. It’s the end of the cold wars and the start of the Kobe and KG era… i hope so..

Kobe and KG??Kobe and KG??