How to tame a bully..

July 14, 2007

He just turned pro when he first watched his brother going head to head with the Armenian bad boy Vic Darchinyan. He bullies his opponent not only physically but verbally. Gifted with power and skills Vic destroyed Glenn Donaire in five rounds breaking his jaw and Nonito the younger brother could only felt anger and pain seeing his brother crawl into the canvass. He was a 115 lb fighter and was making waves as an amateur second placer behind Brian Villoria.

Darchinyan went on with his streak and become one of boxings rated pound for pound fighter. He held an immaculate record of 28 wins with no losses. Capturing the IBF and IBO titles he showed no respect for his opponents and never backs out to no one.

Gary Shaw offered Darchinyan a match with Nonito as an undercard for the July 7 match. It was more like a grudged match which Nonito couldn’t resist. He went down on weight just to fight Darchinyan. And he was considered to be an 18-0 underdog. Nobody even gave him a chance. Darchinyan even bragged that he could even fight the two brothers in one setting.

The fight started with Nonito having a slight edged with Vic frustrating him with his counter punches every time Vic unload his right hook Nonito countered it with a left Jab and making Vic look perturbed. He has watched every move Vic makes and carefully studied it. The fight went into five rounds and Nonito unleashes a timed left hook with a crisp precision into the Armenian’s jaw sending him to the canvass for the first time of his career he was able to get up only to fall down with his wobbly legs giving up and sending him down to the ropes with blood rushing through his nose.

The referee stop the fight and the new Filipino champion is victorious not only he captured two belts but it was a sweet revenged with his brother with Glen Celebrating on the sidelines. Sometimes life takes us through a lot of hardships and pain but we have to keep fighting and waiting that someday that lucky punch will come… a lesson learned from Nonito “the flash” Donaire. You make us proud and will just keep on punching through life. That’s the way to tame a bully.

Vic Darchinyan (eat his words)


Pacquiao-Barrera II now a reality…

July 1, 2007

After a week of anticipation Top rank and Golden boy promotions settled their differences and made us all boxing fans the winner… (applause please..hehe). In Just 10 minutes the Pacquiao-Barrera II came into a reality. Richard Scaefer the top executive of Golden Boy and Bob Arum Top rank’s CEO had a confidentiality agreement and sealed the promotional war which started by Manny Pacquiao signing both boxing promotions.

The Pacquiao-Barrera II will be co promoted by Top Rank and Golden Boy promotions. This would be one of the candidates for fight of the year. I can’t wait to see the two top pound for pound fighters in the world exchanging jabs and bragging rights. For Barrera it would be a revenged on his last bout with the Pinoy destroyer and will solidify himself as Boxing’s legend pound for pound. It would be one of boxing’s graceful exit as Barrera is set to retire after this mega fight. As for Manny it would be an icing on the cake to grab the no.1 top pound for pound ranking in the world.

I’m just glad everything is settled and in fact this could save boxing and would somehow level up to its top competitor sport which is the mix martial arts competition. Pacquiao did saved boxing although it was a stupid way of signing both promotions but what the heck its effective.

The Destroyer