Redefining The Triangle

August 31, 2007

When I was invited with some of my friends into a socialite drinking session I was hesitant to go. I’m not used to be in those types of situations and I’d rather drink an ice cold of beer alone than being put in an uncomfortable situation. Oh well to cut the story short we agreed to drink it out the way we usually drink the “tagay” way. Anyways I was asked by one of my friend (who is gulping beer like there was a shortage of beer and San Miguel has gone bankrupt… hehe) if why does Chicago of Michael Jordan era successful….I answered him with just two words…. Triangle Offense!


Many believed that the triangle offense was invented by Tex Winter but actually it was designed by a hall famer coach Sam Barry at the University of Southern California but Tex redefined the system and became one of the most successful offensive weapon used in the NBA.

In 1984 a young guard named Michael Jordan was drafted by the Chicago bulls and made a name by himself averaging 28 points per game. He was the newly born star but his talent alone cannot win championships. He could score 60 plus but his teammates would only watched him and the offense became stagnant and predictable. Jordan was like an offensive dynamo that carries all the offense in his shoulders.

The Arrival of Phil Jackson and Tex Winter changes the whole scenario as the Triangle is implemented in order for Michael to pass the ball and his team mates in constant motion.

The triangle would start either in the lower post or upper post with the forward or the guard in the side and the point guard in the front thus forming a triangle. There are countless of options in the Triangle and the most effective would be when the scorer passes the ball on the upper post and the scorer runs through the center while the forward runs to the side so the Post person could either pass it to the center for a quick two or on the side for the slashing forward. And if neither of the two options is available he could either shoot it or pass it back to the point guard and the point guard could make another play. Its simple but there are lot of variations to this play. That’s why Phil Jackson uses a lot of role players for his one or two superstars. And as you noticed he uses players in the center position who are good shooters. Remember Bill Wennington, Horace Grant, Karl Malone, Robert Horry and Luke Longley. Having a dominant center is a plus for the triangle because he creates the double team and also could make a much wider options for offense like the Big Shaq. Anyways the downside of the triangle is that it can be defended easily using zone defense which is favorably use by some coaches against Phil Jackson’s team. But there are lots and lots of variety in the triangle that simply Phil Jackson never pushed the panicked button in his illustrious career. We have seen the success it made from Michael and Scottie Pippen and then from Shaq and Kobe and many coaches are now using the said offense like Tim Cone of the Alaska Aces and other coaches.

I would like to see Kobe win again the title with a new sidekick named Jason Kidd…for sure that would be some coaches back court nightmare… heheheh (gulp)

The Triangle Master


Mount Mayol Exploding soon

August 30, 2007

Born in Alang-alang Mandaue (a placed which is just a kilometer away from my home) Rodel Bryan Generalao Mayol braced the hardship of boxing at an early age. He cruised his way in the amateurs capturing five medals as a champion. And long before we knew he became an ALA boy named after the Aldeguer Gym which trains world class boxers like Boom boom Bautista and the rising phenom Aj Banal. He was managed by Terry Lee Carter which eventually bought Mayol’s contract by Japanese promoter Yasuo Matsuoka. His first shot of the world title is with Eagle Kyowa Japanese based Thailander wherein the bemedaled Mayol in his 5’4 frame dominated the champion for 6 rounds but lost control in the final rounds and was drained out at the end of the fight. He hadn’t slept the night before the fight and he was not in tip top condition while suffering from jet log.

After a year of inactivity he has to bolt out of his manager and find ways to fight because he has a family to feed on. It came from a Canadian match maker Michael Koncz and gave him a title shot in an under card for the Morales- Diaz match in Chicago.

Once again Mayol proved to everyone that he can mix it up with the champion banging him and almost decking the champ. But he was caught up in a picture perfect left hook and sending Rodel into the canvas unable to get up at the count of 10 and Solis retained his belt. It was a very frustrating lost and for Mayol he was glad it was over.

Not everybody knows that Mayol had to undergo a hell like state for that match. First is he had no sparring partner. He only spars with Filipino Mercitoa Gesta which is too much for a 108lb fighter like Mayol (Gesta is 133 lbs). Second is they were abandoned. With the feud he was having with his Japanese manager there was no one who could guide them. Koncz is just a matchmaker so they were basically had to go out of their own survival. Homer Sayson a famous columnist said that sometimes they only eat once a day and they have to walk from their apartment to the gym. Mayol was malnourished and was not in good shape while fighting Ulysses. So we could only imagine the privation he has to go through. But we can’t stop Mayol from doing those things because he has to think about his family imagine not having to fight for about a year. When all is said and done…

Manny Pacquiao came to the rescue and bought Mayol’s contract and automatically became his manager.

Mayol is still in the US but is now in good hands. He even sparred with Bernabe Concepcion a rising boxing star and knocking him out. So we could just imagine if he was in this shape fighting Solis. So guys watch out because Mount Mayol is exploding and nothing can stop him even Yasuo Matsuoka’s contract.


A different side of Family from Spreewell and Fisher

August 29, 2007

When asked about what matters most we always say our family and true to that sense our family were there when we are in the lowest and they cheer for us when we are on top. Latrell Spreewell and Derek Fisher took the family into a deeper meaning but contrasting situation between the two NBA stars.

Latrell Spreewell was an undrafted player and played a significant role in his years with Golden State. He became one of the formidable players in the NBA but was criticized for choking his former coach. He was shift to Minnesota and was offered a 20 million contract for three years on his last season but he declined adding that he was insulted and deserves a much higher pay because he have to feed his family.

The NBA teams had enough of Spreewell and that was the end of his career. He bought a yacht and was reported that he choke a girl having a consented sex with him. The choke was a familiar exploitation and I don’t care if he had sex but if he really cares about his family he should have think about the outcome of his behavior. The player who was quoted of having to feed his family was eating his words as his yacht was taken by the government and his businesses went down and now his family is suffering from his malicious and unwanted deed. He is now jobless and pride is eating up his so called family.

Derek Fisher was drafted as a 1st round 24th pick by the Lakers in 1996 although 24 is quite far but who could blame such a talented batch of draft picks lead by Allen Iverson as no. 1 followed by Marcus Camby, Shareef Abdur Rahim, Stephon Marbury and even Ray Allen and not to mention Steve Nash, Antoine Walker, Peja Stojakovic and the no.13th pick by Charlotte and traded to Vlade Divac, Kobe Bryant.

He played as a supporting role to Van Excel and quickly made his spot on the starting line up. After the Kobe-Shaq era Fisher signed with Golden State as a free agent and after two seasons with the team he was signed again to Utah and people love him there for his good natured loving personality. After missing two important playoff game with Utah Fisher broke the news that his daughter who is a cancer patient needs the medical treatment and he wanted to be with her when she needed him. Fisher quoted “She’s doing great, she’s such an inspiration to our family and hopefully to many more people just how to hang in there and keep fighting.” He had to let out of his contract with the Utah Jazz in order to find the right treatment for his daughter. And because LA has a lot of medical facilities who called facilitate the rare cancer called “retinoblastoma” the only logical to do is sign in as a Laker in which he was welcomed with open arms.

These NBA superstars have mirrored the kind of players the NBA has. I’m just glad that Derek Fisher showed to us how to value our family and proved to everyone that he has a heart as big as LA.


Why the Lakers should trade Kobe…

August 28, 2007

After a disgruntled Kobe the Lakers management is put in the hot seat again. I wonder why the Kevin Garnet trade didn’t substantiate. Did the management do anything to match up the wolves’ all-star player? I don’t think so because if they did, the trade would have been done a long time ago. How could the Timberwolves pass such quality players with the likes of Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum, Smush Parker and a draft pick instead they opt to trade with Boston’s Telfair, Gerald Green, Al Jefferson and Ryan Gomes. These young and very raw players are talented but I couldn’t compare anyone of them to the Lakers supposed trade. Lamar should have been a good contributor to the Wolves and Bynum would have been a great help to their depleted center spot. But the Lakers didn’t do much in comes of talking and pursuing their intentions with Kevin Mchale. And yup Kevin and the wolves are the losers between Boston’s Danny Ainge. Boston now is considered to be one of the top contenders in the NBA… After acquiring Kevin Garnet, Ray Allen and now James Posey together with their superstar player Paul Pierce Boston became an instant contender for the Larry O Brien Cup.

So why trade Kobe?? I remember the Iverson-Larry Brown feud. Iverson wanted out of Philly because he is done with the bad acquisitions and cold wars with former coach Larry Brown. But Philly hold on to Iverson so long although Iverson is a franchise player but why stick to him when he is not happy anymore. He continually misses practices and there was an incident that he didn’t play when the coach asked him to. Denver proposed a trade to Philly which they will trade Andre Miller, Nene and some future draft picks for Allen Iverson. But the Sixers hold on to Allen Too long and ended up with Andre Miller and aging veteran Joe Smith.

How bout the Vince Carter trade? Toronto got only Eric Williams, Aaron Williams and Alonzo Mourning the come backing all-star center who refused to play and was eventually signed by the Miami Heat. And the list goes on.

So the Lakers should do something about Kobe… whether they would get a quality center like Jermaine Oneal or a veteran point guard like Jason Kidd or they would simply trade him for a lesser value but quality players.

For me I think the more manageable thing to do is get Jason Kidd since among Oneal and Kidd he is the more vocal of the two wanting to join Kobe and of course they are now team mates for the ongoing FIBA Americas.

Kobe would really be happy and it would be the most exciting back court tandem in the NBA… the signing of Derek Fisher instantly made the Lakers a contender for the next season. But only if Kupchak do something about it but if not we all know what happens when a team holds on too long for their franchise player….



UFC 74 “Respect”

August 26, 2007

I woke up rather late this morning catching up with me quality time… As I turned the TV on I was elated to know that within minutes the UFC showdown will begin. I always been a fan of contact sports and before the pacman era of boxing people where anticipating more MMA rather than boring and unjust boxing fights. The declination of boxing can be blame by those judges who always favor those fighters they are rooting for to win. Boxing fans was always disgust about this decision and of course there was simply no good matches with some exceptional fights with just my fingers to count.

Anyways UFC 74 was a classic to watch because the banner says it all “Respect”.

I personally like the St.Piere Koscheck match up because not only St.Piere dominated the match he actually fought Koscheck’s bread and butter game which is wrestling. A Five time national champion Koscheck the first season UFC reality fighter proud himself with the complete package with his new standup skills together with his ground skills are simply impossible to match up with. He even boasted that St.Piere can’t wrestle him because he has been growing up with wrestling since he was still five. But the matched made Koscheck eat his words as St.Piere grappled and wrestled him in the first round. He made Koscheck look like an amateur as he dominated him from ground to stand up fighting skills. The former champion did made a statement that he wants his belt back and thank his last lost because it made him a better fighter and it made him humbled and trained harder. He believes that the more sweat you made the lesser blood will flow…it just goes to show that hard work and perseverance really pays off.

The main event was a classic as Randy Couture the 44 year old come backing champion gave the younger Gabriel Gonzaga and the critics what he really is made of. Gonzaga was a complete and dangerous fighter and almost everybody thought he would dominate Randy as statistic shows he was simply the better fighter between them. But he didn’t anticipate the game plan of Randy as Randy grappled the challenger and went into the greek wrestling fundamentals using the cage to cut the distance and neutralized Gonzaga’s deadly strikes. After a devastating put down by Randy the challenger never was the same as their head collided and cause his nose to bleed profusely. And made Randy find his target as he went to a half mount and made Gonzaga into a defensive fighter as blows keep coming into him and referee Herb Dean stop the fight. And once again Randy showed everybody that he is still a forced to reckon with. And deserved the Respect.

While I was watching my stomach gave a good growl and I hurriedly went down to the kitchen and eat a plateful of fish and chicken as I showed my ground skills giving the poor chicken a blow by blow strike… yum yum.



The Death of the Talent ( Eddie Griffin)

August 23, 2007

With three seconds left… Raymund dribbling the ball pass two defenders…With two, one and swish the ball went gliding in the air and the crowd was all eyes on it. The ball went around the cylinder and goes in. The crowd goes ecstatic!!

Watching the game made me so proud seeing my neighbor soaring high and I could only count the days and for sure he would be the most famous basketball player in our city. I was just a 12 year old kid at that time but it’s still very fresh in my memory up to now. Although Raymund made it to a bigger league but his talents and potential was underdeveloped and untapped. He is now working as an errand boy of a famous company here in our town. He should have been an all star player but he never realized his dream instead he got married early and went into alcohol and drugs.

Yesterday Eddie Griffin the highschool basketball superstar and a former NBA player died in an accident at an early age of 25. After five seasons in the NBA he was the 7th overall draft pick in 2001 and was a journey man. His last team was the timberwolves although he was a troubled soul Kevin Mchale gambled on Eddie believing he would make a gem out of this rough stone. He even got a locker for Eddie close to Kevin Garnet hoping Kevin would inspire Eddie to change his ways.

He was I think one of the best power/center player in the league he is fast and can shoot the ball well. Houston even traded 5 players just to get him. But alcohol controlled his life and cost the chances of becoming a star. He never was the expected player to be. All his credentials were replaced by his off the court problems and misdemeanor. It was a tragic death with a bad ending. But we all remember Shawn Kemp and Vin Baker’s alcoholism problem…. At least they live and learn from their mistakes but they were far from being the same players we knew like Raymund.


Torrecampos fist of fate…(Boomx2’s lesson)

August 22, 2007

After a tiring week of overtimes and late work projects I finally had a chance to sleep and do my routine workout. I have seen Manny Pacquiao sprinting in IT Park still looking fresh after rounds of running. I wonder how you stop such a dynamo like Manny…

Back in the days when Manny was a struggling fighter for recognition, true to his famous apparel he was the no fear brawler who carved an immaculate record of 11-0. He was cocky and very young who in his amateur days was very impressive. Way before he was famous, Manny was already a crowd drawer. People will always go to see him fight from the “Blow by blow” days.  

In 1996 an unheralded fighter with just an average record of 14-8-5 challenged the young Manny. Rustico Torrecampo give his all but was losing on the score cards. He was almost got decked by Manny’s barrage of punches but all of a sudden Rustico shocked Manny with a one punch to the body and the cocky young fighter from General Santos never recovered and was knocked out for the first time of his young career.

Although Torrecampo’s fist of fate made him an instant star but he never got to show his ware as his declining record made him retire in 1997. I last saw Torrecampo selling fishballs in one of the many documentaries from T.V.

If you put in the right perspective Manny Pacquiao wouldn’t be the same Manny we known if not for that knocked out. He would never be the ring icon and the no.1 pound for pound fighter in the world right now. After the Rustico fight Manny won the WBC title and was again knocked out by Medgeon Singsurat. But he never gave up and continually improved until he became what he is today.

Boom boom was a braved kid and though he is such a humble person he still lacks the experience. He showed us all how he dismantled each and every opponent he faces. But as young as he is he was overpowered and tried to go toe to toe with the hard hitting puncher Ponce De leon and paid the price. He is still young and having a glassy chin makes him such a vulnerable target. But constant practice and sometimes having fear could also make you a better fighter. You cannot simply fight a brawler in his game right? But you make angles and make them fight your game… box and move… but I know in my heart Boomx2 would be a future champion but it also depends on how he handle this painful experience. After all it’s not the victory that counts but it is our attitude whenever we fall and learn to rise. So Boomx2 should follow the footsteps of Manny or he could sell fish balls and became a one hit wonder..