Torrecampos fist of fate…(Boomx2’s lesson)

After a tiring week of overtimes and late work projects I finally had a chance to sleep and do my routine workout. I have seen Manny Pacquiao sprinting in IT Park still looking fresh after rounds of running. I wonder how you stop such a dynamo like Manny…

Back in the days when Manny was a struggling fighter for recognition, true to his famous apparel he was the no fear brawler who carved an immaculate record of 11-0. He was cocky and very young who in his amateur days was very impressive. Way before he was famous, Manny was already a crowd drawer. People will always go to see him fight from the “Blow by blow” days.  

In 1996 an unheralded fighter with just an average record of 14-8-5 challenged the young Manny. Rustico Torrecampo give his all but was losing on the score cards. He was almost got decked by Manny’s barrage of punches but all of a sudden Rustico shocked Manny with a one punch to the body and the cocky young fighter from General Santos never recovered and was knocked out for the first time of his young career.

Although Torrecampo’s fist of fate made him an instant star but he never got to show his ware as his declining record made him retire in 1997. I last saw Torrecampo selling fishballs in one of the many documentaries from T.V.

If you put in the right perspective Manny Pacquiao wouldn’t be the same Manny we known if not for that knocked out. He would never be the ring icon and the no.1 pound for pound fighter in the world right now. After the Rustico fight Manny won the WBC title and was again knocked out by Medgeon Singsurat. But he never gave up and continually improved until he became what he is today.

Boom boom was a braved kid and though he is such a humble person he still lacks the experience. He showed us all how he dismantled each and every opponent he faces. But as young as he is he was overpowered and tried to go toe to toe with the hard hitting puncher Ponce De leon and paid the price. He is still young and having a glassy chin makes him such a vulnerable target. But constant practice and sometimes having fear could also make you a better fighter. You cannot simply fight a brawler in his game right? But you make angles and make them fight your game… box and move… but I know in my heart Boomx2 would be a future champion but it also depends on how he handle this painful experience. After all it’s not the victory that counts but it is our attitude whenever we fall and learn to rise. So Boomx2 should follow the footsteps of Manny or he could sell fish balls and became a one hit wonder..


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