The Death of the Talent ( Eddie Griffin)

With three seconds left… Raymund dribbling the ball pass two defenders…With two, one and swish the ball went gliding in the air and the crowd was all eyes on it. The ball went around the cylinder and goes in. The crowd goes ecstatic!!

Watching the game made me so proud seeing my neighbor soaring high and I could only count the days and for sure he would be the most famous basketball player in our city. I was just a 12 year old kid at that time but it’s still very fresh in my memory up to now. Although Raymund made it to a bigger league but his talents and potential was underdeveloped and untapped. He is now working as an errand boy of a famous company here in our town. He should have been an all star player but he never realized his dream instead he got married early and went into alcohol and drugs.

Yesterday Eddie Griffin the highschool basketball superstar and a former NBA player died in an accident at an early age of 25. After five seasons in the NBA he was the 7th overall draft pick in 2001 and was a journey man. His last team was the timberwolves although he was a troubled soul Kevin Mchale gambled on Eddie believing he would make a gem out of this rough stone. He even got a locker for Eddie close to Kevin Garnet hoping Kevin would inspire Eddie to change his ways.

He was I think one of the best power/center player in the league he is fast and can shoot the ball well. Houston even traded 5 players just to get him. But alcohol controlled his life and cost the chances of becoming a star. He never was the expected player to be. All his credentials were replaced by his off the court problems and misdemeanor. It was a tragic death with a bad ending. But we all remember Shawn Kemp and Vin Baker’s alcoholism problem…. At least they live and learn from their mistakes but they were far from being the same players we knew like Raymund.



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