UFC 74 “Respect”

I woke up rather late this morning catching up with me quality time… As I turned the TV on I was elated to know that within minutes the UFC showdown will begin. I always been a fan of contact sports and before the pacman era of boxing people where anticipating more MMA rather than boring and unjust boxing fights. The declination of boxing can be blame by those judges who always favor those fighters they are rooting for to win. Boxing fans was always disgust about this decision and of course there was simply no good matches with some exceptional fights with just my fingers to count.

Anyways UFC 74 was a classic to watch because the banner says it all “Respect”.

I personally like the St.Piere Koscheck match up because not only St.Piere dominated the match he actually fought Koscheck’s bread and butter game which is wrestling. A Five time national champion Koscheck the first season UFC reality fighter proud himself with the complete package with his new standup skills together with his ground skills are simply impossible to match up with. He even boasted that St.Piere can’t wrestle him because he has been growing up with wrestling since he was still five. But the matched made Koscheck eat his words as St.Piere grappled and wrestled him in the first round. He made Koscheck look like an amateur as he dominated him from ground to stand up fighting skills. The former champion did made a statement that he wants his belt back and thank his last lost because it made him a better fighter and it made him humbled and trained harder. He believes that the more sweat you made the lesser blood will flow…it just goes to show that hard work and perseverance really pays off.

The main event was a classic as Randy Couture the 44 year old come backing champion gave the younger Gabriel Gonzaga and the critics what he really is made of. Gonzaga was a complete and dangerous fighter and almost everybody thought he would dominate Randy as statistic shows he was simply the better fighter between them. But he didn’t anticipate the game plan of Randy as Randy grappled the challenger and went into the greek wrestling fundamentals using the cage to cut the distance and neutralized Gonzaga’s deadly strikes. After a devastating put down by Randy the challenger never was the same as their head collided and cause his nose to bleed profusely. And made Randy find his target as he went to a half mount and made Gonzaga into a defensive fighter as blows keep coming into him and referee Herb Dean stop the fight. And once again Randy showed everybody that he is still a forced to reckon with. And deserved the Respect.

While I was watching my stomach gave a good growl and I hurriedly went down to the kitchen and eat a plateful of fish and chicken as I showed my ground skills giving the poor chicken a blow by blow strike… yum yum.




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