Why the Lakers should trade Kobe…

After a disgruntled Kobe the Lakers management is put in the hot seat again. I wonder why the Kevin Garnet trade didn’t substantiate. Did the management do anything to match up the wolves’ all-star player? I don’t think so because if they did, the trade would have been done a long time ago. How could the Timberwolves pass such quality players with the likes of Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum, Smush Parker and a draft pick instead they opt to trade with Boston’s Telfair, Gerald Green, Al Jefferson and Ryan Gomes. These young and very raw players are talented but I couldn’t compare anyone of them to the Lakers supposed trade. Lamar should have been a good contributor to the Wolves and Bynum would have been a great help to their depleted center spot. But the Lakers didn’t do much in comes of talking and pursuing their intentions with Kevin Mchale. And yup Kevin and the wolves are the losers between Boston’s Danny Ainge. Boston now is considered to be one of the top contenders in the NBA… After acquiring Kevin Garnet, Ray Allen and now James Posey together with their superstar player Paul Pierce Boston became an instant contender for the Larry O Brien Cup.

So why trade Kobe?? I remember the Iverson-Larry Brown feud. Iverson wanted out of Philly because he is done with the bad acquisitions and cold wars with former coach Larry Brown. But Philly hold on to Iverson so long although Iverson is a franchise player but why stick to him when he is not happy anymore. He continually misses practices and there was an incident that he didn’t play when the coach asked him to. Denver proposed a trade to Philly which they will trade Andre Miller, Nene and some future draft picks for Allen Iverson. But the Sixers hold on to Allen Too long and ended up with Andre Miller and aging veteran Joe Smith.

How bout the Vince Carter trade? Toronto got only Eric Williams, Aaron Williams and Alonzo Mourning the come backing all-star center who refused to play and was eventually signed by the Miami Heat. And the list goes on.

So the Lakers should do something about Kobe… whether they would get a quality center like Jermaine Oneal or a veteran point guard like Jason Kidd or they would simply trade him for a lesser value but quality players.

For me I think the more manageable thing to do is get Jason Kidd since among Oneal and Kidd he is the more vocal of the two wanting to join Kobe and of course they are now team mates for the ongoing FIBA Americas.

Kobe would really be happy and it would be the most exciting back court tandem in the NBA… the signing of Derek Fisher instantly made the Lakers a contender for the next season. But only if Kupchak do something about it but if not we all know what happens when a team holds on too long for their franchise player….




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