A different side of Family from Spreewell and Fisher

When asked about what matters most we always say our family and true to that sense our family were there when we are in the lowest and they cheer for us when we are on top. Latrell Spreewell and Derek Fisher took the family into a deeper meaning but contrasting situation between the two NBA stars.

Latrell Spreewell was an undrafted player and played a significant role in his years with Golden State. He became one of the formidable players in the NBA but was criticized for choking his former coach. He was shift to Minnesota and was offered a 20 million contract for three years on his last season but he declined adding that he was insulted and deserves a much higher pay because he have to feed his family.

The NBA teams had enough of Spreewell and that was the end of his career. He bought a yacht and was reported that he choke a girl having a consented sex with him. The choke was a familiar exploitation and I don’t care if he had sex but if he really cares about his family he should have think about the outcome of his behavior. The player who was quoted of having to feed his family was eating his words as his yacht was taken by the government and his businesses went down and now his family is suffering from his malicious and unwanted deed. He is now jobless and pride is eating up his so called family.

Derek Fisher was drafted as a 1st round 24th pick by the Lakers in 1996 although 24 is quite far but who could blame such a talented batch of draft picks lead by Allen Iverson as no. 1 followed by Marcus Camby, Shareef Abdur Rahim, Stephon Marbury and even Ray Allen and not to mention Steve Nash, Antoine Walker, Peja Stojakovic and the no.13th pick by Charlotte and traded to Vlade Divac, Kobe Bryant.

He played as a supporting role to Van Excel and quickly made his spot on the starting line up. After the Kobe-Shaq era Fisher signed with Golden State as a free agent and after two seasons with the team he was signed again to Utah and people love him there for his good natured loving personality. After missing two important playoff game with Utah Fisher broke the news that his daughter who is a cancer patient needs the medical treatment and he wanted to be with her when she needed him. Fisher quoted “She’s doing great, she’s such an inspiration to our family and hopefully to many more people just how to hang in there and keep fighting.” He had to let out of his contract with the Utah Jazz in order to find the right treatment for his daughter. And because LA has a lot of medical facilities who called facilitate the rare cancer called “retinoblastoma” the only logical to do is sign in as a Laker in which he was welcomed with open arms.

These NBA superstars have mirrored the kind of players the NBA has. I’m just glad that Derek Fisher showed to us how to value our family and proved to everyone that he has a heart as big as LA.



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