Mount Mayol Exploding soon

Born in Alang-alang Mandaue (a placed which is just a kilometer away from my home) Rodel Bryan Generalao Mayol braced the hardship of boxing at an early age. He cruised his way in the amateurs capturing five medals as a champion. And long before we knew he became an ALA boy named after the Aldeguer Gym which trains world class boxers like Boom boom Bautista and the rising phenom Aj Banal. He was managed by Terry Lee Carter which eventually bought Mayol’s contract by Japanese promoter Yasuo Matsuoka. His first shot of the world title is with Eagle Kyowa Japanese based Thailander wherein the bemedaled Mayol in his 5’4 frame dominated the champion for 6 rounds but lost control in the final rounds and was drained out at the end of the fight. He hadn’t slept the night before the fight and he was not in tip top condition while suffering from jet log.

After a year of inactivity he has to bolt out of his manager and find ways to fight because he has a family to feed on. It came from a Canadian match maker Michael Koncz and gave him a title shot in an under card for the Morales- Diaz match in Chicago.

Once again Mayol proved to everyone that he can mix it up with the champion banging him and almost decking the champ. But he was caught up in a picture perfect left hook and sending Rodel into the canvas unable to get up at the count of 10 and Solis retained his belt. It was a very frustrating lost and for Mayol he was glad it was over.

Not everybody knows that Mayol had to undergo a hell like state for that match. First is he had no sparring partner. He only spars with Filipino Mercitoa Gesta which is too much for a 108lb fighter like Mayol (Gesta is 133 lbs). Second is they were abandoned. With the feud he was having with his Japanese manager there was no one who could guide them. Koncz is just a matchmaker so they were basically had to go out of their own survival. Homer Sayson a famous columnist said that sometimes they only eat once a day and they have to walk from their apartment to the gym. Mayol was malnourished and was not in good shape while fighting Ulysses. So we could only imagine the privation he has to go through. But we can’t stop Mayol from doing those things because he has to think about his family imagine not having to fight for about a year. When all is said and done…

Manny Pacquiao came to the rescue and bought Mayol’s contract and automatically became his manager.

Mayol is still in the US but is now in good hands. He even sparred with Bernabe Concepcion a rising boxing star and knocking him out. So we could just imagine if he was in this shape fighting Solis. So guys watch out because Mount Mayol is exploding and nothing can stop him even Yasuo Matsuoka’s contract.



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