The Snake Unleashes

September 30, 2007

World champion prospects, Boomx2 Bautista, Z Gorres, Michael Dominggo and fast rising phenom Aj Banal are done trading the mits at the infamous ALA gym when Donnie Nietes began doing his chores. A Gym help, Donnie Nietes wanted to become like his uncle a good boxer and now a corner man at ALA gym. After cleaning the gym and a few people left there he would began his training. The Bacolod native went on to become one of the best boxers in ALA and had a 20-1 record with 12 KO’s. Nicknamed “Ahas”(snake) because of his pet python named Don and also he moves like a snake with willowy movements setting up his perfected uppercuts in precision.

Tonight would be Donnie Nietes first world championship fight as he would be fighting for the WBO jr. Flyweight belt that was vacated by the former champion Ivan Calderon.

 But this fight is not made by a bed of roses he has to go through rough nails in the hands of Pornsawan Kratingdaenggym who was a long time Pan-Asian Boxing Association champion with an immaculate record of 20-0 and 15 coming from KO’s.

If Donnie wins he would be the 4th Filipino champion along side Gerry Peñalosa, Florante Condes and the candidate for KO of the year Nonito Donaire. At age 25 Donnie Nietes still has a lot of boxing years to come and this would be the toughest acid test in his young career. Coming from a humble beginning Donnie vows to do everything for his country and to make a name for himself.

And as the clock ticks for the final countdown the former gym help for ALA gym is now the main event for a world title fight and the first boxer from ALA to win a world championship that if he comes out victorious. But no doubt about it as the python grapples and eats Kratingdaenggym alive.

The Snake


Heartaches in Utah

September 28, 2007

I have seen a lot of heartaches and pains about relationships as I struggle also with myself in handling those things in the past. But heartaches are always a learning experience and from those pains we move on and become a better person.

Before I get to be melodramatic here, in sports a relationship is built with trust and respect a coach or a player could not demand trust they have to work their butts off in order to gain it.  I have been such a fan of Utah Jazz underrated star Andrei Kirilenko. He is the most paid player in the Utah Jazz today and being said that he also has the most dynamic and hardworking coach Mr. Jerry Sloan.

Gerald Eugene Sloan has been a coach in Utah Jazz franchise since 1988 and had an amazing record of 1035 wins. He was a former Chicago Bulls defensive specialist and has won several awards as a player including all defensive team for about two times in his career. He had leaded the Utah Jazz as a coach for two consecutive finals appearance but was fruitful and unfortunate to be in the Michael Jordan’s era.

Andrei Kirilenko was criticized for having such a big contract with not much showing as his stats are declining like my hairline. Hehehe he had a dismal average of 8.3 points, 4.7 rebounds compared to his 15.3 points, 8 rebounds, 1.5 steals, 2.6 blocks and 2.6 assist per game in the previous year.

Last FIBA Europe championship were Andrei made a significant win against the power house Spain. He broke out and told the press that he doesn’t want to play in the Utah Jazz organization anymore. He was lost and gave up his love for basketball while he was playing in Utah. As Jerry Sloan has other ways of motivating his players. He makes his players feel guilty every time they commit a mistake until they became a robot in his system.

Whatever happened to having fun? Well Andrei has a point but maybe Sloan is also feeling the pressure since having a big pay check also has a price of its own. Kirilenko wasn’t performing well and making him feel guilty could either have a good outcome or the player gets worse. Relationships are built with trust and once the trust isn’t there then it would take a lot of time to build. Andrei may opt out but I’m sure he will find his heart where he will be truly happy. But certainly not in the arms of Sloan.

AK47 with the reporters

Pacquiao Design

September 27, 2007

I made a graphic design for Manny Pacquiao. It says “Ang mamatay ng dahil sayo” in English I’ll die for you… A quote coming from the Philippine national Anthem. Just click the picture so you could view its full image. This can be useful as wallpaper if you like.


Barrera’s Bag of tricks

September 26, 2007

A kind of rush and anticipation is beginning to creep into my body as the Pacquiao-Barrera match is nearing reality. A ripping Pacquiao is nearly impossible for an aging warrior like Barrera to be the victor in their Oct.6 encounter. Pacquiao just made 14 rounds of non stop mits action covering every hole Barrera could pass through. The only thing I could see Barrera passing is through the canvass. Amidst of all the distractions Pacquiao punishes himself in training doing more than what he is required as Freddie Roach could only smile as his prize pupil is making his job much much easier.

News went out that Barrera went down while trading mits with Edwin Valero. Although this is probable but Roach viewed this as propaganda to make Manny take Barrera lightly. This could be one of the tricks for Barrera’s camp or this could be true but the thing is Edwin Valero is no Manny Pacquiao he doesn’t have the speed and the versatility like Manny. Barrera even hired a rising Japanese boxing star who imitates the speed and power like Manny even though he is undefeated but he is yet to be tested by quality opponents. The first meeting in San Antonio Manny was a one dimensional boxer who prides himself of his left. But now he learns how to box and his right hand equalizes his left. Manny will down Barrera not because I like Manny its because he is a complete fighter and I just can’t see Barrera winning even if he goes to his bag of tricks.

Greg Oden the next Sam Bowie???

September 24, 2007

Born in January 22, 1988 Greg Oden quickly became a high school phenom… as he grabs the PARADE’s high school Player of the year and the Gatorade National Boys basketball player of the year for two consecutive years.

He is one of the pillars for Ohio State for one season as they became runner’s up for the NCAA men’s division title averaging 15.5 points with 9.7 rebounds and 3.5 blocks per game. Virtually only using his left hand because his dominant right hand suffered from injury. It just made me wonder if his hands were 100 percent he would have been a monster on the court.

At just 19 years old and 7 foot, 280 pounds with a 7-2 wingspan he was a topic of debate whether he would be the no.1 draft pick for the 2007 NBA draft. His close contender would be no other than Kevin Durant a 6’9 rookie who could play off guard and two forward spots who is a deadly perimeter shooter. Durant who could easily compare its play making skills to Kevin Garnet but with a scorer’s mentality is such a talented player that teams are willing to trade their franchise player for this rookie.

But why did Portland choose Greg Oden? Portland is a talent laden team with LaMarcus Aldrige, Darius Miles, Travis Outlaw, Martell Webster and Rookie of the year Brandon Roy. But they don’t have a significant center on their roster. Kevin Durant would have to battle up his minutes with Miles and Outlaw and with his frame he needs a lot of muscle improvement but his versatility would compensate all those things…

Greg Oden has an NBA body at a young age his physical presence and posting prowess could do a lot of damage in the rigid 80 games in the NBA and he could open up a lot of offense from Portland with double teams and not to mention his above average passing skills for a big man. But everything changes when Greg suffered another set back in his young career injuring his knee and would be out for his rookie season. Another blow to the Portland organization which reminds me of the Sam Bowie draft pick where Portland choose the 7 foot 1 235 lb center over North Carolina’s and NBA’s legend Michael Jordan. Bowie like Oden is also a high school standout who average 28 points and 18 rebounds and was picked for the US Olympic Men’s basketball team. And like Oden he had some serious injuries including a career ending leg injury after 3 seasons with Portland. He was also a logical pick by Portland since before Bowie they already picked a shooting guard by the name of Clyde Drexler. It just pains me to see such a good talent as Greg Oden to be put in a pressure cooker with criticism and expectations being bequeath into him. Though if I were Portland I would have choose Durant because he is a helluva player and has lesser injury compared to Oden but nevertheless Oden still have a lot of years ahead of him. Sam Bowie and Oden are different individuals I still believe Oden would became what he is being groomed to be but for now lets just give him a break a break he deserves…

Oden with his injured right hand

In living “the Dream”

September 24, 2007

A colleague of mine is talking about a certain boxer which I first brushed off until he mentioned the name ZC Gorres the famed boxer from ALA gym. He mentioned that while they were students he rarely sees Gorres because he was always absent with his amateur boxing and he is outgoing and sometimes get into trouble with school authorities… sounds familiar… hehehe

The most technical and efficient boxer next to Gerry Peñalosa, Z Gorres made a name while he was still in the amateurs and while turning pro he had a record of 30 fights with 27 wins 2 losses and one controversial draw against the WBO champion Fernando Montiel.

Z gave Montiel a neat lesson in Boxing and even engaging with the champion in some occasions staggering Montiel in what it seems to be a loop sided victory but the judges took it away from Z Gorres as even referee Samuel Viruet had some connivance with the latter’s loss as he directly minus a point from Gorres without any warning.

Though Montiel offered a rematch Gorres refused to do so because WBO failed to provide its integrity and ought to go for other belts rather than being rubbed again.

He idolizes his brother Jun Gorres who is also wrecking havoc in the junior welter weight division only to be stabbed and left dead last 2005. A tragic incident that strengthens Z’s faith and somehow at age 25 believe that he would be a world champion, a dream they both share with his brother. He is still living that dream… But he doesn’t have to look far and from an outstanding win in the world cup of boxing. A championship match would be waiting for Gorres as he got the no.1 contender for the IBF crown. Maybe Z Gorres would change his moniker from “the Dream” to “the reality” as I believed this time he would win the championship against Jose Navarro. Bet??

 Z Gorres with Israel Vasquez and one time championship contender Czar Amonsot

Mi Ultimo Crush…

September 20, 2007

I started having a crush while I was 4 years old and my first kiss happened 3 years after. In other words I am no late bloomer when it comes to sexuality and love…hehehehe

I was a stalker when I was in grade 2 and I still could remember her angelic smile…L-E-I-L-A…..


Like the sweet song of Eric Clapton “Leila” she moves across the volleyball court and people watching her every move with ohhhss and ahhhhs…She was my ultimate crush and her smile and her angelic face is so breath taking. People would follow her and even though she missed a spike or made a costly error people just don’t care and in fact she has the loudest cheer in the arena.

Leila Barros started competing at the age of 15 she is a member of the Brazilian team which competed in 1996 and 2000 in the Olympics where they got only the bronze medal but made the gold in 1994. Although at 35 years old this 5’10 charmer could kill by just a glance and could launched a thousand ships with her smile has given herself 2 years before settling down and breaking the hearts of many men..(ahemmm) including yours truly.

She was my ultimate crush and I just hope they win the gold medal this coming Olympics. And to your future husband… please take care of her you lucky bastard!! Hehehe

is she an angel??