The Return of Team USA

Team USA has once again established its dominance in the basketball world. After a dismal showing in the last Olympics team USA showed all the critics and delivered a strong message to the world that they are now the force to reckon with.

It was a nice way of watching the man to man defense and collapsing 1-3-1 defense at the half court as each and every team tried solving the puzzle. They were effective in their offensive arsenal as the guards rained the arena with trifecta in every angle. Kid, Lebron, Carmello, Red, Billups, Miller and Kobe were just as deadly as ever.

I think the key to the US success was there defense. They were just unbelievable. I remember when team USA faced Brazil, Kobe asked for a DVD copy of all Leandro Barbosa the Brazilian Star and the NBA’s 6th man of the year awardee offensive repertoire. He studied all the angles and Barbosa’s every move and even his shooting style. It resulted to Barbosa who is the leading scorer of the tournament scored only 4 points. There was one time when Barbosa was driving to his right and Kobe poke the ball and the ball went out with Barbosa’s foot touching last. Then Kobe shouted “he cant score”. Wow what a statement!!…

But I personally think they still have a lot of things to prove before taking over the no.1 spot in world Basketball. The 2008 Beijing Olympics would be the true acid test for team USA as 24 countries battle it out for the gold medal. They have to learn how to play the international style of basketball and not play individually as what happened to team Pilipinas. If you could observe how China or Australia plays? You could only count the number of dribbles they have. The players are in constant motion…. Moving without the ball and finding the open shot. Team USA has still some glitches on their offense because sometimes when they are put in pressure they always go back to the one and one play. Above all there is no “I” in team… but i know in 2008 the gold belongs to team USA…

Wanna bet?

The Kidd in the block


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