The Oldest Rookie

We have been playing basketball with my officemates and my friends in a constant basis. Not that we are aspiring to be professional players (how I wish) but its our way of getting out that dreadful stress out of our system. We only play on weekends and if ever we have some ample time we play on weekdays also. Although the number of players are declining each year we are able to maintain our schedule by finding some new players willing to sweat it out and play hard nose basketball.

I made lots of improvement in my shooting and at 28 I’m still at the peak of my life. That made me fathom and smile as I remember Horace Jenkins. (Yup who the hell is he) Jenkins is the oldest rookie in the NBA to play for a defending champion team. He was only 19 when he became a father and an early age he managed to find means of providing his son by becoming an electrician though he was into college basketball of Union Country college in New Jersey he had to drop out and prioritize his son.

Jenkins played in the summer league and was given a chance to play in a division III college basketball where the 6’1 guard average 23.7 points in three seasons. He tried his luck in the 2001 NBA draft but was unsuccessful. But he didn’t give up and played in the Italian league until he was noticed by the Detroit Pistons while scouting for some future draft picks in Italy. He made his way into the roster and though he averaged only 3 minutes of play but his story was inspiring and so heart warming. “I thought about all the obstacles I overcame. My back was against the wall a lot of times, but I never gave up. I felt in my heart that I would make it here and my persistence paid off.”- Horace Jenkins.


Reality check…. I don’t have the skills like Jenkins. Basketball has made a lot of good things in my life. As a 5’9 power forward im just not blessed with height. But im happy and in life we all have to go through a lot of barriers but no matter what happens we just have to be persistent in those things that we wanted most because when everything fails we would still be happy because we tried.

So ill see you this Saturday let’s shoot some hoops and burn those love handles…hehehe

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