Shocking Shaq’s divorce

After 5 years of marriage Big daddy Shaquille Oneal ended his relationship with his wife.

He demanded that his wife should have a correct accounting of all her expenses and assets. Well if you’re in the business those things really happens. When you’re on top you just don’t know who to trust to. Some girls marry for different reasons and when you’re in the lowest of low they just dump you like you have a contagious disease.

I can’t blame Shaq or any other high profile persons. Success has always has a downside and being in a discriminating world relationships in a higher level won’t work unless you give your 110 percent love to your partner.

I remember one friend of mine she is a successful entrepreneur and have lots of business running here in Cebu. She is pretty and friendly but until now she doesn’t have a boyfriend. She is just afraid to risk her so called reputation and whenever she meet someone she always have second thoughts on having wrong intentions on her. I pity her because her success turns out to be a curse. Oh well she and Shaq are human after all. Im just thankful I still have someone to hold on to someone who accepts me in my lowest of low.

wouldnt it be nice to be with someone who truly loves you


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