Pacquiao-Barrera rematch a Vasquez-Marquez trilogy in the making??

Rafael Marquez the brother of Juan Manuel Marquez ruled the 118 lb division and decided to challenge the WBC champion for the 122lbs Israel Vasquez. In the first meeting it was such a brutal match up that ended with Marquez winning the WBC belt. It was an up and down matched that saw Marquez down on the 3rd round with a left hook by Vasquez and then returned the favor by giving Vasquez a boxing clinic with series of right hand hooks. Due to a busted nose Israel Vasquez was unable to continue the bout and Marquez was awarded the matched. It was one of the nicest boxing matches I’ve ever seen it was brutal but it’s like a telenovela that leaves you hanging and quenching for more.

The rematch between them was better than the first encounter with the tides turned as Vasquez the natural heavy fighter is an underdog with people believing Marquez will win the matched with a 77% out of 23% ratio for the former champion. Israel wanted to prove that he is the stronger fighter between them and he wants to make a statement. Marquez in the other hand wanted to maintain its winning streak after series of victories for seven straight years. The first and second round started like it was a continuation of the first match. Vasquez drew first blood with an uppercut setting a left hook combination. That saw Marquez legs visibly wobbly during the matched. But Marquez also had done some damage as he relies mainly on his counter punching skills like his brother Juan Marquez and saw a bloody Vasquez mainly covering his busted eye. It was a rubber match and I could see that this rematch could be the rematch of the year as neither both of fighters giving each other an advantage. But the 6th round was different as Vasquez came up with a series of uppercuts and as Marquez misses a right hand hook a solid left hook was released with crisp and power that send Marquez down. He was able to get up and traded punches but referee Guadalupe Lopez stop the fight in which many fans were questioning the premature stopping of the fight. But I know that Marquez would surely go down in that fight and that the referee has nothing to do with the match all credit goes to Israel Vasquez and with the matched leveled and back to square one a trilogy is coming something that we boxing fans are elated and happy that it is already a done deal.


While Pacquiao and Barrera are slated to fight in a rematch this October 4 many questioned Barrera’s capability of disposing Manny Pacquiao this is a rematch with 4 years in the making. A declining Barrera cannot be counted out because boxing is not only a match of power, speed and dominance it is also a game of luck as one punch could change a whole scenario. So is this match a Vasquez- Marquez in the making? Oh well I do hope so but until now will just have to wait until October 4. Barrera is the hungrier fighter and Pacquiao is a dedicated fighter who can’t afford to loose matches as millions of dollars awaits him after this match. This is a chess game for both fighters and I could see this game a difficult one for Manny. If ever Barrera wins this match I do hope to see a trilogy and with a co main event together with Israel Vasquez versus Rafael Marquez… Wow that would be a salivating event. But I don’t get my hopes high because Manny in his prime is simply the best and with his developed right hook I just can’t see Barrera winning the rematch but im sure Barrera is betting on father luck to give it this time.

Trilogy in the making??


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