PBA live 2007

I have been a fan of Philippine Basketball since my elementary days. When I shoot the ball I always imagined myself to be like Rony Magsanoc or when I drive to the basket I glide like Samboy Lim or Mr. Excitement Bong Alvarez. NBA games at that time are very rare to find. I remember together with my Dad we had to travel 4 kilometers just to rent a betamax tape of the 1985 NBA all star game. (Just the thought of it, it already exhausts me…) so PBA back then was the only outlet for all basketball die hard fans.

It is the game of the Gods as players are treated with high respect that’s why players back then have more illegitimate children kidding aside.

EA sports invented the NBA live for all basketball gamers. And for me I vent my frustrations in being a player by playing the game religiously. I even have to starve myself to death just to save money so that I could play the NBA live in Robinsons where after a game I started to save money by walking home… (That explains why my friends calls me a walking stick like the funny comedian “Palito”).

Ahh reminiscing those days…. But during 2003 a MOD for PC gamers was built by Mr.Panelo and some talented patchers making the first ever PBA live game for PC. It was a blast and its nicer because it has a touched of belongingness I mean we can root for Detroit Pistons or Chicago Bulls but Ginebra and San Miguel sounds much better because we always feel we know this players more rather than those NBA millionaires.

Remember the defunct MBA? It almost got PBA a run for their money as it was much appreciated by fans because of the sense of urgency as each team represents the different Cities in the Philippines. I would always go to the Cebu gems home team to watch and support them. And that’s why PBA live got an award for their hard work and passion in bringing PBA games right in our PC.

The release of PBA live 2007 in which a volume of visitors downloaded the free MOD got a good review from some basketball critics. I came to be very excited as it releases the FIBA asia within this month. But sad to say because it is a free site and the downloads are free it has to earn itself to survive. It knocks me off my head thinking the dream of playing those PBA idols would come to an end. And I just have to write this article in order to get more donations for people who are also living the dream.

Downloads are still available at this site http://pbalive.yebaweb.com  just send the administrator for details. Hope we all continue to support PBA live and all the Pinoy patchers making this dream a reality.

Kelly Williams


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  1. maykel says:

    when you click the link: http://pbalive.yebaweb.com
    the window says: Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

  2. hingedman says:

    yah.. it just exceeded its maximum limit for bandwidth since this is a free site so they need the support to keep this site running… hope people with donate even for small amount to keep this site running…

  3. Kris aka JUNGORER says:

    We the patchers of the pbalive team 2 are planning to get the site from our admin and host it ourselves but unfortunately our admin will not give his site to us..just hope that he will give his site to us so that it will be open again for public soon..

  4. maykel says:

    okie.. im so proud of you guys.. i’ll pray everything will turn out the way you want it…
    hope to play the game soon..

  5. gosh says:

    how can i download the game??? pls help me i want to play with it please please

  6. hingedman says:

    ok bro just download the game here http://www.dgecard.com/gmackers/mygames.php

  7. chi says:

    how can i download the game pba live 2007?

  8. hingedman says:

    i’ll post it here so that you all could play the game.. but first i still have to upload the game first..

  9. hingedman says:

    you can download it here… just click the link or copy it and paste it to your browser…

  10. otilegna says:

    i download the pbalive 07 but i don’t have pbalive rosterpatch …
    please help where can i find pbaroster?

  11. hingedman says:

    just download everything that are placed in the said link and youre ready to go

  12. rhonzque says:

    thanks a lot po sa link ng pba live 2007 download..

    na download ko na din po sa wakas..

    pero im not installing..

    kasi hindi ko pa madownload yung nakalink na pbalive rosters patch..

    walang lumalabas na net.. at ang hirap ata idownload..

    ta-try ko ulit..

    maraming salamat po sir..(-_;)

  13. hingedman says:

    no problem bro.. keep on supporting my site.. i’ll let you guys know the release of PBA live 08.. Godspeed

  14. rhonzque says:

    good afternoon sir, i cant download talaga yung patch ng pba live rosters.exe

    it says.. “There was an error processing your request; it appears to be invalid or there was an error with your conection. Please wait while your request is retried…

    If you need further help with a download, please contact FileFront support. ”

    iyan po yung sinabi sir..

    how can i download the patch na hindi po naeeror..?

    sana po masolve niyo po.. maraming salamat po..

    and thanks sir sa pbalive08.. sana magkaroon na rin..

    programmer po ba kayo sir?

    kasi alam niyo po lahat about this game po..

    sige po maraming salamat..

    God bless..^^

  15. hingedman says:

    i think there’s something wrong with filefront… but dont u worry it will be back.. if it doesnt just send me a message again and i will upload it. im not a programmer but rather a graphic artist. PBA live 07 were made by creative individuals from panelo. There would be a new PBL 08 coming soon and i contributed some to it. I’ll keep you guys updated

  16. rhonzque says:

    sir, i cant download po talaga.. its failed pa rin po.. sana po madownload ko na.. ayaw po talaga sa filefront sir.. sana po ma-upload niyo po ulit..

    marami pong salamat..

    maganda po kasi maglaro ng pba.. larong laro na po ako nun.. kaya lang sir kulang lang po ng rosters 07.. background lang ng pbalive07 lang po ang nakikita namin.. sana sir matulungan niyo po ako agad..

    thanks a lot sir..

    God bless..

  17. hingedman says:

    for the rosters
    i’ll upload the updated rosters next…

  18. rhonzque says:

    sir, thank you very much to support me.. i download it to megauploader.. thank you very much sir..

    maraming salamat po talaga..

    God bless..

  19. KingRedLion says:

    Sir would you, by any chance, have info or know someone who knows or has the UAAP-NCAA mods? I really would like to be able to play the Phils. best collegiate teams too

  20. hingedman says:

    your welcome.. i’ll be uploading the updated rosters soon just keep on checking my site

    UAAP-NCAA mods where last made in 2006.. the mod for 2007 was abruptly stop due to lack of patchers and some internal issues.. I doubt if there would be a UAAP-NCAA mod for 2008 since there are still projects for PBL live 2008 and Olympic live 2008 and also there is the FIBA-Asia Live 08 to be release later this year. Just keep on visiting my site and i will announce the releases.. Godbless

  21. pbafa says:

    tol paki upload naman sa iba yung setup nung pbalive2007.. hindi kasi ako maka download sa site mo at sa filefront.com thanks po

  22. alaindc says:

    hingedman, I’m trying to make a pba live 2008 from your pbalive ’07. but my big problem is the rosters, where do you think i could get them? as far as live 07 and live 08 files are concerned, almost, all files are the same, some things are more complex like, the uniforms numbers are now more specified. other than that, the logo’s and playerportraits can still be used as well as player faces, but still, the main problem is the updated rosters..

  23. hingedman says:

    bro im trying my best to upload the PBA live 2007 its just that it took a lot of time to upload it because of its size.. anyways ill try hard next time…

    bro the panelo team is already making the pbalive2008 mod… i think they will include the fiba asia in it… you can visit panelo site at http://pbalive.panelo.com/iboard/ but first you have to register in order for you to view all the topics… just go directly to pbalive2008 discussion… but if you want an updated rosters right away.. you can check each team at

  24. arar says:

    ei kailan po ba ung PBA live 2008 de na ako maka hintay ^^

  25. hingedman says:

    @arar- bro its almost done.. if not this christmas maybe early next year.. oh well we just have to wait.. anyways dont u worry ill keep u guys updated…

  26. ivan says:

    Ei sir ……. pano po paganahin ung pba live 07 season kc ayaw pong gumana …. hope u reply … tnx po …..

  27. ivan says:

    Ei sir ……. pano po paganahin ung pba live 07 season mode kc ayaw pong gumana …. hope u reply … tnx po …..

  28. hingedman says:

    @ivan – from this link http://forums.interbasket.net/showthread.php?t=5106 download the filipino roster patch i think they added the Cebuana Lhullier and harbor team from the PBL to make the season patch work.

  29. ivan says:

    Sir … tnx po sa info …. pero d po ma download ung filipino roster patch sa filefront …. meron po bang ibang site na meron nung Cebuana Lhullier and harbor team sa roster …. o pede pong oki upload un ….. gus2 ko po kc makalaro ng season ….. hope u reply …. tnx po ulit ….

  30. ivan says:

    Sir … tnx po sa info …. pero d po ma download ung filipino roster patch sa filefront …. meron po bang ibang site na meron nung Cebuana Lhullier and harbor team sa roster …. o pede pong pakiki upload nun ….. gus2 ko po kc makalaro ng season ….. hope u reply …. tnx po ulit ….

  31. ivan says:

    Sir … tnx po sa info …. pero d po ma download ung filipino roster patch sa filefront …. meron po bang ibang site na meron nung Cebuana Lhullier and harbor team sa roster …. o pede pong paki upload nun ….. gus2 ko po kc makalaro ng season ….. hope u reply …. tnx po ulit ….

  32. ivan says:

    sir pano po ba paganahin ung SGSM na dinownload ko ….. hope u reply ….. plsss…. tnx

  33. hingedman says:

    hi Ivan i presumed u already downloaded the filipino roster patch… SGSM is located at
    C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\NBA LIVE 07\sgsm you just placed the corresponding (sgsm files to the different folders found) for example the coach folder should be place here C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\NBA LIVE 07\sgsm\coach and for other files who are not specified.. you just place it all in the sgsm folder.. common files for these are ebo and fsh files. hope i could enlighten u for this matter.. hope ul continue to support my site..

  34. arar says:

    kuya hingedman if matapos nyo na po ung pba live 08 sabihan mo ako ha please naman kuya sana ngayong christmas matapos na i hope so naman kuya ^_^ god bless more power kuya

  35. hingedman says:

    -no problem bro.. ill keep u updated

  36. Enkil221 says:

    hingedman sir just visited your site and im intrigued with nba strret 2007….whats dat for?is it some added features to nba 2007?thnxz

  37. hingedman says:

    @Enkil – Yah its another mod like the PBA live 2007 for NBA live… NBA streets has the same roster of NBA live only it has more unrealistic dunks and ankle breaker crossovers and nifty passes… not to mention playing in an open court… or practically on the streets.. so if ur into street basketball this mod is for u.. enjoy

  38. Enkil221 says:

    thnxz dude i’ll try it just hope it has a much faster download speed…..thxz again just re-installed my nba 2007 for this hehehe

  39. Enkil221 says:

    mega upload has a low download speed for me…unlike others site

  40. Enkil221 says:

    btw wat version should i download

  41. Enkil221 says:

    Sir is there another download link for the pba live 2007?? that has a much more download speed?thnxz pero kng wala ok lng

  42. gooserider says:

    mga sirs, mayroon po bang procedures kung paano mag install ng PBA 2007? o after mainstall yung NBA Live 2007 then iinstall po yung PBA 2007? salamat po ng marami at mabuhay kayong lahat!

  43. Enkil221 says:

    yep first u must install nba 2007 then the pba 2007 just follow the instructions pra swackk YEHEEEEYYYY

  44. gooserider says:

    maraming maraming salamat po nag wowork na! yehey!!!
    tanong ko lang po, mayroon po ba kayong patch na inaannounce yung mga names nila. nakita ko po sa you tube yung PBA Live 2007, nagulat ako at namemention na yung names nila. mayroon po ba kayo nun? salamat po ulit ng marami….

  45. gooserider says:

    mga sirs na nag create nitong PBA LIVE 2007. Suggestion lang po, bakit hindi nyo ipresent ito sa PBA, PBL, UAAP at NCAA officials? para i commercialize itong games? ika nga bundle sa DVD disk. para naman naririnig namin yung mga commentators like quinito henson, chino trinidad, etc. magandang market ito lalo na at maraming bibili nitong games na ito. i’m sure complete naman ang technology natin sa pinas.

  46. hingedman says:

    The Panelo site has been awarded the best pinoy site in 2004… and since this is a free mod so that everybody can download it… hiring the voices of quinito henson and other commentators means money is involved since i doubt they would do it for free…
    anyways you mention about youtube… the mod used in that game was pbalive 2006 since in 2007 the nba live program itself had change dramatically and the patchers had a hard time patching the said voices… i hope this coming mod for 2008 would be a much better mod for PBA live gamers…

  47. hingedman says:

    Bro i tried uploading it on other free wares if i have a time.. thanks

  48. arar says:

    hingedman pde mag tanong may account ka ba sa pba.com.ph? sa message board nila? gus2 ko kasi maka pasok sa forum nila. . pa share naman de na kasi pde mag register huhuhu please kuya

  49. Enkil_221 says:

    Suggestion po sna sa 2008 may nba all-stars v.s. pba all-stars pra mas masaya….heehheheh

  50. gooserider says:

    hi! kuya hingedman, tama po money is invlove pero kung papayag ang PBA, PBL, UAAP at NCAA officials na ihire kayo para sa ambitious project na Philippine Basketball games software. Malaking advantage din on their part di po ba? like marekting.

    Yun ay suggestion lang po kung papayag ang mga opisyales ng PBA,PBL, UAAP at NCAA. Pero kung malabo, ok na din ito atleast nakakatulong kayo sa aming mga gamers. hehehehehe…salamat po ng marami…

  51. hingedman says:

    @Enkil_221 – yah.. thats a good thing.. but a total mismatch between both all stars..hehe hopefully this one could be done
    – that would be nice if there is a software game being made here but software companies dont see any feasible income yet.. but hopefully in the near future..

  52. enkil221 says:

    sana nga gooserider pero bka kailan gumawa ng original software hindi MOD lng kung mkagawa tayo cguro ng talagang original kung may funds….pero to tell you the truth bka mahirap ibenta…dito siguro sa phil madali lng ibenta…pero sa labas bka mhirap d nman kc masyadng sikat ang pba sa labas….d katulad ng nba…or bka ng kakamali lng ako….Hingedman kung kailangan mo tulong ko sa future project bka makutulong ako…mdyo magaling kc ako sa adobe photoshop…BSIT Grad ako hehehhe yahooooo

  53. enkil221 says:

    ano pa po ba ang ibang bugs fixes na dpat i download kuya?mga patch

  54. hingedman says:

    the Panelo team stopped working on PBA 2007 when NBA live 2008 surfaced.. if u want to slow down the game play used the sliders.. ako i used the 30 or 25 gameplay para mas more realistic..

  55. tha beerman says:

    bro, i cant download the rosters patch on dgecard.com.. pls help me on this… tenku>>>

  56. pba says:

    meron na ba nung pba live 08 patch …………………..

  57. rieljane says:

    kuya meron na ba? pba live 08? tagal pa po ba un? huhuhuhu gus2 ko na maglaro

  58. hingedman says:

    @pba and rieljane
    PBA live 08 is still an ongoing project.. it would be release maybe this week or early next year.. ill keep u guys updated happy newyear to all

  59. rieljane says:

    kuya de parin po ba tapos? 2008 na huhuhuhu

  60. hingedman says:

    I think it will be release this week or next week..

  61. snIpeRboY says:

    gud pm sir just want to ask pano po b paganahin ung season sa PBA 07 ayaw po kc sir patulong namn ppo salamat po and happy new year to you and your family.

  62. hingedman says:

    download the following links:
    for rosters:
    for updates:

    Credits goes to sir prinsipe

  63. snIpeRboY says:

    saan po lagay ung roster

  64. snIpeRboY says:

    anong directory po?

  65. hingedman says:

    Rosters can be place in the saves directory… like in this path
    C:\Documents and Settings\hingedman\My Documents\NBA LIVE 07\saves

  66. snIpeRboY says:

    bkit po nageeror kpg season?

  67. hingedman says:

    u set the season ” league type” as custom then ur good to go

  68. tol may fiba teams po ba sa asia tulad nang iran or china may patch po ba dito??tsaka pano po ibalik ang nba live 07? ayaw na kasi bumalik eh…pls reply poh^_^

  69. hingedman says:

    @arjay salomon
    yup in Fiba Asia those teams competing in the actual tournament will be all included in the Fiba Asia live… about sa NBA live 07 if you download the right installer.. when u click the PBA live 2007 icon… there would be a CMD and u will be given three options if u input 1 it will switch to PBA live if u input 2 then it will go back to NBA live..

  70. mjmc1517 says:

    Hi. Patulong naman po. I installed already NBA Live 07. I downloaded na po yung rosters at yung updates. Can you give me step by step details in installing PBA Live 07? thanks for the effort.

  71. waaa yun nga po eh nag eerror eh…when i choose input 2 ang nakakalagay ay a duplicate file exist.or file cannot be found waaa ndi ko na mabalik nba live ko… panget po pagkaedit sa mga player kasi si willie miller nakakdunk tsaka marami pang mga player na malliliit na nakakadunk…pero maganda graphics niya kuha talaga mukha nanag mga players..Bat po walang dynasty mode ??? tsaka allstar weekend???kuya hingedman may mga tournaments po ba nang nba live dito sa pinas???

  72. tsaka may mga updates na po ba??? gaya nang team magnoolia kasi smb pa kasi sa pba live ko eh…

  73. hingedman says:

    after downloading NBA live 07 you have to download the PBA installer first before putting the rosters and the updates… you can download the installer and updates in this site
    Credits goes to gmac…

    my season mode works really fine for me.. anyways you download some updates also in this site http://www.dgecard.com/gmackers/mygames.php
    the magnolia team and other fixes are already noted and can be played in the ongoing PBA live 2008 project in which is still not available for download.
    credits goes to gmac..

  74. mjmc1517 says:

    thanks for the quick reply. do i need to download all updates from the site you gave? other files are not existing anymore. but i downloaded the installer.

  75. hingedman says:

    not necessary but if you want it to be more realistic then i suggest you download the updates.. cheers

  76. mjmc1517 says:

    in installing updates, are there any order?

  77. hingedman says:

    nope.. but to be sure just follow the ranks of the updates to be downloaded

  78. mjmc1517 says:

    thanks! any available updates other than the site you gave me?

  79. mjmc1517 says:

    san po ilalagay yung rosters and updates?

  80. mjmc1517 says:

    any alternative link for the roster? cannot be found here daw eh. http://www.dgecard.com/gmackers/download/AllPinoyCup.rar

  81. ah ok na season pero ndi po ba pwede dynasty mode???

  82. hingedman says:

    unfortunately i lost my copy.. but ill upload it if i can find it again
    dynasty mode is discourage in this mod.. although there are patchers trying to resolve that issue but unfortunately it wasnt release…

  83. rieljane says:

    ei what exactly date po talaga kuya matapos ang paba live 08?

  84. ces says:

    bro…pano mg download ng pbalive07? meron dn bang psp n2?

  85. ces says:

    gd pm…na downlod ko na ang pba o7 pro d gumagana..exit bgla..ano gawn ko??help naman..tnx

  86. hingedman says:

    bro i think wala yan sa psp… about sa pba 07 mo.. gumana ba ung nba live 07 mo? or u still have to update ur pc muna..

  87. hingedman says:

    To all..PBA Live 2008 is now available for download…this is still a beta version the release date for the PBA live 2008 would be late this month..
    Credits to Panelo team..

    a. extarct the file on any folder. preferred ko sa desktop.
    b. then sa loob ng folder may naka compressed na files (e.g. to uniforms folder.rar)
    extract them all.
    c. then go to your uniform folder. (e.g. c:/program files/ea sports/nbalive08/sgsm/uniform).
    d. just copy the files inside the extracted folder to the designated folder.
    e. do this sa remaining foders.
    f. for the roster put that on the nbalive saves in your documents folder.
    g. load the game and go to open roster files and load the pba roster.
    and viola enjoy PBALIVE Beta 08,

  88. rieljane says:

    weeeeeeeeeeeeee sa wakas kuya thnx po woooooooooo try ko e install na weeeee

  89. tha beerman says:

    sir hndn po pwd sa mega upload<< any other sute na pwd madonwload pba live 08??

  90. tha beerman says:

    sir hndn po pwd sa mega upload<< any other site na pwd madonwload pba live 08??

  91. rieljane says:

    kuya hingedman? natapos ko na pero pag pindut ko sa load/save wala namang naka lagay dun na PBA ROSTER? walang laman ang load at tsaka save hmmmmmmmmmmm sinunod ko po lahat instruction
    a. extarct the file on any folder. preferred ko sa desktop.
    b. then sa loob ng folder may naka compressed na files (e.g. to uniforms folder.rar)
    extract them all.
    c. then go to your uniform folder. (e.g. c:/program files/ea sports/nbalive08/sgsm/uniform).
    d. just copy the files inside the extracted folder to the designated folder.
    e. do this sa remaining foders.
    f. for the roster put that on the nbalive saves in your documents folder.
    g. load the game and go to open roster files and load the pba roster.
    and viola enjoy PBALIVE Beta 08,

  92. rieljane says:

    kuya yong instruction mo po pde pa ki clear sa letter F? de ko masyado maintindihan ei baka diyan mali q?pa ki clear lang po kuya nba live or nba live o8? at tsaka nag hanap din ako ng roster save hehehehe baka diyan mali q!!

  93. hingedman says:

    ok instructions will be here:
    for uni- transfer all the files in the sgsm folder called uniforms
    for stadia- transfer all the files in the sgsm folder called stadia
    for sgsm- transfer all the files in the sgsm
    for players- transfer all the files in the sgsm folder called players
    for fe- transfer files at C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\NBA LIVE 08\fe
    for common-transfer files at sgsm folder called common
    and last but not the least
    for the save rosters- extract the folder in C:\Documents and Settings\jess\My Documents\NBA LIVE 08\saves

    Play NBA live 2008 and load the game in the options… if you could see the pba file name click and load the game…
    credits goes to the Panelo Pba Live team…
    FYI: this is a beta game only not the real deal.. this is made so that people would not be tired of waiting for the original game to be release…

  94. rieljane says:

    kuya ty im sure merong updates ito please paki inform po kuya ty powh!! god bless

  95. enkil221 says:

    kuya may iba pa bng dwnlod link??super bgal kc sa megaupload

  96. Anonymous says:

    it takes 3 hours lang naman yan enkil ei. . pag tiisan mo lang!!

  97. yehpot says:

    hi, iv’e tried to play ur pba live 08 mod. i understand that it’s just only an beta version and i want to know if the full version will include a voice when the players are called?

  98. yehpot says:


  99. hingedman says:

    the voice inclusion in PBA live 2007 was so complicated that the patchers had a hard time making it nearly impossible to make… unlike in 2006 where it was just a walk in the park for the team… in PBA live 2008 i hope they could find a good software to include the voices and a feel of PBA reality. But so far from what ive heard i can say its quite promising.. but for now we can only make our fingers cross…

  100. arar says:

    sana kuya may anouncer din ang PBA hehe ^^ i hope so na tatawagin ang name nila pag maka shoot puro number lang kasi tinatawag!! buti c williams pag maka shoot tatawagin ang pangalan niya!!

  101. Rap around says:

    Sir, ndownload ko n po yung patch ng pba live 2007 kya ln hndi ko alam pano install, help me namn po. pg knclick ko yung folder n dnownload lumalabas “Open With”. ano po ba dapat na gawin,thanks..

  102. hingedman says:

    i think it was not a full download maybe theres a problem with ur connection in that matter.. anyways just download the link again… and message me if wala pa rin ok..

  103. jong says:

    Sir,,bakit hndi pwde ung dynasty mode at yung season?? patulong naman po…

  104. jong says:

    sa pba live 07 pala un…

  105. yehpot says:

    Mr. hingedman, i’ve been searching the web for an anime slum dunk game mod 2007, i’ve seen the trailer and i think it’s awesome, I wonder if you have a copy or a link to download the modification. if u have can you upload or post a link here. thanks in advanced!

  106. hingedman says:

    @jong- my season mode works fine… maybe theres a download glitch that u have experience…
    @yehpot- there is a slamdunk mode… ill just give u a link to the thread but i find it hard to understand the link for download http://www.nbaliveforums.com/ftopic41772-0-asc-0.php
    if ur successful with it.. you could upload ur mode and send a link to this site.. thanks and enjoy

  107. yehpot says:

    thanks Mr. Hingedman, btw is there a new link for the pba live 2008 full version?godbless!!!

  108. hingedman says:

    there is no news for the full version yet.. maybe early feb.

  109. shania says:

    gano katagl po idownload ung pba settings 2007?

  110. shania says:

    mr.hingedman gano katagal po un idload?

  111. shania says:

    my nabibili na b nun n installer?

  112. hingedman says:

    It depends upon ur DSL or Broadband capacity… for me it took me only less than half an hour to download… Installers are for free for everybody to enjoy.. people buying installers are discourage to buy since they can always download it in the net..

  113. shania mari says:

    ok lang ba isend mo po sa email ko ung pba live 2007? o kya lam niu po ba kung san meron mabibilan nun?

  114. shania mari says:


  115. hingedman says:

    the file is too big para ma send sa email.. just go to my download tab and download mo nalang ung pba live… as far as i know.. wala akong alam kung saan mabibili to…

  116. shania mari says:

    kulang kulang 1 day ko cya iddload??? kc 21 hours ang estimate hours po eh???

  117. shania mari says:

    help me

  118. hingedman says:

    i think the best way for u to DL is to ask anybody who already has a file and you would just copy it in a flashdisk. but nonetheless ill see what i can do

  119. hingedman says:

    UPDATES for PBA live 2007
    his patch will update San Miguel to Magnolia. This incluedes the jerseys and logos.
    This will also update the roster and added some player portraits and missing players.

  120. iya_kramybba says:

    ser hingedman card lang kc ang internet ko, sa estimate mo gano kya katagal idownload yun?

  121. iya_kramybba says:

    ser isp card lang ang gamit ko…….. sino kaya my file n PBA LIVE 2007!!!! handa ako magbayad po……

  122. iya_kramybba says:

    ser isa pang problem bakit ung NBA LIVE 2008 my nabili akong installer na iinstall ko pero pagnilalaro ko na mga 10 mins. my lumalabas na send error msg.? tapos nag aout cya tapos wala na tsaka pagnagtatime out? lumalabas send error report at dont send

  123. hingedman says:

    If ur using a card maybe it will take one whole day to download the file… which might be very frustrating anyways if nandito ka sa Cebu i could have given u the CD for free…
    Anyways my friend Kris Jungorer had a fixed NBA live 2008 you just have to download the file as i upload it in rapidshare…

  124. shania mari says:

    sayang naman d2 kc ako sa manila……wla papo ba n mga tinitinda d2???? kahit mga burn lng….

  125. shania mari says:

    pano po un san cya ipapaste? at ano ang magiging resulta nun??? san ko cya ilalagy??? tnx advance!!!!!!!!

  126. hingedman says:

    just paste it here C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\NBA LIVE 08
    and click it.. and there will be no more bugs to bother you while playing.. wala ng error pa

  127. shania mari says:

    ano po ba game resulution nya??? ano po ba ang dapat na resulution nya? kc sa akin po parang naghahang?ok n sana…

  128. iya_kramybba says:

    ser okei na sana ung nba,kaso baket parang naghahang?? humihinto hinto tapos ok n ulit tapos humihinto ulit? ano po bang game resulution nya dapat???

  129. hingedman says:

    i think u have to update ur pc.. what i did was i lowered down my resolution to low so that it wont affect the game play.. u can lower it in the detail settings in your NBA live game

  130. arar says:

    kuya hingedman waaaaaaaaaaaaa taga cebu ka? sure ka? asa ka dapit dire sa cebu?

  131. iya_kramybba says:

    ser salamat dun sa nba live 2008 n patches…….ser ung pba live 2007 po b kamukha n nang mga player ung mga character nya???

  132. Lordskull says:

    mayron lng ako itatanog? mayron ba kayo installer password sa pbalive 2005?
    i have downloded a patch of pbalive 2005 but dnt have a password. hindi na kasi gumagana yung website nag pbalive.panelo.com..

    kung mayron kayo installer password sa pbalive 2005 patch. pwd nyo po bang
    eh send sa email add ko Lordskull_dgf@yahoo.com.ph..


  133. hingedman says:

    password: gamekoPBA
    serial nos.: RZ14-A9734-696
    i’ll send it to ur email later…

  134. VINZ says:

    kuya hingedman!!! hndi ko poh ma.download yng roster sa http://www.dgecard.com/gmackers/mygames.php.. wla na bang ibang site na pwd ma.download yng roster.

    kuya hingedman, pno po ba iinstall yng pbalive 2007?

  135. Lordskull says:

    salamat! na install ko na.. may isa pa akng problema ba’t hndi mga
    pba player ang nasa kanilang team bakit nba players ang nandun?

    kailangan pa ba ako mag-download nag roster sa pbalive 2005?

    mayron kang alam na site? na pwd ako mka download nag roster pra sa pbalive2005?

  136. gilbert says:

    hi, ng install na ako nba07 n pba07 pg pinipili ko switch to nba-pba lumabas is (A duplicate file name exists,or the file cannot be found ano po kaya kulang? gs2ng gs2 ko na kasi malaro pba live. tnx pls email me the solution tnx in advance.. more power!!

  137. gilbert says:

    help help help pls…

  138. iya_kramybba says:

    ser hingedman meron k n bng pang patch n team pilipinas s FIBA GAMES s nba live 2008??? kc meron n ganun dw gusto ko makalaro ng mga player ng pilipinas…pls

  139. hingedman says:

    FIBA asia live is an ongoing project… sayang nga coz FIBA was just a jersey or two away to be release… it was supposed to be release on the PBA live 2007 game..but i guess this would materialize once PBA live 2008 is release but as of now.. PBA 08 is still on the beta stage…

  140. kenneth says:

    san po mkkdwnload ng pba live08

  141. Kvnkvn says:

    boss bakit ganun yung update ng pba live 07 sa magnolia, hindi naman napalitan yung uniform nila pag naglalaro eh, yung logo lang ng smb ang napalitan…. pero ayos na yung ibang latest players….ayos na rin yung lahat ng court, hindi na shadow ang mga tao sa ibaba….salamat po sa update…..

  142. hingedman says:

    i havent check that yet.. but i think team Panelo reserve the changes for the upcoming PBA live 2008.. just keep posted i might have my own updates..

  143. winsome says:

    may PBA LIVE 2000 patches kayo? kahit na mga player.dbf at teamdata.fsh kasi NBA Live 2000 lang ang na sakin..Ü PBA fun di ako..Ü

  144. hingedman says:

    unfortunately bro..wala.. sorry… PBA live started 2002 as far as i know

  145. raparound07 says:

    Sir, nainstall ko na po yung pba live kya lng po team pdn ng nba lumalabas pg tntry ko maglaro, pati san pa po pwede idownload ang rosters ng pba live 2007, i think sira po yung sa file front, thanks..

  146. hingedman says:

    @raparound- maybe hindi mo na download ang roster.exe kasi dalawa yung eh download mo.. ung setup and roster…sa filefront naman ganyan talaga ka pag mag DL ka dun..pero just let it run..kasi it will automatically refresh after a minute… just dont close the browser until the download prompt appears…

  147. migz says:

    help d ko mdl ung patch na ADDITIONAL GRAPHIC FIXES at

    MISSING PLAYER CYBERFACES.. any other links d na ngabna sa file front kung cnu merun paki mail namn d2 ty macmiguel1988@gmail.com

  148. Kvnkvn says:

    To all na nagdadownload sa file front…. minsan hindi gumagana pero pag inulit mo ng inulit gagana na yun…ewan kung bakit ganun

  149. raparound07 says:

    Sir, bali po ndownload ko na po ung setup exe. tapos nainstall ko ndn sya pti yung rosters nlgay ko na sa saves pero ayw pdn po, napansin ko lng yung folder ng rosters na dnownload sa filefront nging X6 name nya hindi roster exe. ano po kaya mali sa ginawa ko??

  150. hingedman says:

    the roster.exe has an icon after you have finish downloading…so basically u know that what u have download is the right one…

  151. hatredpsp says:

    sir san pede m-download un rosters? wala un link eh.. tnx

  152. hingedman says:

    http://files.filefront.com/updatesrar/;8868675;/fileinfo.html credits to prinsipe for the season mode.. included in the season mode are Cebuana lhuiller and Harbour team

  153. raymond says:

    kuya..i have installed nba 08 sa pc koh,im asking kng pwd k ba i-install ang pba 07..?pano po..?can u give me the steps mdyo nalilito po kc ako eh..thnx so much and more power po!hoping for your fast reply..slamat po!

  154. raymond says:

    kuya,give us the site nlng pra ma upload nmin ung roster..un nlng kc ang kulang eh!salamat po..or share m nlng kya sa rapidshare

  155. raymond says:

    to all pips na may problema sa pag download ng pba roster patch hope mkakatulong to..dis is the site..http://forums.interbasket.net/showthread.php?t=5106,gudluck guys!

  156. hingedman says:

    @raymond i guess na download muna bro… enjoy the game bro

  157. raymond says:

    bro i have some problems upon installing this game..kailangn k pa ba i-install ang nba 07..?can u tell me the procedures to install..salamt bro!more power!

  158. hingedman says:

    @raymond- u have to install first NBA 07 then install the PBA.exe and the roster.exe then install the updates and all is good to go

  159. raymond says:

    ah ok..nway i hve downloaded the pba 08 wats the differnce betwen 07-08?thnx..installing this game is the same with that 07..?

  160. edwin says:


  161. hingedman says:

    @edwin – just downloaded it on torrent sites bro
    @raymond- actually theres no difference..it was just files converted to 08..thats why its on Beta version

  162. raymond says:

    ah ok…thnx for the info bro…nway u have any updates for pba 08..?

  163. gabe cruz says:

    sir paano po i download ung pba live 07 gusto ko po kci laruin eh
    hope u will reply

  164. hingedman says:

    @gabe -bro u have to have an NBA live 07 then download the PBA 07 then ur done…

    @raymond- Its still on the beta version bro.. no updates pa

  165. raparound07 says:

    Sir, my pba live 2008 na po ba? ano po mga kailangan i-download para sa pba live 2008?? pabigay namn po link..

  166. hingedman says:

    raparound07- beta version pa meron bro… we will just have to wait… only thing u have to have is an nba live 08 and everythin’s good

  167. tristan says:

    sir pnu o san mdodownload ung roster ng pbalive07???

    tnx poh!!

  168. hingedman says:

    @tristan- just go to my download tab bro

  169. raparound07 says:

    thanks po sir, nalalaro ko na.. more power sa site mo..

  170. tristan says:

    bkit poh nghahang bgla nlng nwwla??pag nlalaro ko na?

  171. Anonymous says:

    Hey paano ba mag download ng pba live 2007,can u help me huhh…..

  172. hingedman says:

    bro u just have to download the links i provided in the download tab. and also u have to have an NBA live 07 game for it to work

  173. Anonymous says:

    hello kung sino po ang m,ay alm na i download tong pba live 2007 puwede mo niyo pong sabihin sige naman palagi namn ko tong gina op[en tong website…reply naman kayo plsssss……………..

  174. hingedman says:

    @mac-sup bro..

  175. arjay salomon says:

    boss pano po ba ibalik ang nba live 2007? sabi po kasi a duplicate file name is found or file cannot be found?sayang dynasty mode ko dun T_T..any ways ganda nang pba live 2007 astig may download na po ba?? ur reply will be appreciated

  176. arjay salomon says:

    boss pano po ba ibalik ang nba live 2007? sabi po kasi a duplicate file name is found or file cannot be found?sayang dynasty mode ko dun T_T..any ways ganda nang pba live 2007 astig may updates na po ba?? ur reply will be appreciated

  177. hingedman says:

    may command prompt yun bro… its just so simple you just have to choose from 1 to 3

  178. arjay salomon says:

    boss may ginagawa pa po bang mga fiba teams sa pba live 07???

  179. ellyboy says:

    bro. bakit hindi ko pa mplay yung pba live 2007 after ko na install yung set up pti yung roster?..
    lumalabas yung error pti yung sen report at dont send..

  180. hingedman says:

    @ellyboy-bro baka its something to do with your videocard
    @arjay- meron before bro pero hindi na release… doon na eh release sa PBA08

  181. arjay salomon says:

    bro may download ba nang nba live 2008?? vcd lang kasi drive computer ko eh kaya ndi ako nakakinstall nang dvd

  182. edmund says:

    how to open the pba live???
    i already download it…
    the pba 07 setup nd roster..

    plz….help meh…

    god bless

  183. enlightenedwealthinstituteph says:

    @edmund- just run the exe file bro
    @arjay- eh torrent mulang bro

  184. christopher says:

    i cant play season mode in pba live 2007 my nbsa ako kailangan daw 2 teams per division kya lang kulng ng isang teams.anu po ba problems don mr. hindgeman.please help me

  185. christopher says:

    any body knows!!!!anu po ba ang pwede ko gwin to play the pba season mode my problem is kulang ng isang teams para mcomplete ko ung 2 teams per division.thanks

  186. hingedman says:

    @ christopher- bro download mo to http://files.filefront.com/updatesrar/;9718608;/fileinfo.html this file includes cebuana lhuiller and harbor team

  187. KOBE GASOL says:

    sir hingedman pakiupload nmn po nang nba live 08 para makalaro kami nang pba live 08 T_T…

  188. KOBE GASOL says:

    san po ba torrent sites nang nba live 2008??

  189. KOBE GASOL says:

    sir matapos ma download ang pbl teams para sa season mode ano po gagain ko ?? pano po ito i unzip??

  190. christopher says:

    Mr. Hingedman dati po dinownload ko n s unang link ung cebuana lhuiler and harbor team ky prinsipe po yata un pero wala nmn ndgdg,then i visit the link you gave 128 mb po sya sobrang laki po pero ttry ko po download sure po ba n my mddgdag dito n pbl teams,thanks po ulit.

  191. Sharon says:

    Mr. Hingedman tnry ko n po install ung nba live 2007den ung pba live at pba roster together with the updates,but when i start to run the game bgla n lng my error n llbas den mgshu2tdown ang pc ko.anybody n same problem with mine or else maybe my pc is the problem or the way of installation do i forgot something to install first.Mr. hingedman hope you can give me some info how to fix my problem…

  192. hingedman says:

    @KOBE sa 2008 bro kailangan mulang hanapin sa mininova.org after downloading the season mode may mga readme files doon bro…
    @Christopher- Kang Prinsipe din ang ginamit ko..pero doon sa 128mb na file meron na ang Cebuana lhuiller at harbor…
    @Sharon- i think youve got a worm virus… kasi yung worm has the same symptoms sa pc mo… you can download the worm fixblast sa symantec para ma ayos na yang pc mo.. guys be careful about downloading files kasi they can be some virus hidden…

  193. KOBE BRYNATS says:

    Sir, Kelan po ba kau maglalabas ng PBA LIVE version sa PSP. Kc po nagwowork ako di ko masyado malaro sa PC eh.. Thanks.. More POwer…

  194. hingedman says:

    @KOBE- i dont know about PSP bro.. pero if there is someone willing to give his time for that why not.. but right now i guess everybodys busy

  195. Christopher says:

    hingedman ok n po ung game nllro ko n po thanks po!

  196. Sharon says:

    Mr. Hingedman right my virus nga po, kc ng ngscan me dming worm n lumbas ill fix n po it and i enjoy playing for it thank you very much

  197. brian says:

    hi bro,
    i only have a low end pc, and i wish to play pba live that is compatible with my unit: p3 866MHz, 64 MB vid card, 384 MB RAM..

    tnx , more power!

  198. rain.. says:

    bro kelan release ng pba live 08? at kuya penge nmn ng links para sa updated roster up to date ryt now..
    tnx in advnce!

  199. gabe cruz says:

    sir paano ung sa cyberfaces bkt hini ko ma download

  200. christopher says:

    mr hingedman i have problem in saving the season mode pagnaglalaro me ng season ok nmn sya but when i try to save it cause d ko mtpos ng isang laruan lang ang season mode naisasave ko nmn sya ang problem ko, when i want to continue my season mode as i load the game ngeexit n ung windows.hope m2lungan nyo me ung season mode nyo po ba works fine as u load the save season game.thanks!!!!!!

  201. claude says:

    sir help me naman o..gusto kung makapaglaro ng pba 2007…na install ko na tapos na patch na ng pba 2007…but may kunting problem po….bakit pagstart ng game po after ko pung pumili ng team tapos e start ko….mag out cya…den may message po na error….plss help me…thankss

  202. hingedman says:

    @brian- bro i think ok naman ang pc mo pero its better if you increase ur video card kahit 128 lang
    @rain- nandoon ang links sa download tab ko.. anyways PBA08 is still coming pa
    @christopher- i think we share the same problem bro.. hindi talaga ma save ang season mode… as far as i know
    @claude- baka nagoverload yung files mo… just install the updates bro… in my download tab

  203. christopher says:

    thanks po mr. hingedman same pla tau problem anyways mgnda tlga ag pba live more patches lang sana for commentator so mas mgng mgnda at realible.more power sa inyo at lahat ng patchers sna keep it up wag kaung mgsawa ng pagawa ng pbamod.thnks

  204. Janus says:

    kuya please pa help gs2ng gs2 q po magka pba07 pa post nmn ng link please

  205. claude says:

    bro ok naman ung video card ko….512mb 128bit den PCIE yun…nalilito ako kasi kung e switch ko na ng pba makastart naman cya…pero pagkatapos ko nang mag select ng team den game….magloading cya den dun lalabas na ang error den dont send….plsss help me…ano uanang gagawin ko?….den ano ang website na e download ko ng pba07? baka sa PBA 07 ko ang may problema….link lang kasi yun dito

  206. claude says:

    sir hingedman ok ba tung site na http://forums.interbasket.net/showthread.php?t=5106….dito po kasi ako nag download ng pba 07….kasi sa http://www.dgecard.com/gsmackers/mygames.php mag e error on page….plsss help me….thankssss

  207. hingedman says:

    ok lang bro… download mo nalang then download mo ung updates ok

  208. claude says:

    saan ako mag download ng updates?…den paano e install?…baka updates nalang ang kulang kaya mag e error…

  209. claude says:

    kuya pariha kami ng problema ni ellyboy….pagstart ng laro biglang mag out den may lumabas na send/dont send……mataas naman ung videocard ko….kuya help me pls… excited na akong makalaro ng pba 2007…thankssss….

  210. redentor says:

    what is the password of pbalive 2005…answer tnx

  211. mak says:

    bro, san po makakpagdownload ng nba live 2007 ng libre???????????

  212. hingedman says:

    @claude- i guess you have to download the updates bro found on my download tab
    @redentor- password- gamekoPBA; serial nos.: RZ14-A9734-696
    @mak- torrent mo nalang bro

  213. mjay kwil says:

    Good day! congrats sa nu lahat ng patchers, sir hingedman, my bagong roster na ba na pwede maglaro ng season mode sa pba live 2008 ung beta version. Try ko kc mg season mode pero ayaw gumana, 10 teams lang kc ata sa beta version ng pba live 2008, ty pasend naman ng link ty po. more power

  214. Dan says:

    mga bro, sino meron link d2 for pbalive06.. nahihirapan kc me magsearch..
    wala pa rin akong makita.. bro, kung may link kau, share it wid pls.. thanks!..

  215. joemar says:

    sir san ko poh b pwede idownload yung pbalive 07?????

  216. bRYAN SY says:

    jOEMAR SA PWET MO !!!!

  217. christiangel says:

    good day sir!
    1st magpapasalamat po ako sa inyo sa patuloy nyo pong pagpapalawak ng PBA patch
    more power po sa inyo. = )
    isang katanungan lang po sana
    nakapagDL na po ako ng PBA 2007 yung rosters and setup
    pero bakit po di po gumagana? “fatal error” po yung lumalabas
    bakit po ganun? meron pa po ba akong dapat iDownLoad?
    o mali po yung pag patch ko?
    nawa po matulungan nyo po ako sa aking katanungan
    muli po salamat po sa inyo sir
    keep it up!
    God bless you and your whole fam too!

  218. hingedman says:

    bro thanks… i think the problem would be if na download mo bah yung NBAlive07? kasi hindi yan gagana if walang NBA live07

  219. @ sir hingedman says:

    kailangan po ba fully installed ang NBA live 2007?
    nakashared lang po kc nung nag patch po ako

    anyway. kung ma fully install ko po yung NBA Live 2007
    ipa-patch ko lang naman po yung roster at set- up di po ba?
    ganun lang po ba kasimple yun?

    salamat po ng marami
    sensya na po kung naka istorbo po ako sa inyo
    again thanks for sharing your talents to us
    God bless you po at sa inyo pong pamilya

  220. christian says:

    pwede po b makahingi ng installer ng PBA live 2006, masaya na me dun.tnx.pkisend na lng sa email ko..gunitz_itian@yahoo.com.ph.tnx po

  221. christian says:

    i hope may magbigay po skin ng installer ng PBALive 2006.tnx po ng mdmi.God bless u

  222. shanjo2822 says:

    meron po ako nba live 07~””?//….,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,




    adsfjeartv tnx!

  223. christian says:

    PBALIVE 06 po…tnx

  224. hingedman says:

    Christian- Bro ill try lang bro hanapin kasi wala na sa akin ang mga files

  225. christian says:

    ill wait sir.tnx 4 ur reply

  226. christian says:

    sir hingedman, ung pba live 07 ayaw gumana sakin, may complete installer na po ba kau nun?d ko kc madownload ung lahat

  227. jojo says:

    sir hingedman pano po ung pbalive 07 ayaw gumana nung sakin. kulang pa po ng nba live 07 pano po i download yun!???………tnx.

  228. christian says:

    sir, wala na po kau pbalive2006?

  229. christiangeL says:

    @ hingedman
    gud evening po sir!
    musta po?
    sir, meron po bang UAAP/NCAA 2007 patch?
    kung meron po saan po ako makakapagDL nito?
    thanks po
    God bless!

  230. dentician says:

    san po pwede idownload yung pbalive2008,thanks

  231. yehpot says:

    Mr. Hingedman
    Want to ask if there is a new released for updated rosters in pba 2008. If so can
    post a link. thank you

  232. arjay says:

    whats the meaning of torrent??

  233. arjay says:

    bro paki email nmn po ang nbalive2008fixedpatch pls… salomon_arjay@yahoo.com

  234. LeiAn says:

    PBA 2006 nmn po pls….

  235. arjay says:

    bro tapos ko na ma save ang patch nang nba live 2008 fix ano po gagawin dito?? i papaste po ba to???san????paki email nmn po salomon_arjay@yahoo.com

  236. christiangeL says:

    share nyo naman po kung saan kami makakakita ng PBA Live 2008 patch
    pls. naman po, para di po mahirapan ang Moderator sa kakasagot ng questions
    share share na lang tayo muna ng info
    ok lang ba sa inyo?

    meron po akong pba live patch para sa 2003, 2005, 2007
    kung kailangan nyo po PM nyo lang po dito
    para masabi ko kung saang site ito makikita

    thnx guys
    God bless po

  237. arjay says:

    christian angel nakuha mo na ba yung fixpatch nung nba live ???

  238. abcdukot says:

    dis s a nice place!! sir, more updates po sa pba live 08 salamat po ng marami!!!
    more power god speed..

  239. abcdukot says:

    /<?dis s a nice place!! sir, more updates po sa pba live 08 salamat po ng marami!!!
    more power and god speed.. <?

  240. calvein says:

    ei mr. hingedman pnu kung may nba live 08 ako pde ba mlaro pba 2007???

  241. christiangeL says:

    @ arjay
    christian angel nakuha mo na ba yung fixpatch nung nba live ???

    ***** fixpatch ng anong year ng nba live?

  242. christian says:

    pahingi po ng pbalive 05 or pbalive 06…tnx

  243. christian says:

    ………..pwede b makahingi ng complete installer/patches ng pbalive 05or pbalive 06.tnx .God bless.

  244. Jerard999 says:

    kuya hingedman may mga nabalitaan po ako na sa pba live 06 sinasabi daw ung pangalan pag nakakashoot? totoo ba un

    sa tingin nyo po kelan po ba lalabas un pba live 08 at tska ano po bang new features ng pba live 08 may dynasty mode na ba? nasasabi na ba ung panglan? tska sana mataas na ang rating dito ng sta lucia!!

    tnx and more power to u!!!

  245. hingedman says:

    @Jerard- yup PBA 06 is the best PBALIVE ever…may announcer and it has a lot of varieties like FIBA asia… basta the best yung 06

    SORRY GUYS PBA LIVE08 is still an ongoing project we all just have to wait and be patient.. “patience is a virtue”mga bros

  246. hingedman says:

    MGA BROS- I only have pba live07 installers if you want to download the 05 and 06 then i guess ull have to use google for these.. but dont worry if meron akong installer ill post it agad..

  247. Jerard999 says:

    wow magdodownload na ako ng pba live 06 malakas na po ba ang sta lucia dun?

  248. calvein says:

    mr hingedman ano po kelngn pra mklaro ng pba 06???
    dpt ba may nba live 06???? e pag may nba live 08??

  249. arjay says:

    fix patch nang nba live 2008

  250. arnold says:

    anong web para maka download ng pba live 2007 for free

  251. theEGG says:

    bro! hingedman, mron ka ba jan latest update for pba live 07? roster lng bro un nlng kylngan ko.. ay tama pla i have problem on players faces whites lines un sa mga bago pano ko ba to hahanapan ng paraan? di ko ksi maintindhan kng saan ako ngka mali sa pg dl ba o sa pg extract.. hope u can help me and reply.. MORE POWER BRO!

  252. claude says:

    kuya post naman ng link ng pbalive 2007 patch…di na kasi gumagana ung mga link na site na nakapost……thankss kuya

  253. mikkiztah says:

    kuya. hingi link kung san ko mddownload ung pba live 07 or 08. pls lang. or email mo nlang sa akin kuya. mikkitzh@yahoo.com. thanks.

  254. mikkiztah says:

    kuya. hingi link kung san ko mddownload ung pba live 07 or 08. pls lang. or email mo nlang sa akin kuya. mikkiztah@yahoo.com. thanks.

  255. mckens says:

    sir pano mag download pba live 2007? bakit nakalagay di pede maka download reply pls

  256. mckens says:

    patoro kung pano mag download, pag click not found eh error ng error pano po bah? step by first patoro kung pano i download

  257. mckens says:

    click ko ung site but not found bakit?

  258. mckens says:

    sir bat errror ung site na http://www.dgecard.com/gmackers/mygames.php….sir patolong poh dowbload pba live 2007 kasi ang papa ko gusto na maglaro……. my nba live 2007 na kame eh , kethsss@yahoo.com email ko po sir,

  259. JDUB says:

    everytime i choose how many teams i want the game stays as nba live 07 it doesn’t change into pba

  260. hingedman says:

    @mckens you go to my download tab you can see the link you can download
    @jdub- maybe you didnt switch it bro just click the pba icon..

  261. abcdukot says:

    brad hinge wla pa update sa pba live 08!!!?

  262. mckens says:

    san makita ang go to my downlod tab?

  263. mckens says:

    di ko parin ma download palagi nlng ganun

  264. mckens says:

    un availavle tlag pag click ko yung download now? patoro po as soon as possible,kc utos ako ng papa ko ng pbal live 2007 eh like nya

  265. jan says:

    enge nmn link sa pa live 08 email nmn dto locotype_band@yahoo.com

  266. bududs says:

    SIR, bakit nageerror pagpumapasok ako sa Dynasty mode??? may kulang pa ba sa patch ko? pagExhibition game gumagana naman…

  267. hingedman says:

    Sorry mga tol Dynasty dont work on PBA settings…and for those who are waiting for updates we will just have to wait further…rest assured ill inform everyone for updates…

  268. bududs says:

    pero sir may posibility bang gumana ung Dynasty mode sa PBA Live 2007?

  269. bhrixxe says:

    brad.. di ba pwede mag season sa pba live 2008 kahit beta ver pa lang?

  270. jhancute169 says:

    sir? ask q lng? my patch po b kau ng pba live 07? ung mga bago ngung player ksma mga rookie cla ryan reyes ng sta lucia, ung new roster po kc kulng roster ng 2007 luma.. at pwede mlmn f ung pba 08 patch roster pwede sa nba 07/pba 07 ko? salmat po pki eamil n din jhancute169@yahoo.com thnx po

  271. paul_d_17 says:

    mr hingedman..tnong q lan po kng san pde mdownload ng maaus ung pba live 2006..tska ung mga procedures n dn po kung pde..salamat nd more power!

  272. mjay3k says:

    Sir hinged.!! my link po kau para sa season mode ng pba live 07 or pbalive 08, hindi kc gumagana ung link na nasa itataas. pahingi naman po try ko po mglaro ng season mode.. ty po ulit

  273. kevin flash says:

    sir ano po kailangan gawin para madownload yung pba live 08?

  274. jojo the man says:

    hi mr. hingedman, tanong ko lang.

    do you have the roster updates wherein you can play the season mode? kasi meron ako dito roster updates but the problem is after saving the season, pag na load na siya, mag ca crash siya. i think the problem is sa roster. meron ba kayong link dun for fixed roster na? do you experience din the same problem like i have?

    thanks sir

  275. hingedman says:

    @jojo the downside of PBA 2007 is you cant save the season mode..although there used to be a fix update about it.. but somehow i forgot to Download it.. anyways there are some updates on my download tab.. u might find something useful for it.. https://hingedman.wordpress.com/download/

  276. Charles says:

    panu ba i-download ung pba live 07? san po mgrep kau tnx…

  277. Renante says:

    Sir Good noon!sir may itatanong sana ako sa inyo tungkol sa problema ko ..kc ayaw gumana PBA Live 07..kailangan paba mayroon nba live 07 naka install?Sir ang ginagawa ko inistall ko PBA live 07 set.up pati narin PBA live 07 roster..ayaw parin gumana..plz tulong sir kung may solution kayo maibibigay…thanzz

  278. Jaime says:

    Sir, may PBA Live 08 nb?

  279. kevin flash says:

    sir hingedman, gagawa po ba kayo ng uaap mod for 2008?

  280. abcdukot says:

    Pba Live 08 ———————– go go go go go go
    sana manalo kau sa lotto!!!

  281. camille says:

    bkit ganun…
    na install ko n ung PBA…
    kaso pag lalaruin ko na
    nanghihingi ng password…
    ano b password nito??

    plz help me!!!

  282. jojosantos says:

    sir,,, pano po malaro ung pba live 07??????
    na downloadko na po lahat pero ayaw parin ma open ………
    meron narin po akong nba live07 pero ayaw parin po sir……. pano po un>????
    ano po dapat i open ung nba o pba???
    plzz… help.

  283. yehpot says:

    hey guys, i want to know if anyone of you has the patch game of slam dunk anime in japanese. i’ve already downloaded a file of that patch but doesn’t work. i believe that the file is corrupted. my advanced thank you for all who can help me

  284. trebor says:

    Hi Sir hingedman…

    Regarding PBA Live 2008 installer, pwede bang pagpa-burn ng copy nito sa DVD? kase wala akong Internet sa bahay then bawal naman magdownload sa office….Gumagana ba ito pag ni-patch sa NBA Live 2008?

    Thanks and God Bless..

  285. levin says:

    pnu idownload ang PBA LIVE 2007 or 2008 wla bng nbbili n2 s mga market plz response tnx!!!!!!!!

  286. xtian says:

    sir hingedman wala pa poh ba nung PBA live 2008 na full version,, ok poh ung beta pero mas maganda kung complete na pati ung intro sa game hehe, tnx poh talaga mas enjoy laruin pag PBA astig syempre!!! please inform us naman poh pag pwd na idownload ung PBA Live 2008.. more power!

  287. bhrixxe says:

    brad wala pa din balita sa pba live full?

  288. hingedman says:

    Patience is a virtue… GUYS UR INTO A NICE TREAT>>>>>> I’LL Keep the excitement going…. hehehehe

  289. xtian says:

    ok we’ll wait poh ha!hehe!

  290. lester says:

    kua pno poh b mag download ng pba live08 kc guz2 koh poh maglaro un mtagal n kzo wala me mkita CD,peo d2 nkita koh kzo ndi koh alam kung pno mag download n2

  291. bhrixxe says:

    sige brad hindge. mukhang na preview mu na yung pba live 2008. 🙂

  292. carlo says:

    pnu po b i download ung pba live..
    plz po..

  293. yves cuyos says:

    anyone help me.. in installing pba05 it needs password andpatch!! sana matulungan nyo koh.. gusto ko rin maka.play nga pbalive05 lang muna… SEND ME IN MY MAIL..(Sexyhulk2000@yahoo.com) plzzzzzzzzzz hellllllllllpppppppppppppppp……………

  294. yves cuyos says:

    2long poh sa lahat ng my info or files sa PBALIVE05 tnxxx..advance…MY EMAIL(sexyhulk2000@yahoo.com)

  295. xtian says:

    PBA Live 2008 na hehe!!! excited na kaming lahat!!!hehe

  296. cisricx says:

    sana mgkaroon din ng pba live sa psp!!!

  297. Jaynor says:

    pwde po b makahingi ng download ng PBA 07? papano po ba iddownload? kc ayaw po…. please man po…

  298. james says:

    paano po i-download ang game patch ng pba live 2007?

    pls.. kindly help me..

  299. mjay3k says:

    Sir hingedman, pasali naman sa pba full if matatapos na ung season mode and ung roster with the drafteess ngaun, para makapaglaro na din ako ng season mode.. pba live the best

  300. Justin says:

    Sir dun sa site na binigay nyo regarding sa add 2 teams to play season mode dumideretso lang sya sa filefront.com mismo hindi ko po mkita yng link for the download

  301. cargen says:

    may site ba na updated rosters ng pba?

  302. darell says:

    sir, pwede po pa send na lng un pbalive07rosters.exe sa email?


    ndi ko po talga xa ma download… please?? tnx… godspeed//s

  303. jaime says:

    wla prin b full version ng pba08 tnx

  304. makakaapatay na ako ng Tao pag wala pa ang PBA LIVE 08

  305. EDDISON says:


  306. Paul says:

    wala po bang update dito?? thanks.
    i mean yung bagong rosters..tanks po.
    more power.

  307. PETER says:

    elo po.. panu mg down load ng pba live? gsto ko kc mg laro plzz help po

  308. m_k says:

    eow patulong naman oh, can you sahare it to me ung pba live moh? kung po pwede, hirap maghanap sa net eh.

  309. Joemmel says:

    san po ba pwede madownload ung pba live 07 setup?

  310. hehehe29 says:

    may installer po b kau ng UAAP NCAA 06?.. pki upload nmn po kung meron.. tenk you in advance.. hehehe..

  311. jhay says:

    im new hir and i think i was interested playing PBA.. i have NBA live 07 and NBA live 08 in my loptop…

    anu po ung kelangan ko i download para makalaro ako either PBA live 07 ar 08?
    reply ASAP.. salamat.!

  312. jhay says:

    i already donwloaded PBAlive 07 setup.. if ever i nid it..ty

  313. pde po ba mag lagay nlang kau ng

    DOWNLOAD, it contains links on wer we can download…

    ty po..hirap kc nkakalito

  314. Miko says:

    sir, pwede po ba ka hingi ng full na db commander 2000 tanx po.

  315. aw says:

    aw bat d ako maka download shet mado fucker!!!!1

  316. Anonymous says:

    san po nkkpgdownload ng nba live 2007 ?? penge naman po ng link nun ,, tnx po ,, ^^

  317. marlon says:

    hello po…pano ko po ba maidodownload yung pba live 07?pls.pls. avod fan ako ng pba…pls..tnx

  318. LancE says:

    Kuya HingedmaN ng rent lng kc aku ng pc…napanood ku lng po s youtube n my pba live 08 n pla…gusto ku pu snang malaro ung pba live o8..sobrng fans po tlga aku ng pba,hinge lng po sna aku ng advice…kung anu pu ung dpat kung gawin….tnxss po ng mrami,godbless po and to your family.more power,

  319. hingedman says:

    To all i will gladly answer all your questions.. just send it to my email hingedman@yahoo.com thanks

  320. gabby says:

    kuya help to download pba 2007

  321. gabby says:

    kuya help me sa download sa ano sa pba 07 o sabihin nyo nalang po yung number code na para malaro yun

  322. hingedman says:

    Before anything else this is only a patch so you still need to have NBA live 07 to run your PBA live 07
    Ok.. here it is..
    first is you download these two major components first
    SETUP- http://files.filefront.com/pbalive07setupexe/;8401146;/fileinfo.html
    ROSTERS- http://files.filefront.com/pbalive07rostersexe/;8401279;/fileinfo.html
    After downloading everything…. install setup and rosters
    then download the minor updates which is
    the player portraits – http://files.filefront.com/fe+plyrprtsexe/;8535497;/fileinfo.html
    All Filipino roster fixed – http://files.filefront.com/rosterexe/;8534294;/fileinfo.html
    Free agents jersey – http://files.filefront.com/uniforms+free+agentexe/;8534293;/fileinfo.html
    the missing cyberface and some graphical fixes uploads have already been deleted so theres nothing much to do about it…

  323. Michael says:

    san po ba pwede ma download ung pba live 06?? ayaw po kaci gumana nung sa projectbasketball.org

  324. jaipbafan says:

    pwede po ba yung pbalive 07 sa nba live 08

  325. hingedman says:

    @jaipbafan – hindi pwede yung pbalive07 sa NBA 08..kailangan NBA 07 lang bro para gumana..

  326. ianski says:

    wala naman po sa link ung file ng pbalive07. pls help!!!

  327. coca559 says:

    di gumagana ung download sa filfront.com ang nadownload ko lang ung rosters

  328. coca559 says:

    sir pwede po bang paupload nung nbalive07 installer sa megaupload.com,di po kasi gumagana ung sa filefront.com

  329. boa says:

    Did you have fiba asia patch of 08?
    I am from taiwan
    You have a very good patch
    I have a Chinese Taipei team patch (07years)
    Can you help me into the Championships, author of Inside patch it?
    Aspects of the case will not be able to contact you?

  330. eric guillen says:

    kuya hingedman, taga cebu ka pala? pwede po manghiram ng pba live installers? ito po ang number ko, 09227109115.

  331. eric guillen says:

    thank you..

  332. darky123 says:

    hello po, saan po ba pwedeng idownload o mabili o mahiram ang:

    PBA Live 2003
    PBA Live 2004
    PBA Live 2005
    PBA Live 06
    PBA Live 08 Final Release
    Michael Jordan 90’s All Stars NBA 2K9 Patch
    NBA Live 2000

    nangongolekta po ako ng nba live & 2k games for pc. Nagsisimula na rin akong mangolekta ng pba live games, meron po akong pba live 07, ang sayang laruin. Thanks po.

  333. boiskenj says:

    sir me full update n po ba sa pba live 08 can i have the direct link po,thank you very much more power..

  334. Comptonz says:


    Could you update links?

    I’m from russia and i’d like to play pba live 07. But all links dead ((

    my mail is noobly.joat@gmail.com

  335. John says:

    sir pwde ho bang mkadownload nang pba live 08 san hong website? pls .reply 09218378546 tnx n more power

  336. william says:

    sir wer can i download pba live 2007? i really want to play dis game and to support the pbalive team, all d link was dead

  337. neil says:

    kuya.. bigyan mo naman me ng link kung san mkkdownload ng nba live 2007… thanx

  338. neil says:

    http://files.filefront.com/pbalive07setupexe/;8401146;/fileinfo.html……….. papumunta ka sa site na yan alin dyan ung pba live???? help me please..

  339. neil says:

    sir, christian angel, hindgeman and others.. pasend naman po sa email ko ung pba live 2006 and 2007 lahat npo kung pde ang hirap kasi ehh>>>> kailangan pa po ba nyan ng nba live 2006 and 2007 psama ndin po please thank you very much.. pasend nalang po.. neil_marilao@yahoo.com

  340. kei says:

    sir good afternoon po!
    tanong ko lang po
    kung saan po ako makakakuha o makakapagDownload ng PBA Live2007 o 2008 yung completo na po?
    kasi po yung mga previous Dl ko po kulang kulang,
    at kung posible po bang magkaroon ng PBA live sa PS2 o PS3?
    marami pong salamat
    sensya na po sa abala ko sa pagtatanong.
    More power po sa inyong lahat.

  341. roy says:

    meron po ba team pilipinas sa latest pbalive?

  342. roy says:

    meron po ba team pilipinas sa latest pbalive? or yung latest team pilipinas

  343. Gmac says:

    Aloha po madlang people… para po sa Fanatic ng PBA…W8 nya lang po yung ginagawa ko na PBA 2K10.. sa ngaun roster palang nagagawa ko mahirap din kc gumawa lalo n pag mag isa at panakaw oras lang.. pero sana makapag bigay saya ulit ako kung saya man iyon hehehehe
    kung sakaling matapos ko khit beta lang dito ko muna upload http://www.gmackers.ning.com ung link.. Gudluck To all

  344. PUTANGINANIYO says:

    putang ina nio! ndi nmn gumagana ung PBA Live 07 e


  345. hingedman says:

    Hello everybody long time no hear from you guys anyways i still have my PBA06 copy.. if anyone wants one just email me at hingedman@yahoo.com

  346. Gmac says:

    Guyz here’s the link of PBA2K10 beta version…

    Or you can visit at http://www.pbalive.panelo.com


    bro if you want pwede ulit natin ituloy ung patch…
    reply nalang sa pbalive.panelo if intersted u.. salamat

  347. ryandeo says:

    mga pare.,.,, desperado na ako!!san ba pede maka pag download ng PBA 07 o kahit anung pba.,,basta pba.,,please someone help me.,.,,geh na po.,.,,.

    just email me ryandeo30@yahoo.com…thnx.,.,,.

  348. Anonymous says:

    loko lang ata

  349. Gmac says:

    ito nga pala ung link ng PBA2K10 BETA

    Pag pacncyahan nyo na hinde maganda ung uniform mabilisan lang kc ung pag gawa..

  350. Tantin says:

    Hi guys I Really Want The PBA 2007 if Someone Have That File…Plss Send It To me..Here is My E-mail zsiraulozs16@yahoo.com Plsss Help

  351. justin says:

    pwede ba ito sa PSP kasi meron akong nba PWEDE BA TO SA PSP REPLY NA MAN AGAD OR ADD ME IN FACBOOK justinsantos333@yahoo.com pls pls pls help help me i wanna play it in psp kasi help me guys thanks youh

  352. justin says:

    i wanna play kasi pba in psp pwee ba help help me pls thanks i wanna play pba haha in psp kasi adik in watching i wanna play na man pba in psp thanks

  353. Anonymous says:

    saan po nakakakuha ng pba 2007 live ung pwedeng idownload

  354. pbaFANATIC says:

    haha..outdated na ang links and halos lahat broken na..

    i really someone could’ve upload new files and share it with us..i really miss playing this game..i remember playing it years ago..and i’ve enjoyed it..

    yohooo..if anyone out there is listening..kindly upload the files again..don’t be greedy..haha..wag mo solohin penge kami ng LINK! :))

  355. darass says:

    panu p b mkakuha na pba live 07 ??? uala n kce ee

  356. Football Online Free…

    PBA live 2007 « The Sports Alchemist…

  357. Michael Mon says:

    Mga tol. naka hanap na ako ng PBA 2007 Rosters. baka naman matulungan niyo po ako mag hanap ng ibang patches nito. Salamat po kung meron man.

  358. tol pahingi nman ng installer nyan pbalive 2007.. bkt aku ndi aku makadownload ng khit n anu dyan s pba..? tnx bro in advance ha. :))

  359. funny photo says:

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  361. Anonymous says:

    Mga tol, Pahingi naman po nung copy PBAlive 2008 kung meron kayo.. maraming salamat.. pa-send lang po sa email ko.

  362. Finish College Fast…

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  363. sylvania bulb…

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