Sakuragi Japan’s Star player

Slam dunk is a hit anime that have been translated and played over and over in the World Wide Web. After a dismal showing by team Pilipinas in the recently concluded FIBA Asia, I was struck by a Japanese player named Sakuragi. Is it really true? Is there such player? Is he also playing in a team called Shohuko? And my eyes didn’t deceived me Sakuragi is the star player of the Japanese team. Born and raised in the U.S.

J.R. Henderson made a name for himself as UCLA alum which captured the 1995 NCAA title lead by Ed O’ Bannon. JR Henderson 14.2 ppg in his four year career made him a draft choice in the NBA as he was picked up by the Vancouver Grizzlies as a second round draft pick (no.56) in the 1998 draft lead by the over rated center Michael Olowokandi from Pacific college as the no. one overall pick.

JR Henderson only played one season with the grizzlies and tried his luck overseas as he played in Japan in 2001 for the Aisin Sea horses and average 21.5 points paired with a sakuragi like rebound 11.6 per game. After applying for citizenship he was granted only on Feb.2 this year and changes his name to JR Sakuragi. Wow he does move like Sakuragi from slam dunk but in bringing Sakuragi’s name it does make a lot of pressure in him. Although like team Pilipinas, Japan also had a quick exit from FIBA Asia. But I sure want to see JR Sakuragi play again. I really wonder if there is such thing as Shohuko? Who knows?



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  1. […] J.R. Henderson was a pretty good college basketball player at UCLA.  Won a 1995 National Championship and everything.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t good enough to make it in the NBA, so he’s been balling in Japan, where he’s a superstar.  Strangely, Henderson isn’t the most Japanese-sounding name, and he decided to become a citizen there, so he changed it.  Ladies and gentlemen…meet J.R. Sakuragi! […]

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