Not so fast Manny…

Early 1996 a young Marco Antonio Barrera was challenged by an unheralded fighter known as Junior” the Poison” Jones. Knocking Barrera in the fifth round and making him the first man in boxing to defeat the talented Barrera. Jones decisions Barrera in their rematch which fans thought Barrera should have won that matched. Everybody thought that was the end of Barrera but his pride and his heart kept him going. Barrera became known during his fight with Prince Hamed that made Hamed never been the same boxer until he retired. He established himself as a legend in the boxing world and rise up to the pound 4 pound ratings in boxing. For me my personal best for Marco was the Morales fight as it turned out to be one of the best trilogies in boxing second only to Israel-Marquez trilogy in the making (believe me it would be a blast).

A young boxer from the Philippines challenges Barrera and gave Barrera his second knockdown in his career. Manny Pacquiao after his demolition with Barrera became an instant celebrity. He didn’t only beat an elite boxer but he demolishes him with style and power.

Barrera is training the fight of his life as he wanted to beat his tormentor once and for all as he is retiring and wanted to end his last fight with a bang. The hiring of Edwin Valero as his spar mate makes me really think his really gonna give Manny a helluva fight.

Now why should I think that this is gonna be a much difficult fight for Manny…


1.)    As you could see their first match, Barrera till the end never gave up though his eyes and expression tells it all but his too proud to concede defeat. He was out class and panicked but nevertheless his heart and pride keeps him going.

2.)    Manny was interviewed and was quoted as saying that in all his fights Marco Antonio Barrera is one of the hardest puncher he ever faced. Even though he aged and speed becomes a factor but power could give Manny some trouble.

3.)    Granite chin is one of Marco’s assets… I remember when Manny being interviewed by Larry Merchant and Manny told him that he thought the knockdown on the third round was the end of Marco but he was surprised to see him still fighting until the 11th round with Marco’s corner waiving and the infamous Laurence Cole stop the fight. So in other words he could take a punch from Manny (but if a volume of shots came raining down I just don’t know how he takes it).

4.)    If Laurence Cole will officiate the fight again and if it goes to the distance expect a lot of spurious decisions coming from this referee. Remember the calling of a knockdown on round 1 during the fight when it is clearly a slip. How could that happen while it was clear on the replay that Manny was the one throwing a jab and slip with Marco doing nothing. I just felt the boxing committee should look on to this referee as he brings a disgrace on boxing.


So with luck and heart Barrera could make an upset against Pacquiao. But I still think in the end Pacquiao will earn the W. Barrera on their first match was having a hard time against Manny’s left hook and hand speed of Pacman was just too much. And now as Manny develop his right hook Barrera would once again look up to his corner hoping they would stop the fight that if it will last after round 3.



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