A slingshot called AK47

When everybody thought Goliath was indestructible David swung his slingshot with all his might putting all his heart and believing anything is possible. And the mighty Goliath fell down and David became not only a name but a living proof that anything is possible if we all put our hearts to it.

The Spanish national basketball team not only dominated the European basketball it conquered the top place as they became the champions of the world beating Greece and USA in the making.

Lead by the Memphis Grizzlies Superstar Pau Gasol with a bunch of NBA potential all stars like Carlos Navarro, the sweet shooting Ivan Calderon and Toronto’s Jorge Garbajosa. They were hard to beat and they were fast and with the team gelling perfectly they are just so indestructible especially they are playing at home for the FIBA Europe Basketball.

It was a huge mountain to climb for team Russia and beating Spain on their home court is really unfathomable. But Russia had a slingshot in a form of an AK 47 known as Andrei Kirilenko the 6’9 forward who is an underrated superstar for the Utah Jazz converted some crucial baskets and protected the paint with block shots and unforgiving hassles.

Though Russia has some NBA players but it was no comparison to Spain’s superstars.

JR Holden is a division 1 player in the NCAA who was a naturalized Russian professional basketball player made a defensive stop against Pau Gasol. And with seconds left in the clock he fake a shot and up and under move and the ball went in to the rim. With a few seconds left Pau Gasol’s fade away shot almost hit the basket but when it goes in the ball just simply goes out. And Russians won the first title for almost 22 years.

And so with Team USA’s above average performance in the recently concluded FIBA Americas and with Russia winning the Europe Basketball. Would there be another world champion this 2008? And with Spain’s painful defeat would they bounce back in an emphatic passion? And so the drama continues… can’t wait for the world championship this 2008 in Beijing China.

a contrasting situation

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