In living “the Dream”

A colleague of mine is talking about a certain boxer which I first brushed off until he mentioned the name ZC Gorres the famed boxer from ALA gym. He mentioned that while they were students he rarely sees Gorres because he was always absent with his amateur boxing and he is outgoing and sometimes get into trouble with school authorities… sounds familiar… hehehe

The most technical and efficient boxer next to Gerry Peñalosa, Z Gorres made a name while he was still in the amateurs and while turning pro he had a record of 30 fights with 27 wins 2 losses and one controversial draw against the WBO champion Fernando Montiel.

Z gave Montiel a neat lesson in Boxing and even engaging with the champion in some occasions staggering Montiel in what it seems to be a loop sided victory but the judges took it away from Z Gorres as even referee Samuel Viruet had some connivance with the latter’s loss as he directly minus a point from Gorres without any warning.

Though Montiel offered a rematch Gorres refused to do so because WBO failed to provide its integrity and ought to go for other belts rather than being rubbed again.

He idolizes his brother Jun Gorres who is also wrecking havoc in the junior welter weight division only to be stabbed and left dead last 2005. A tragic incident that strengthens Z’s faith and somehow at age 25 believe that he would be a world champion, a dream they both share with his brother. He is still living that dream… But he doesn’t have to look far and from an outstanding win in the world cup of boxing. A championship match would be waiting for Gorres as he got the no.1 contender for the IBF crown. Maybe Z Gorres would change his moniker from “the Dream” to “the reality” as I believed this time he would win the championship against Jose Navarro. Bet??

 Z Gorres with Israel Vasquez and one time championship contender Czar Amonsot


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