Barrera’s Bag of tricks

A kind of rush and anticipation is beginning to creep into my body as the Pacquiao-Barrera match is nearing reality. A ripping Pacquiao is nearly impossible for an aging warrior like Barrera to be the victor in their Oct.6 encounter. Pacquiao just made 14 rounds of non stop mits action covering every hole Barrera could pass through. The only thing I could see Barrera passing is through the canvass. Amidst of all the distractions Pacquiao punishes himself in training doing more than what he is required as Freddie Roach could only smile as his prize pupil is making his job much much easier.

News went out that Barrera went down while trading mits with Edwin Valero. Although this is probable but Roach viewed this as propaganda to make Manny take Barrera lightly. This could be one of the tricks for Barrera’s camp or this could be true but the thing is Edwin Valero is no Manny Pacquiao he doesn’t have the speed and the versatility like Manny. Barrera even hired a rising Japanese boxing star who imitates the speed and power like Manny even though he is undefeated but he is yet to be tested by quality opponents. The first meeting in San Antonio Manny was a one dimensional boxer who prides himself of his left. But now he learns how to box and his right hand equalizes his left. Manny will down Barrera not because I like Manny its because he is a complete fighter and I just can’t see Barrera winning even if he goes to his bag of tricks.


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