The Snake Unleashes

World champion prospects, Boomx2 Bautista, Z Gorres, Michael Dominggo and fast rising phenom Aj Banal are done trading the mits at the infamous ALA gym when Donnie Nietes began doing his chores. A Gym help, Donnie Nietes wanted to become like his uncle a good boxer and now a corner man at ALA gym. After cleaning the gym and a few people left there he would began his training. The Bacolod native went on to become one of the best boxers in ALA and had a 20-1 record with 12 KO’s. Nicknamed “Ahas”(snake) because of his pet python named Don and also he moves like a snake with willowy movements setting up his perfected uppercuts in precision.

Tonight would be Donnie Nietes first world championship fight as he would be fighting for the WBO jr. Flyweight belt that was vacated by the former champion Ivan Calderon.

 But this fight is not made by a bed of roses he has to go through rough nails in the hands of Pornsawan Kratingdaenggym who was a long time Pan-Asian Boxing Association champion with an immaculate record of 20-0 and 15 coming from KO’s.

If Donnie wins he would be the 4th Filipino champion along side Gerry Peñalosa, Florante Condes and the candidate for KO of the year Nonito Donaire. At age 25 Donnie Nietes still has a lot of boxing years to come and this would be the toughest acid test in his young career. Coming from a humble beginning Donnie vows to do everything for his country and to make a name for himself.

And as the clock ticks for the final countdown the former gym help for ALA gym is now the main event for a world title fight and the first boxer from ALA to win a world championship that if he comes out victorious. But no doubt about it as the python grapples and eats Kratingdaenggym alive.

The Snake


One Response to The Snake Unleashes

  1. hingedman says:

    Congratulations to DOnnie for winning the WBO title the fourth Filipino champion for this year and the 33th champion produce by the Phil. though Pornsawan cheated by inhaling amonia just to keep his senses on the fight Donnie still prevails in a convincing fashion which drop the thai opponent in the 4th round in route to a unanimous decision win. Congrats!

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