How tall are you??

October 31, 2007

During my growing up days I remember measuring my height through our wooden wall and mark the tip of my head with a line until I stop doing it when I started noticing a small improvement of my height. I became frustrated and was unhappy with each result my marker made. But I was fortunate that I was the tallest in our family…


The NBA produced the talented players around the globe and including also from the tallest and down to the Mugsy Bogues mini pincher size.

The tallest player who played in the NBA was a Sudan native who towers at 7’7” and with a wingspan of 8’6”, Manute Bol break history because of his height. I can even remember him shooting air ball threes… hehe He might have the height but the talent is scarce for this player. The last time I’ve heard about Manute Bol was in an ice hockey game in which he played for a charity game for his hometown.

Gheorge Muresan is a Romanian player who played in New Jersey and Washington. Muresan towers at 7’7” and has a wingspan of 7’10” he is a much talented center than Manute… he could block shots well and provided the ceiling for his team. A good low post player who also knows how to pass but unfortunately his career was cut short because of injuries he suffered on his legs.

Shawn Bradley and Yao Ming both towers at 7’6” but talent wise Yao Ming edges Bradley, Yao has good perimeter moves and shot blocking skills which creates double team and instant offense to the Houston Rockets. I just can’t imagine what his future son will be since he is married to a Chinese national team player who towers at 6’3”

Bradley in the other hand who wears a jersey no.76 and plays on the Philadelphia 76ers and has a height of 7’6” is a decent NBA player who one time lead in the block department. But above the entire most talented centers in the NBA there is only one player who is 7’1” but towers above any player who played in the NBA, Wilt Chamberlain broke the scoring record by making 100 points in a single game. He dominates the game and the best center who ever played in basketball who openly admits in having a multiple partner in almost every game he played. Wow I could imagine the no. of illegitimate children he has… hehehe

Height might be a factor but it doesn’t give you a ticket to instant greatness. A great player possesses the right attitude and determination. So it doesn’t matter how tall or short you are. It’s what’s inside you matters. Just like they say “height doesn’t matter”…

the freak of nature.. Manute Bol



NBA is coming…

October 29, 2007

With all the preseason trades and the hype going into the NBA season, this year would be a better and more exciting NBA we could ever imagine.

The monumental trade between Kevin Garnet in Boston and the signing of Ray Allen down from the injured Greg Oden from Kobe vs the Lakers and the gambling referees. These are all feelers for the real drama to enfold right in our very eyes this coming season.

The East this time would be a more competitive and exciting teams to watch. With Boston trading top players for Kevin Garnet and acquiring Ray Allen to boost the young and energetic line up of Boston which already includes all star guard Paul Pierce.

Miami made a late off season trade involving five players including forward Antoinne Walker. In return they got a perennial slashing guard in Ricky Davis. Ricky would complement Wade and can also can come up in the bench and provide quality scoring minutes. Orlando Magic built their franchise in their emerging superstar Dwight Howard and the signing of Rashard Lewis would instill leadership to this team and could help in the offensive department as well and they could very well be a contender in the playoffs.

The bulls also got a good scoring center which could very well complete it’s already all star roster in the likes of Joaquim Noah and Gray.

I believe these playoffs would be a showdown against Miami and the Bulls versus the winner against King James Cleveland and Garnet’s Boston. Now that would be a mouth watering match up.

But all in all I still believed the West would capture the Larry O’Brien cup since the wests don’t have that much changed in their rosters. And Stability and chemistry really is a factor in winning the championship. If Kenyon Martin is healthy this would be a blow out season for Denver. The acquisition of Grant Hill and Strawberry would provide solid offense for the run and gun of Phoenix. The Lakers could be in trouble of an early exit if trade talks don’t prosper. The Houston rockets steve francis, Tracy Mcgrady and Yao Ming show solidify their spot in the playoffs with new talent Scola making his way to the NBA. But this year the reigning champions the San Antonio Spurs could very well repeat this year’s championship but it all depends on a healthy Duncan. But like they always say the ball is round… so we never know…

The Dream and the bull (Gorres-Darchinyan fight)

October 27, 2007

When IBF orders an eliminator bout between Darchinyan and Gorres this would be a break away party for the dream since his last bout was a rob out by WBO in his fight against Montiel while displaying boxing lessons and staggering the champion in a lot of occasions he was denied by a split decision with the referee in connivance with a questionable deduction against Gorres.

Vic Darchinyan the Armenian born who resides in Australia is still fresh from a 12 round knockout against stubborn Filipino fighter Federico Catubay in which his explosiveness is slowly depleting. People and boxing critics are not impressed with Darchinyan since his opponent is rated only 13 in the IBF standing. He was not the same explosive fighter after the demolition job of Nonito Donaire where in he was knockout in the early round.

The Gorres fight would be redemption for Darchinyan and wanted to prove that he is back. But Gorres who got a glimpse of the championship belt will surely deny Darchinyan’s wishful thinking since he was just a split decision close in winning his dream of becoming a champion. And having the opportunity again to be in the lime light he just can’t afford to loose a fight.

Donnaire exposes Darchinyan’s weakness which is the way he position his power punch when he moves forward while dropping his defenses and Donnaire made a perfectly timed 1-2 combination that ended the fight. Darchinyan maybe victorious in his last fight but Catubay is no Gorres. Gorres is like Gerry Peñalosa who moves and creates angles which makes him more difficult to hit and can jab very well. Both Darchinyan and Gorres have defeated Nonito’s brother Glenn Donnaire and while Darchinyan went up to 6 rounds against Glenn, Gorres in the other hand had an easy time scoring a knockout in the first round. All aspect in the Gorres-Darchinyan bout goes all to Gorres and winning this match he would have to compete with Kirilov the reigning IBF champion who is also a Freddie Roach trained.

Gorres-Darchinyan would be a great undercard for the Dec.1 bout which features Former Darchinyan’s tormentor Nonito Donnaire.


Manny the underpaid Superstar?

October 22, 2007

He is one of the top boxers in the world but he is one underpaid superstar in boxing. Yep folks Manny Pacquiao might be the no.1 pound per pound in ratings but he doesn’t even get half of the purse on what other underrated superstars have.

Michael Marley is one of the most noted columnist in boxing who manages boxing confidential made a serious allegation that Manny before the Barrera rematch threatens to back out because of the purse he is receiving. The result ended with Manny’s lawyer Franklin Jacal challenging Marley into a fight in the ring. (I would definitely vote this for fight of the year) But after all the emotions boiled down they all both come into senses and made peace…otherwise it would be a one sided match between a 200 plus lb fighter against a 160 lb Jacal.

Marley does made a point that eventhough Manny is making about 3 million dollars plus share of PPV’s he is still an underpaid superstar.

With making HBO ppv sales reach to a top mark. Manny should demand more money in his next bout.


Floyd Mayweather is an undefeated fighter who doesn’t draw a crowd but stays on top of the lb per lb list. He is receiving about 10 Million dollars in his next bout against fellow undefeated Ricky Hatton. Ricky in his part is receiving about 8 Million dollars on the upcoming bout against Floyd. So if you put it in a right perspective. Floyd Mayweather is a boring fighter and Ricky Hatton is a relatively unknown boxer in some parts of the world is receiving more money than Pacman. Pacquiao brought back the crowd in boxing and brought the intensity and the excitement in the arena. He could fill any arena he wanted to fight so why not top rank and Golden boy spend more money in his fights rather than those boring and lesser income generating fights.

So I won’t be surprised if Pacquiao demands more money in his next fight after all he is the superstar in boxing otherwise those threats of backing up will now be true-life not mere allegations.

The “Fearless” Gerry Peñalosa

October 20, 2007

In August 7, 1972 Gerry Peñalosa was born in San Carlos city, Phil. The greatest tactician in boxing who never tasted the canvass because of his defensive skills. In his era the lighter weights doesn’t ring a bell in the boxing world. They are just mere entertainers for the main event which is the heavy weight division. After winning the WBC Super flyweight title in 1997 Peñalosa have to travel in order to find good fights and offers thus lost his title in a home town decision by In Joo Cho who fights with his legs rather than his hands avoiding Gerry’s arsenal by running and clinching. His bid in capturing his title back went fruitless for 10 years.

Gerry is the brother of the two time division champion Dodie boy Peñalosa who is a polio stricken boxer who offered his help to Manny Pacquiao as conditioning coach for the Barrera rematch. Gerry and Dodie boy became the only boxers in the Phil who both have championship belts in 1997.

Gerry who was once retired because of no opportunities in the lighter weights came back after Manny Pacquiao revolutionized the world of boxing. Sometimes he sparred with Manny and others would say that they were just so game that sometimes they both knock each other out.

Gerry saw Daniel Ponce Deleon while fighting for an undercard and was vocal that he wanted a fight with Deleon. The fight materialized and Gerry was a 6-1 underdog. He wasn’t given any chance of winning the bout and people who would bet in the fight were betting for which round Gerry would be knockout. The fight was such a brilliant and the tactician in Gerry’s was shown in this fight taking Deleon to school with sharp hooks and body punch. But it ended with a questionable decision. Although it was a close fight Deleon was rewarded in a lopsided unanimous decision.

Gerry move on and captured the WBO crown against the highly favored Mexican Johnny Gonzales in the infamous world cup of boxing.

In the rematch between Pacquiao and Barrera he was challenged to a street fight against the iconic Mexican Jorge Arce. Both wanted to slug it out on the streets but cooler heads prevailed and maybe they would have a fight in the ring but after Gerry gets his rematch against Deleon. He really wanted to fight Deleon just to settle everything especially on that controversial win by the Mexican.

Gerry at age 35 had only two fights remaining before hanging up his gloves. And what a delight to see Gerry takes on the two Mexican warriors Deleon and Arce.

Surely he goes by his name… “Fearless”

the “fearless”

Is Juan Marquez afraid of Pacquiao??

October 17, 2007

After the demolition of Marco Antonio Barrera in their first encounter Manny Pacquiao offered Barrera an eventual rematch to determine his win is not a fluke. But Barrera declined and so Pacquiao look for other alternatives and that alternative comes in the name of Juan Manuel Marquez aka “the dinamita” or the dynamite.

Marquez suffered 3 knockdowns in the first round in what was believed to be a quick workout by Pacquiao but his counter punching skills got him through the round and eventually lasted till the 12th round to salvage on a controversial draw. What made it controversial was the judges should award Pacquiao a 10-6 score in the first round but surprisingly all 3 judges scored it a 10-7 round. Pacquiao should have won that match fair and square.

Marquez like Barrera was offered again a rematch but he wanted a bigger purse which was not possible because unlike Barrera and Morales they are crowd drawers and they have a lot of followers from PPV and boxing fanatics. Marquez couldn’t fill up any stadium in his fights and Pacquiao is exactly the opposite. To put it in a right perspective people want Manny not Marquez.

Marquez instead agreed to fight Chris John in Indonesia for about 10,000$. So he declined to fight Manny in which he already has a guaranteed mega money fight plus share of PPVs and settled in a lesser amount for an unknown fighter. The result was catastrophic because not only he loose in a hometown decision he just lost a chance of redemption against the best pound for pound in the world.

There is a kind of Dejavu again this time because as Manny beat Barrera the second time around and again wanted to fight Marquez but again Marquez wanted a bigger purse claiming since he is the champion. But again that would never happen…

So what’s up with Marquez? I mean if he really is the best then fight the best and don’t reason out for purses and get beaten by unheralded fighters. If he had agreed to Manny’s rematch instead of going to Indonesia he would have beaten Manny. Because Manny at that time was just a one dimensional fighter but as Manny developed I find it very impossible for Marquez to win a bout against Manny. So at age 35 and father clock is haunting and the fountain of youth sucked by Bernard Hopkins what is Marquez doing?? Is he afraid of Pacquiao??

The legend that people loves…(Barrera-Morales)

October 13, 2007

After the mega million dollar fight between Manny Pacquiao and Marco Antonio Barrera talks are circulating in the internet saying who among the two legends Barrera and Eric Morales is the better fighter between them. I did make some observations and I concur to most of the fans that El Terrible won by a unanimous decision between bitter rival Barrera.

Marco Antonio Barrera started his career at a tender age of 15 in the flyweight division while Eric Morales started his career at 122 lbs. Both are be medaled amateur boxers and contrast in the way they were brought up since Barrera belong to an average family while Eric has to struggle and made boxing a way to get out from poverty.

Junior Jones gave Barrera the first two defeats of his young career with a TKO win in the first fight followed by a unanimous decision in their second fight. Eric Morales handed Jones a defeat with a convincing fashion.

Barrera got the best in Morales after a thrilling trilogy and won two fights to one. So in this matter the scores are all even.

There is no love between the two legends and Barrera wanted to prove to Morales that he is the best by challenging Pacquiao into a rematch. He came in the ring not to win but just to survive all 12 rounds by running and not engaging in a slug fest. His defeat didn’t escape the critics and the fans were not at all happy with his last fight as he went on the ring with a mind set already retiring. I just don’t like the way he faces defeat. He acknowledge Pacquiao’s good defense and speed but he also said he was never hurt while it was clear that he punch Manny in the 11th round after referee Tony Weeks halted and separated the fighters. It was a clear sign of desperation. Manny Pacquiao in the after fight conference was all praises to Barrera but this class act by Manny was reciprocated by a sentence that he never hurt me and Valero will defeat Pacquiao ( yeah right).

Eric Morales won the first encounter by Manny Pacquiao something that Barrera never attained. But the two fights were not that promising for Morales as he was Knockout in both fights. But one thing I admire about Morales is that he always gave his 100 percent in all his fights and does everything for the fans and the people who love boxing. He could have picked an easier fight in his last fight but he opt to give the fans one last memorable fight as he challenges David Diaz to become the only Mexican to have 4 world titles. Although he lost but he ends his career fighting, He accepts defeat with open arms and that’s why he is love by fans. Morales and Barrera will be a hall of famers and a legend in the sport but Morales will always be the boxer who people respect and love.

El terrible