Legs and power would be a factor for Pacquiao-Barrera 2

It’s been straight four days that I haven’t gone to the gym. Work has made my life a bit duller and exercise to me is my luxury.

Before I can go 10 rounds straight in an Olympic size oval but now I doubt if I could past one round without catching some air. I used to be overweight and jogging keep me away from obesity. I loose 20 pounds of unwanted fat for two weeks and the feeling is so good. Like they say look good and feel good.

Alta Vista is a very steep and hilly type of terrain and if you dare to walk from it. It would take a day to reach you to the top. So I just can’t imagine that in this terrain Manny Pacquiao easily climbs the uphill environment of Alta Vista with ease. The most conditioned athlete I’ve ever seen. Who can even go 30 rounds straight with different sparring partners. He punishes himself in the gym with killer crunches and who is in superb condition in his upcoming rematch against the aging warrior Marco Antonio Barrera. Before with his former conditioning coach Justin Fortune he would be doing some Abs workout and then punishing his abs with a stick. And Justin is a former heavy weight boxer so imagine the blows Manny got in the receiving end.

So the key to this match is the legs and power. Barrera has slowed down with all the fights he has encountered imagine Barrera starting his career when he was 15 years old. And at that time Pacquiao was still 10 years old.

His legs would give away first and Manny’s overwhelming power will pulverize Barrera and the hope of revenge. When we get to be older the body’s wear and tear would eventually became a factor and as shown in the Morales fight Eric’s legs give way first so even if Barrera would last 6 rounds his body at his age couldn’t take much beating anymore and even if he has a warrior mentality his body would haunt him and the most overwork muscle would give way.

Its 2 days to go before fight night. And both fighters are gonna give us a helluva fight and I cant wait to sit in my chair with a cold beer in my hand and some chips watching the fight as it progresses. But first things first before that said day a good jog and a trip to the gym would KO that unwanted pounds.

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