The Pacquiao-Barrera2 Aftermath

The Pacquiao-Barrera 2 was an expected Result. Although there was quite a huge disparity in scoring since two judges scored it 118-109 in favor of Manny which Barrera won only two rounds of the said contest. I think it was a close fight Manny had an off night and his respect was improbable to Barrera. Barrera dictated the fight although in my point he was just fighting for dear life as Manny went to his jab and gave Barrera some combinations. But in the later rounds Manny showed his speed and power in which Barrera went to his bag of tricks and showed some dirty tactics but it was not enough as a cut underneath Barrera’s eye was so nasty that i think he needs 20 stitches for it. I scored that bout 115-109 for Manny.

Barrera showed flashes of his old self in that fight showing hand speed and good counterpunches. Manny was a bit hesitant at one time but when his confidence went back he showed the animal instinct in him and trying to lure Barrera into a slugfest but Barrera made a wise decision not to engaged coz if he do that would be lights out for him though he tried and paid the price in the early rounds.

The HBO commentators saw Manny doing the sign of the cross many times and were puzzled by it saying maybe he was tense or afraid but actually it was Manny’s article that explained it all titled “Handa ako sa tatlong aspeto” which means I’m ready for the 3 aspect. In his article he said that players and athlete should not focus on physical and mental aspect in training he should also focus on the spiritual side. He also talks about the hardest part of the training is losing weight for the weigh in… He had to loose 10 lbs for the weigh in and  dehydrate himself for 24 hours just to get into the 130lb weight limit. So in that fight he was still recovering from dehydration he maybe 144lbs in the fight but his power might not be that strong.

Anyways it was fun but it’s a fight everyone was not expecting it would end but nevertheless a win is a win and Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao 2 showdown is now in the making…hopefully this would end in fireworks.


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