Who’s next Manny??

Pacquiao showed us the new well rounded fighter he is now. The rematch between Marco Antonio Barrera and Manny Pacquiao showed us that the one dimensional fighter we known and love is now a complete fighter as he won a lopsided victory against Barrera in a tactical match that showed Pacquiao’s defense, footwork and jabbing skills. This was engineered and mastered by Freddie Roach to make Manny’s illustrious career sustainable. So with all said and done… The question now is whose next?? I made my top ten list base on the fighter’s ability and of course the marketability showing what people really wants Manny to fight.

1. Juan Manuel Marquez– I don’t know about JMM but it seems he is hiding from Pacquiao. After their controversial draw when JMM survive 3 knockdowns in the first round he was offered by Manny’s camp a good purse for their rematch but JMM turned it down and instead fought in Indonesia against an unheralded boxer Chris John with a smaller purse and loose in a hometown decision. After winning the title against Barrera, JMM was offered again a rematch but insisted he had to receive a much higher purse than Pacquiao since he is the champion. But he is not a crowd drawer and Pacquiao doesn’t need a belt for that matter. Again JMM needs Pacquiao but if he still insists in having a much higher purse then that fight will not materialize.

2. Edwin Valero– The Venezuelan knockout artist had a monster record of 22-0 with 22 KO’s but those 22 boxers are basically patsies. Served as a sparring partner to Barrera and Morales against Pacquiao, Valero still has a lot to prove to the world that he is in every way fit to fight Pacquiao and unless he fights some good names in boxing he would always be rated a B fighter.


3. Humberto Soto – After knocking Manny’s brother out this could be a good promotional match up. Soto is a good boxer with hand speed and footwork but his aggressiveness is a tailor made for Manny but this could be a good match up considering the grudge against his brother.


4. Joan Guzman – Trained by Mayweather Sr. He is often called the little Mike Tyson because of his physical features but contrary to it he is not a knockout artist but a good and talented boxer. Feared by Freddie Roach because of his good hand speed and boxing ability which for me is a threat to Manny’s legacy this would be a good match up and this time this would not be a walk in the park for Manny but first things first Joan has to deal with Humberto Soto in their November match before thinking about Pacquiao.


5. Michael Katsidis – After having a hard time in making the 130 pound weight limit the most logical thing to do by Pacquiao is to move up in weight and challenge the 135 champions like Michael Katsidis. Michael is also a tailor made for Pacquiao since he is a brawler and with Manny’s new found glory this match up would be exciting but short. The question is can Manny take a punch in the 135 division? And can he dominate this division like the way he dominated the 130 lb division?…


6,7 and 8. David Diaz, Juan Diaz, Julio Diaz – a showdown with each of these boxers would be a tremendous effort in the part of Manny since these boxers are the big names of the 135lb division.

9. Chris John – the unheralded boxer who has an impressive record but I doubt if he would fight Manny since he has never fought outside his country.


10. Arthur John – the undefeated champion from Europe is also a good promotional fight but like Valero he still has to fight some names or better yet Arthur John and Edwin Valero would be a much logical match up between the two undefeated fighters.


Those are just a few I have mentioned. But it’s really up to Manny and his camp who he wants to fight next.




2 Responses to Who’s next Manny??

  1. I say forget these guys and move up in weight for the big payday. Bring on Mayweather. If the money is right, Mayweather would definitely do it, it’s really up to Manny if he wants to step up to the challenge.

  2. hingedman says:

    yah it’s very possible but Mayweather who fought Oscar at Light Middle weight has a weight of 154 lbs. and is trying to regain his belt in the Welter weight division against Ricky Hatton and weighs at about 147lbs. A 5 lbs difference is really big in boxing… so Manny will fight Mayweather only if it is in the 135lb weight limit… Surely that would be a good tactical match and a match for all ages… bringing the title for the best pound for pound boxer in the world….

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