The legend that people loves…(Barrera-Morales)

After the mega million dollar fight between Manny Pacquiao and Marco Antonio Barrera talks are circulating in the internet saying who among the two legends Barrera and Eric Morales is the better fighter between them. I did make some observations and I concur to most of the fans that El Terrible won by a unanimous decision between bitter rival Barrera.

Marco Antonio Barrera started his career at a tender age of 15 in the flyweight division while Eric Morales started his career at 122 lbs. Both are be medaled amateur boxers and contrast in the way they were brought up since Barrera belong to an average family while Eric has to struggle and made boxing a way to get out from poverty.

Junior Jones gave Barrera the first two defeats of his young career with a TKO win in the first fight followed by a unanimous decision in their second fight. Eric Morales handed Jones a defeat with a convincing fashion.

Barrera got the best in Morales after a thrilling trilogy and won two fights to one. So in this matter the scores are all even.

There is no love between the two legends and Barrera wanted to prove to Morales that he is the best by challenging Pacquiao into a rematch. He came in the ring not to win but just to survive all 12 rounds by running and not engaging in a slug fest. His defeat didn’t escape the critics and the fans were not at all happy with his last fight as he went on the ring with a mind set already retiring. I just don’t like the way he faces defeat. He acknowledge Pacquiao’s good defense and speed but he also said he was never hurt while it was clear that he punch Manny in the 11th round after referee Tony Weeks halted and separated the fighters. It was a clear sign of desperation. Manny Pacquiao in the after fight conference was all praises to Barrera but this class act by Manny was reciprocated by a sentence that he never hurt me and Valero will defeat Pacquiao ( yeah right).

Eric Morales won the first encounter by Manny Pacquiao something that Barrera never attained. But the two fights were not that promising for Morales as he was Knockout in both fights. But one thing I admire about Morales is that he always gave his 100 percent in all his fights and does everything for the fans and the people who love boxing. He could have picked an easier fight in his last fight but he opt to give the fans one last memorable fight as he challenges David Diaz to become the only Mexican to have 4 world titles. Although he lost but he ends his career fighting, He accepts defeat with open arms and that’s why he is love by fans. Morales and Barrera will be a hall of famers and a legend in the sport but Morales will always be the boxer who people respect and love.

El terrible



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