Is Juan Marquez afraid of Pacquiao??

After the demolition of Marco Antonio Barrera in their first encounter Manny Pacquiao offered Barrera an eventual rematch to determine his win is not a fluke. But Barrera declined and so Pacquiao look for other alternatives and that alternative comes in the name of Juan Manuel Marquez aka “the dinamita” or the dynamite.

Marquez suffered 3 knockdowns in the first round in what was believed to be a quick workout by Pacquiao but his counter punching skills got him through the round and eventually lasted till the 12th round to salvage on a controversial draw. What made it controversial was the judges should award Pacquiao a 10-6 score in the first round but surprisingly all 3 judges scored it a 10-7 round. Pacquiao should have won that match fair and square.

Marquez like Barrera was offered again a rematch but he wanted a bigger purse which was not possible because unlike Barrera and Morales they are crowd drawers and they have a lot of followers from PPV and boxing fanatics. Marquez couldn’t fill up any stadium in his fights and Pacquiao is exactly the opposite. To put it in a right perspective people want Manny not Marquez.

Marquez instead agreed to fight Chris John in Indonesia for about 10,000$. So he declined to fight Manny in which he already has a guaranteed mega money fight plus share of PPVs and settled in a lesser amount for an unknown fighter. The result was catastrophic because not only he loose in a hometown decision he just lost a chance of redemption against the best pound for pound in the world.

There is a kind of Dejavu again this time because as Manny beat Barrera the second time around and again wanted to fight Marquez but again Marquez wanted a bigger purse claiming since he is the champion. But again that would never happen…

So what’s up with Marquez? I mean if he really is the best then fight the best and don’t reason out for purses and get beaten by unheralded fighters. If he had agreed to Manny’s rematch instead of going to Indonesia he would have beaten Manny. Because Manny at that time was just a one dimensional fighter but as Manny developed I find it very impossible for Marquez to win a bout against Manny. So at age 35 and father clock is haunting and the fountain of youth sucked by Bernard Hopkins what is Marquez doing?? Is he afraid of Pacquiao??

6 Responses to Is Juan Marquez afraid of Pacquiao??

  1. fouledout says:

    well we just have to wait.. rumors say that pacquiao’s next fight will be with valero or marquez. and some say that pacquiao will go up to te lightweight because he’s having a hard time maintaining his weight. personally, I think pacquiao should get a fight with valero AND marquez first before he moves up to the lightweight division.

  2. hingedman says:

    your boxing knowledge is great fouledout and once again i completely agree with you. Pacquiao should clean the 130lb division first and before fighting Juan Diaz he should fight David Diaz first and then a unification bout with Juan…

  3. Victor Tambunting says:

    Marquez is hoto. No pwede ganar con Pacquiao

  4. John Vincent Amante says:

    I agree. Juanita is a hoto

  5. Frederick Luna says:

    what the fuck , Juanita can’t even knock out a fly

  6. Ricardo "Baboy " Boncan says:

    Juan could suck my dick if he wins this one

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