The “Fearless” Gerry Peñalosa

In August 7, 1972 Gerry Peñalosa was born in San Carlos city, Phil. The greatest tactician in boxing who never tasted the canvass because of his defensive skills. In his era the lighter weights doesn’t ring a bell in the boxing world. They are just mere entertainers for the main event which is the heavy weight division. After winning the WBC Super flyweight title in 1997 Peñalosa have to travel in order to find good fights and offers thus lost his title in a home town decision by In Joo Cho who fights with his legs rather than his hands avoiding Gerry’s arsenal by running and clinching. His bid in capturing his title back went fruitless for 10 years.

Gerry is the brother of the two time division champion Dodie boy Peñalosa who is a polio stricken boxer who offered his help to Manny Pacquiao as conditioning coach for the Barrera rematch. Gerry and Dodie boy became the only boxers in the Phil who both have championship belts in 1997.

Gerry who was once retired because of no opportunities in the lighter weights came back after Manny Pacquiao revolutionized the world of boxing. Sometimes he sparred with Manny and others would say that they were just so game that sometimes they both knock each other out.

Gerry saw Daniel Ponce Deleon while fighting for an undercard and was vocal that he wanted a fight with Deleon. The fight materialized and Gerry was a 6-1 underdog. He wasn’t given any chance of winning the bout and people who would bet in the fight were betting for which round Gerry would be knockout. The fight was such a brilliant and the tactician in Gerry’s was shown in this fight taking Deleon to school with sharp hooks and body punch. But it ended with a questionable decision. Although it was a close fight Deleon was rewarded in a lopsided unanimous decision.

Gerry move on and captured the WBO crown against the highly favored Mexican Johnny Gonzales in the infamous world cup of boxing.

In the rematch between Pacquiao and Barrera he was challenged to a street fight against the iconic Mexican Jorge Arce. Both wanted to slug it out on the streets but cooler heads prevailed and maybe they would have a fight in the ring but after Gerry gets his rematch against Deleon. He really wanted to fight Deleon just to settle everything especially on that controversial win by the Mexican.

Gerry at age 35 had only two fights remaining before hanging up his gloves. And what a delight to see Gerry takes on the two Mexican warriors Deleon and Arce.

Surely he goes by his name… “Fearless”

the “fearless”

6 Responses to The “Fearless” Gerry Peñalosa

  1. fouledout says:

    i don’t want to break his bubble, but i think gerry should retire now. come on, he’s a champ at 35, what more can you ask for? why risk your record and your health just to get revenge from a much younger and healthier boxer. he’s not as popular as manny pacquiao, but he’s one of the best pinoy boxers, he doesn’t need to fight two more matches to prove that. gerry should retire now while he’s a champ rather than risk two more fights and retire with painful losses.

  2. hingedman says:

    I concur with you on that opinion fouled out… But Gerry has still a lot of things left in his arsenal..Bernard Hopkins is an aging fighter but still draws a lot of big fights because of his defensive skills and like Gerry his defensive skills and his tactician attitude who never tasted the canvass makes him still a dangerous fighter he is an aged warrior but with lesser battle being fought..
    Maybe the fight with Ponce will be a barometer if ever he will retire or not…

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