The Dream and the bull (Gorres-Darchinyan fight)

When IBF orders an eliminator bout between Darchinyan and Gorres this would be a break away party for the dream since his last bout was a rob out by WBO in his fight against Montiel while displaying boxing lessons and staggering the champion in a lot of occasions he was denied by a split decision with the referee in connivance with a questionable deduction against Gorres.

Vic Darchinyan the Armenian born who resides in Australia is still fresh from a 12 round knockout against stubborn Filipino fighter Federico Catubay in which his explosiveness is slowly depleting. People and boxing critics are not impressed with Darchinyan since his opponent is rated only 13 in the IBF standing. He was not the same explosive fighter after the demolition job of Nonito Donaire where in he was knockout in the early round.

The Gorres fight would be redemption for Darchinyan and wanted to prove that he is back. But Gorres who got a glimpse of the championship belt will surely deny Darchinyan’s wishful thinking since he was just a split decision close in winning his dream of becoming a champion. And having the opportunity again to be in the lime light he just can’t afford to loose a fight.

Donnaire exposes Darchinyan’s weakness which is the way he position his power punch when he moves forward while dropping his defenses and Donnaire made a perfectly timed 1-2 combination that ended the fight. Darchinyan maybe victorious in his last fight but Catubay is no Gorres. Gorres is like Gerry Peñalosa who moves and creates angles which makes him more difficult to hit and can jab very well. Both Darchinyan and Gorres have defeated Nonito’s brother Glenn Donnaire and while Darchinyan went up to 6 rounds against Glenn, Gorres in the other hand had an easy time scoring a knockout in the first round. All aspect in the Gorres-Darchinyan bout goes all to Gorres and winning this match he would have to compete with Kirilov the reigning IBF champion who is also a Freddie Roach trained.

Gorres-Darchinyan would be a great undercard for the Dec.1 bout which features Former Darchinyan’s tormentor Nonito Donnaire.



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