NBA is coming…

With all the preseason trades and the hype going into the NBA season, this year would be a better and more exciting NBA we could ever imagine.

The monumental trade between Kevin Garnet in Boston and the signing of Ray Allen down from the injured Greg Oden from Kobe vs the Lakers and the gambling referees. These are all feelers for the real drama to enfold right in our very eyes this coming season.

The East this time would be a more competitive and exciting teams to watch. With Boston trading top players for Kevin Garnet and acquiring Ray Allen to boost the young and energetic line up of Boston which already includes all star guard Paul Pierce.

Miami made a late off season trade involving five players including forward Antoinne Walker. In return they got a perennial slashing guard in Ricky Davis. Ricky would complement Wade and can also can come up in the bench and provide quality scoring minutes. Orlando Magic built their franchise in their emerging superstar Dwight Howard and the signing of Rashard Lewis would instill leadership to this team and could help in the offensive department as well and they could very well be a contender in the playoffs.

The bulls also got a good scoring center which could very well complete it’s already all star roster in the likes of Joaquim Noah and Gray.

I believe these playoffs would be a showdown against Miami and the Bulls versus the winner against King James Cleveland and Garnet’s Boston. Now that would be a mouth watering match up.

But all in all I still believed the West would capture the Larry O’Brien cup since the wests don’t have that much changed in their rosters. And Stability and chemistry really is a factor in winning the championship. If Kenyon Martin is healthy this would be a blow out season for Denver. The acquisition of Grant Hill and Strawberry would provide solid offense for the run and gun of Phoenix. The Lakers could be in trouble of an early exit if trade talks don’t prosper. The Houston rockets steve francis, Tracy Mcgrady and Yao Ming show solidify their spot in the playoffs with new talent Scola making his way to the NBA. But this year the reigning champions the San Antonio Spurs could very well repeat this year’s championship but it all depends on a healthy Duncan. But like they always say the ball is round… so we never know…

One Response to NBA is coming…

  1. fouledout says:

    i agree.. the west will still win the trophy. the san antonio spurs, dallas mavericks, houston rockets and phoenix suns will be the top contenders for the NBA title. The eastern conference teams are really getting stronger, but they are still very weak compared to the western conference, because most of the powerhouse talents are playing for western teams..

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