How tall are you??

During my growing up days I remember measuring my height through our wooden wall and mark the tip of my head with a line until I stop doing it when I started noticing a small improvement of my height. I became frustrated and was unhappy with each result my marker made. But I was fortunate that I was the tallest in our family…


The NBA produced the talented players around the globe and including also from the tallest and down to the Mugsy Bogues mini pincher size.

The tallest player who played in the NBA was a Sudan native who towers at 7’7” and with a wingspan of 8’6”, Manute Bol break history because of his height. I can even remember him shooting air ball threes… hehe He might have the height but the talent is scarce for this player. The last time I’ve heard about Manute Bol was in an ice hockey game in which he played for a charity game for his hometown.

Gheorge Muresan is a Romanian player who played in New Jersey and Washington. Muresan towers at 7’7” and has a wingspan of 7’10” he is a much talented center than Manute… he could block shots well and provided the ceiling for his team. A good low post player who also knows how to pass but unfortunately his career was cut short because of injuries he suffered on his legs.

Shawn Bradley and Yao Ming both towers at 7’6” but talent wise Yao Ming edges Bradley, Yao has good perimeter moves and shot blocking skills which creates double team and instant offense to the Houston Rockets. I just can’t imagine what his future son will be since he is married to a Chinese national team player who towers at 6’3”

Bradley in the other hand who wears a jersey no.76 and plays on the Philadelphia 76ers and has a height of 7’6” is a decent NBA player who one time lead in the block department. But above the entire most talented centers in the NBA there is only one player who is 7’1” but towers above any player who played in the NBA, Wilt Chamberlain broke the scoring record by making 100 points in a single game. He dominates the game and the best center who ever played in basketball who openly admits in having a multiple partner in almost every game he played. Wow I could imagine the no. of illegitimate children he has… hehehe

Height might be a factor but it doesn’t give you a ticket to instant greatness. A great player possesses the right attitude and determination. So it doesn’t matter how tall or short you are. It’s what’s inside you matters. Just like they say “height doesn’t matter”…

the freak of nature.. Manute Bol



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