Its Pacquiao-Marquez 2 this March 15…

November 29, 2007

After some indications that Manny will fight David Diaz in the 135lb territory I was quite dreary about that situation… hardcore boxing fans like me wanted Pacquiao to settle the unfinished business he started against sturdy Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez.

Manny in his article in had some feelers that he wanted to face Marquez as a champion. So in that case all roads point to the WBC lightweight champ David Diaz and then a showdown with Marquez in July.

Marquez agreed to lower down his purse and even agreed in fighting a catch weight at 135lbs. since Manny in his last fight had a hard time making the 130lb weight limit.

Marquez is desperate to have a mega money fight with Pacquiao as he is turning 34 years old this January and with his fellow Mexican legends retiring (Morales and Barrera) this would be a one last hoorah for Marquez. And what better way to end a career with a bang and fat money on the pocket.

David Diaz is the supposed top contender since he is also promoted by Top rank… with lesser purse and lesser complications he is destined to fight Manny.

But with Lady Luck smiling on us, Golden boy offered a purse which made Manny and Bob Arum hard to resist.  With about 99 percent sure this March 15 it would be Pacquiao-Marquez 2. This will surely spice up the internet wars and rivalry between the Filipino and Mexicans… but the sure winner would be us… the diehards boxing fanatico…


The Truth about Brandon

November 25, 2007

Brandon “The Truth” Vera on the first round of his highly anticipated return against a decorated giant fighter Tim Sylvia suffered an injury in his left hand which proved to be very costly with the eventual unanimous decision win in favor of Tim.

Born in October 10, 1977, a Filipino- American who has an ancient Filipino writing called Alibata tattooed in his back which has the Earth, Wind, Water and fire elements.

He was the next big thing in UFC as he made his way to the top with an immaculate record of 8 wins, 6 by knocks out with 1 submission but was eventually defeated by Tim Sylvia in his come backing fight.

He was inactive for about a year because of his dispute with his former trainer Mark Dion which has to be settled by an arbiter for the California Athletic Commission.

He was an confident fighter with lots of hype in his bouts. If not for the dispute he would have fought Tim Sylvia earlier for the championship belt which Tim eventually lost to the Greco roman style fighter Randy Couture.

Brandon has a good background in wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. He also trained in Greco Roman wrestling which serves to be an Achilles to Tim Sylvia. He could have stick to Greco style but instead in one or two occasion tried to slug it out with Tim. He injured his left hand in the fight and lost but it maybe a way to make him a better fighter…

He lost to a champion and the product of inactivity. The truth about Brandon is he will be back and a much better fighter, the truth about Brandon is he went down but made his loss a challenge to come back…. The truth about Brandon is he made us proud!

“It is not the victory that counts it is our attitude whenever we fall and learn to rise”


Guzman might be a threat to Manny’s boxing supremacy

November 18, 2007

The Soto-Guzman fight was an exclamation point on how great Guzman is.

He was inactive for almost a year but still he showed the speed and agility of an unlikely 31 year old boxer. Normally the younger fighter always dominates the older fighter in the speed and power department but in the match it was the older Joan Guzman dominating the younger Humberto Soto.

After two rounds Joan Guzman shakes off his ring rust and started to find his range and it was a fight with Soto throwing more punches but landed below 20 percent. He was just out of sync for this match. As Guzman is one step ahead of Soto frustrating the Mexican in every angle he could think of.

This fight has a lot of at stake from the two fighters and the two promotional companies, Top rank and Golden Boy Promotions. Bob Arum wants Soto to win to set up the former Bobby Pacquiao conqueror against Bobby’s older brother Manny Pacquiao so in that case it would be a solo Top rank promotion. Golden Boy wants Guzman to win to ensure either Guzman or Marquez a showdown with Pacquiao.

And with that said I think Joan Guzman might proved to be Manny’s real challenge as the Dominican Republic native is a good counter puncher than Marquez and utilizes his speed and punches in accuracy. Even Freddie Roach said that Joan Guzman is the biggest threat to Manny’s legacy and boxing supremacy.

But here’s the catch guys, Joan Guzman although looks very exactly like Mike Tyson but he is not a power puncher like Mike. His record speaks for himself as he had 28-0 fights with only 17 by way of knockout. Percentage wise its still a good knockout record on the books but the fact is Joan Guzman never knockout an opponent in his last 6-7 fights after climbing up in the 130lb division. Although Soto is a knockout artist but he is not as fast as Manny Pacquiao is. Joan Guzman might be a threat but Manny Pacquiao is trouble to Guzman.

If the Manny Pacquiao- Juan Marquez II fight push through it would be best for Guzman to be active and find some good and respected boxers. With Manny on the ring you cant have the luxury of time to shake off that ring rust. I suggest he challenge the Venezuelan Knockout artist Edwin Valero in a winner take all match to be the next opponent of Manny and earn the admiration and respect of boxing fans like me. If he could win against Valero in a convincing fashion then this time Manny would be in trouble.

I wanna be like Mike…


When Pacman faces the baby bull

November 13, 2007

What does Mongolian Lakva Sim, brother of Miguel Cotto Jose Miguel Cotto, Acelino Freitas and Julio Diaz have in common? They are all defeated by the WBA, WBO and IBF undisputed lightweight champion Juan “baby bull” Diaz.

Juan Diaz might be the future opponent of Manny Pacquiao if things won’t go well on their recent negotiations against WBC Juan Manuel Marquez. The March 15 date is already reserved for Manny’s fight but still there are uncertainties of which who will be the next opponent for Pacquiao.

Juan Marquez maybe a sensible fight for Manny but a battle with Juan Diaz maybe the most exciting and challenging fight he could ever be in his career. Marquez is already an aged warrior at 34 years old although his skills are superb but on his last fight I could see his speed deteriorating, Manny could break Marquez defense as the fight progresses and will go for the kill in the later rounds. It might not be a walk in the park for Pacquiao but with his new arsenals this could assure him a new WBC belt.

Juan Diaz is a young 25 year old fighter who is not yet at his prime. He is a counter puncher who could rain you with punches. A very talented boxer who holds a record of 33 wins but only 17 wins by knockout. He overwhelms his opponent with punches and is not a knockout artist in perspective. He could very well make some problems to Pacquiao and is a natural 135 lb. fighter. The volume of punches might hurt Manny but Manny could very well counter and box like what he did in his last fight with Barrera.

Manny expresses his interest in fighting Juan Diaz and in layman’s term 3 belts are more than 1 belt… Juan Marquez maybe holding the WBC belt but Juan Diaz holds the WBA, WBO and IBF belts. And Manny could very well take advantage of Juan Diaz youth which is still not at his prime. Manny has 3 to 6 fights left before retiring and winning against Diaz would solidify his name on boxing’s hall of fame. If he looses at least he lost to an undisputed champion so the pressure might not be place solely on him.

Pacman and the Baby bull will create fireworks but improbability creeps into my mind not until it’s a done deal. But for sure I’ll be circling on my calendar this March 15.


Lets give Manny a break…

November 9, 2007

People can be cruel at times. Fame and wealth always comes with a price.

Manny Pacquiao revolutionized the world of boxing with his no fear like attitude and fans adored his charismatic aura in and off the ring. He made boxing on the limelight again by signing both GBP and Toprank promotions which helps in attaining the cold war which was slowly building between Bob Arum and Oscar Delahoya. He unified boxing in an awkward and diverse way but somehow effective.

With his recent victory against Mexican legend Marco Antonio Barrera many are calling his name and some even resort of calling him a class B fighter in order to lure him.

And when Mexican Manuel Marquez won his last outing he wanted Pacman to be his next opponent. Manny is the next big thing in boxing… he is a PPV magnet and everywhere people watch him fight regardless of his opponent. He brings on the money and to be in the same ring with him is not just an honor but an instant food on the table…with lots and lots of desserts.

People always comment that Manny is always looking for money… come on guys boxing is a sport and like other sports business is business… With only about 6 fights left for Manny before he hangs up his gloves. He deserves to earn that much money while staking his life in every fight. Juan Manuel Marquez maybe a logical opponent for Manny but he is also asking too much. So if Team Pacquiao has failed to book Marquez it doesn’t mean his ducking him he just needs to be practical. A fight with Diazes maybe coming soon in that matter… but for now lets just give Manny a break.


The heart of Ronny (a Laker story)

November 7, 2007

The Lakers this start of the season is really looking good except for some constant boos in the crowd against Kobe. After a thrilling opener night where they lost to Houston the Lakers cruise to a 2-2 record beating Phoenix in a loop-sided victory in the process.

It’s not about Kobe anymore but it’s all about the team going through adversities and finding the right chemistry after the humored trade between Kobe and the Bulls.

Speaking of Adversities there is one player who has been through such a drastic experienced and now having the time of his life playing as a power forward/ center for the Lakers.

After being drafted by the Lakers in 2005 as a second round 37th overall draft pick, Ronny Turiaf was relieved and happy that he will be able to fulfill his life time dream to play in the NBA. But that dream didn’t seem to make it to reality as he was diagnosed of an enlarged aortic root from his heart while undergoing a physical checkup and needs to be operated. The Lakers have to negate his rookie contract and Ronny was devastated and was crushed as he was only given a glimpse of a dream he badly wanted.

He was a talented player with high hopes as his accomplishments made him a star in his country, joining the likes of Tony Parker, Mickael Pietrus and Boris Diaw.

After a successful Open heart surgery Ronny undergo rehabilitation and a new reason to live on and to fulfill the dream he have once had. With only 6 months after the surgery Ronny went back to basketball and signed with a CBA team since the Lakers expected him to be back in the 2006-07 season.

But LA offered Ronny a new contract and Ronny without question went on to sign with the Lakers, the team that believe in him, the team that welcomed him with open arms and so the rest was history. With his high octane energy Ronny is just so fun to watch with his defense and offense in the court. He made his own personal legend and by standing up when everybody expects him to be down he showed to us how we could conquer our own fears and making it by just believing and showing your best. I wonder if he could give some to his fellow players like Andrew Bynum who is slowly making waves in LA or to Kobe for some obvious reason.

Making evergame 110 %

The Shining of the Undisputed Middleweight Champion

November 4, 2007

Joe Calzaghe who trained by his father at early age who doesn’t have any boxing background bought training books for his son and made him proud as Joe went on to be the undisputed champion in the middle weight division as he out boxed and out wit power puncher Mikkel Kessler in the Nov.3 showdown.

It was a see saw battle in the first 3 rounds but as the second half progresses Joe showed class and went on to his jab and one two combination. It was a war of tactics but Joe broke down Kessler and made him discourage by hand speeds and blinding defense.

It was Joe’s time to shine and show what he is made of. Kessler was puzzled each time he went into his corner. He did everything right but still it was not good enough. Even Kessler before the fight said that Joe spoils the boxer in you. Even HBO commentator Emmanuel Stewart was all praise and even stand on his feet on Joe’s performance…Joe is beyond perfect that he beat the prime Kessler and went into another dimension he was just phenomenal that send the 50,150 fans jumping on their feet as he shown a different style of boxing.   

There are two logical match up for Calzaghe wit Bernard Hopkins and the unbeaten Kelly Pavlik. But it was clear that in the after fight interview he wants BHOP and that would be a much anticipated match up between a counter puncher and a very good offense and defense boxer. Which will happen next year, and with the Mosley-Cotto fight coming and the Hatton-Mayweather fight in December, Truly this is a great year in boxing…