The Shining of the Undisputed Middleweight Champion

Joe Calzaghe who trained by his father at early age who doesn’t have any boxing background bought training books for his son and made him proud as Joe went on to be the undisputed champion in the middle weight division as he out boxed and out wit power puncher Mikkel Kessler in the Nov.3 showdown.

It was a see saw battle in the first 3 rounds but as the second half progresses Joe showed class and went on to his jab and one two combination. It was a war of tactics but Joe broke down Kessler and made him discourage by hand speeds and blinding defense.

It was Joe’s time to shine and show what he is made of. Kessler was puzzled each time he went into his corner. He did everything right but still it was not good enough. Even Kessler before the fight said that Joe spoils the boxer in you. Even HBO commentator Emmanuel Stewart was all praise and even stand on his feet on Joe’s performance…Joe is beyond perfect that he beat the prime Kessler and went into another dimension he was just phenomenal that send the 50,150 fans jumping on their feet as he shown a different style of boxing.   

There are two logical match up for Calzaghe wit Bernard Hopkins and the unbeaten Kelly Pavlik. But it was clear that in the after fight interview he wants BHOP and that would be a much anticipated match up between a counter puncher and a very good offense and defense boxer. Which will happen next year, and with the Mosley-Cotto fight coming and the Hatton-Mayweather fight in December, Truly this is a great year in boxing…




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