The heart of Ronny (a Laker story)

The Lakers this start of the season is really looking good except for some constant boos in the crowd against Kobe. After a thrilling opener night where they lost to Houston the Lakers cruise to a 2-2 record beating Phoenix in a loop-sided victory in the process.

It’s not about Kobe anymore but it’s all about the team going through adversities and finding the right chemistry after the humored trade between Kobe and the Bulls.

Speaking of Adversities there is one player who has been through such a drastic experienced and now having the time of his life playing as a power forward/ center for the Lakers.

After being drafted by the Lakers in 2005 as a second round 37th overall draft pick, Ronny Turiaf was relieved and happy that he will be able to fulfill his life time dream to play in the NBA. But that dream didn’t seem to make it to reality as he was diagnosed of an enlarged aortic root from his heart while undergoing a physical checkup and needs to be operated. The Lakers have to negate his rookie contract and Ronny was devastated and was crushed as he was only given a glimpse of a dream he badly wanted.

He was a talented player with high hopes as his accomplishments made him a star in his country, joining the likes of Tony Parker, Mickael Pietrus and Boris Diaw.

After a successful Open heart surgery Ronny undergo rehabilitation and a new reason to live on and to fulfill the dream he have once had. With only 6 months after the surgery Ronny went back to basketball and signed with a CBA team since the Lakers expected him to be back in the 2006-07 season.

But LA offered Ronny a new contract and Ronny without question went on to sign with the Lakers, the team that believe in him, the team that welcomed him with open arms and so the rest was history. With his high octane energy Ronny is just so fun to watch with his defense and offense in the court. He made his own personal legend and by standing up when everybody expects him to be down he showed to us how we could conquer our own fears and making it by just believing and showing your best. I wonder if he could give some to his fellow players like Andrew Bynum who is slowly making waves in LA or to Kobe for some obvious reason.

Making evergame 110 %


4 Responses to The heart of Ronny (a Laker story)

  1. fouledout says:

    he is not that good.. but i think he’s better than kwame brown! hahaha!

  2. lakersfanboy says:

    Lekers is really doing great. They started the season very good. especially now that Ronny was added in their line-up.

    Lakers fan

  3. hingedman says:

    Yah i wont be suprise to see them in the playoffs…

  4. fouledout says:

    playoffs yeah.. but they need more than what they have right now if they are going to be contenders in the west..

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