Lets give Manny a break…

People can be cruel at times. Fame and wealth always comes with a price.

Manny Pacquiao revolutionized the world of boxing with his no fear like attitude and fans adored his charismatic aura in and off the ring. He made boxing on the limelight again by signing both GBP and Toprank promotions which helps in attaining the cold war which was slowly building between Bob Arum and Oscar Delahoya. He unified boxing in an awkward and diverse way but somehow effective.

With his recent victory against Mexican legend Marco Antonio Barrera many are calling his name and some even resort of calling him a class B fighter in order to lure him.

And when Mexican Manuel Marquez won his last outing he wanted Pacman to be his next opponent. Manny is the next big thing in boxing… he is a PPV magnet and everywhere people watch him fight regardless of his opponent. He brings on the money and to be in the same ring with him is not just an honor but an instant food on the table…with lots and lots of desserts.

People always comment that Manny is always looking for money… come on guys boxing is a sport and like other sports business is business… With only about 6 fights left for Manny before he hangs up his gloves. He deserves to earn that much money while staking his life in every fight. Juan Manuel Marquez maybe a logical opponent for Manny but he is also asking too much. So if Team Pacquiao has failed to book Marquez it doesn’t mean his ducking him he just needs to be practical. A fight with Diazes maybe coming soon in that matter… but for now lets just give Manny a break.



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