When Pacman faces the baby bull

What does Mongolian Lakva Sim, brother of Miguel Cotto Jose Miguel Cotto, Acelino Freitas and Julio Diaz have in common? They are all defeated by the WBA, WBO and IBF undisputed lightweight champion Juan “baby bull” Diaz.

Juan Diaz might be the future opponent of Manny Pacquiao if things won’t go well on their recent negotiations against WBC Juan Manuel Marquez. The March 15 date is already reserved for Manny’s fight but still there are uncertainties of which who will be the next opponent for Pacquiao.

Juan Marquez maybe a sensible fight for Manny but a battle with Juan Diaz maybe the most exciting and challenging fight he could ever be in his career. Marquez is already an aged warrior at 34 years old although his skills are superb but on his last fight I could see his speed deteriorating, Manny could break Marquez defense as the fight progresses and will go for the kill in the later rounds. It might not be a walk in the park for Pacquiao but with his new arsenals this could assure him a new WBC belt.

Juan Diaz is a young 25 year old fighter who is not yet at his prime. He is a counter puncher who could rain you with punches. A very talented boxer who holds a record of 33 wins but only 17 wins by knockout. He overwhelms his opponent with punches and is not a knockout artist in perspective. He could very well make some problems to Pacquiao and is a natural 135 lb. fighter. The volume of punches might hurt Manny but Manny could very well counter and box like what he did in his last fight with Barrera.

Manny expresses his interest in fighting Juan Diaz and in layman’s term 3 belts are more than 1 belt… Juan Marquez maybe holding the WBC belt but Juan Diaz holds the WBA, WBO and IBF belts. And Manny could very well take advantage of Juan Diaz youth which is still not at his prime. Manny has 3 to 6 fights left before retiring and winning against Diaz would solidify his name on boxing’s hall of fame. If he looses at least he lost to an undisputed champion so the pressure might not be place solely on him.

Pacman and the Baby bull will create fireworks but improbability creeps into my mind not until it’s a done deal. But for sure I’ll be circling on my calendar this March 15.



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