Guzman might be a threat to Manny’s boxing supremacy

The Soto-Guzman fight was an exclamation point on how great Guzman is.

He was inactive for almost a year but still he showed the speed and agility of an unlikely 31 year old boxer. Normally the younger fighter always dominates the older fighter in the speed and power department but in the match it was the older Joan Guzman dominating the younger Humberto Soto.

After two rounds Joan Guzman shakes off his ring rust and started to find his range and it was a fight with Soto throwing more punches but landed below 20 percent. He was just out of sync for this match. As Guzman is one step ahead of Soto frustrating the Mexican in every angle he could think of.

This fight has a lot of at stake from the two fighters and the two promotional companies, Top rank and Golden Boy Promotions. Bob Arum wants Soto to win to set up the former Bobby Pacquiao conqueror against Bobby’s older brother Manny Pacquiao so in that case it would be a solo Top rank promotion. Golden Boy wants Guzman to win to ensure either Guzman or Marquez a showdown with Pacquiao.

And with that said I think Joan Guzman might proved to be Manny’s real challenge as the Dominican Republic native is a good counter puncher than Marquez and utilizes his speed and punches in accuracy. Even Freddie Roach said that Joan Guzman is the biggest threat to Manny’s legacy and boxing supremacy.

But here’s the catch guys, Joan Guzman although looks very exactly like Mike Tyson but he is not a power puncher like Mike. His record speaks for himself as he had 28-0 fights with only 17 by way of knockout. Percentage wise its still a good knockout record on the books but the fact is Joan Guzman never knockout an opponent in his last 6-7 fights after climbing up in the 130lb division. Although Soto is a knockout artist but he is not as fast as Manny Pacquiao is. Joan Guzman might be a threat but Manny Pacquiao is trouble to Guzman.

If the Manny Pacquiao- Juan Marquez II fight push through it would be best for Guzman to be active and find some good and respected boxers. With Manny on the ring you cant have the luxury of time to shake off that ring rust. I suggest he challenge the Venezuelan Knockout artist Edwin Valero in a winner take all match to be the next opponent of Manny and earn the admiration and respect of boxing fans like me. If he could win against Valero in a convincing fashion then this time Manny would be in trouble.

I wanna be like Mike…



2 Responses to Guzman might be a threat to Manny’s boxing supremacy

  1. kwentongwalangkwenta says:

    guzman was a solid puncher at 122. i don’t think though he would trouble pacman with his style. at 130, he lacks power and not as good a technical fighter as marquez. remember that as great marquez was, pacquiao could win some rounds by outboxing marquez. simply put, pac is no soto and guzman is no marquez. guzman may be able to run and potshot his way to victory against soto but pac knows how to cut the ring, has speed that could match guzman’s and knows how to counter. floyd sr. would eat his words if ever pac and guzman meet in the ring

  2. hingedman says:

    true that…

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