The Truth about Brandon

Brandon “The Truth” Vera on the first round of his highly anticipated return against a decorated giant fighter Tim Sylvia suffered an injury in his left hand which proved to be very costly with the eventual unanimous decision win in favor of Tim.

Born in October 10, 1977, a Filipino- American who has an ancient Filipino writing called Alibata tattooed in his back which has the Earth, Wind, Water and fire elements.

He was the next big thing in UFC as he made his way to the top with an immaculate record of 8 wins, 6 by knocks out with 1 submission but was eventually defeated by Tim Sylvia in his come backing fight.

He was inactive for about a year because of his dispute with his former trainer Mark Dion which has to be settled by an arbiter for the California Athletic Commission.

He was an confident fighter with lots of hype in his bouts. If not for the dispute he would have fought Tim Sylvia earlier for the championship belt which Tim eventually lost to the Greco roman style fighter Randy Couture.

Brandon has a good background in wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. He also trained in Greco Roman wrestling which serves to be an Achilles to Tim Sylvia. He could have stick to Greco style but instead in one or two occasion tried to slug it out with Tim. He injured his left hand in the fight and lost but it maybe a way to make him a better fighter…

He lost to a champion and the product of inactivity. The truth about Brandon is he will be back and a much better fighter, the truth about Brandon is he went down but made his loss a challenge to come back…. The truth about Brandon is he made us proud!

“It is not the victory that counts it is our attitude whenever we fall and learn to rise”


3 Responses to The Truth about Brandon

  1. fouledout says:

    i think he was here in the philippines a few weeks ago! hahaha, but i think he’s back in the states now..

  2. hingedman says:

    yah.. he was training an actor for his role.. hehehe

  3. Amanda m. says:

    damn that is so true about what this article said … “It is not the victory that counts it is our attitude whenever we fall and learn to rise” i couldn’t have said it better than this. and yes he did make up Very Very proud!!!

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