Valero is calling Manny; Guzman is calling Valero

December 18, 2007

Edwin Valero is calling all the 130lb champions to a unification fight with special mention to Manny Pacquiao.

The Venezuelan native packs a whooping record of 23-0 with 23 by way of knockout and is now a known commodity among die hard boxing fans. After his easy win against unheralded Mexican Zulueta in Cancun Mexico he shouted Pacquiao’s name wanting to land a mega fight with Manny.

Although his bouts were with questionable fighters with the exception of Mosqueda were he was knock down and got up and went for the kill. Valero still has a lot of things to prove and with his license still in limbo he has to continue to make good and respectable fights outside US.

A fight with Joan Guzman would solidify his claim of greatness but from what ive heard Valero is avoiding Guzman. Guzman could really spell trouble to Valero as he is as slick as a cat and could very well handle the pressure against a slugger like Valero. With speed and technical skills Guzman could upset the record of knockouts Valero produced.

If a Valero-Guzman fight would be feasible this could be an eliminator bout against the winner for the Pacquiao-Marquez rematch.

2008 would be a good year for all boxing fans. A Guzman-Pacquiao fight would be a tactical matchup and a 50-50 chance of whos who will win. And as for Valero a matchup with Pacquiao could never be made not unless he fights an unparalleled fighter in the name of Guzman. Pacquiao could likely move up to the 135lb division and could be an acid test for Pacquiao if he could dominate this division with a fight against the 135lb ruler Juan Diaz. If Guzman moves up in weight then this would be his downfall since he is not the same power puncher while he was still in the 122lb division. All his fights in the 130 lb went to the distance so it’s unlikely to tell if he could sustain his power in the much higher and heavier division.

Valero is calling Manny and Guzman is calling Valero. Guzman could land a pretty good deal with Manny and for Valero unless he can have his license back he would still be an itch on Manny’s back but could very well died down as the hype and anticipation went in no mans land.


Floyd’s no.1 but for how long??

December 10, 2007

Floyd “Pretty Boy” change to “Money” Mayweather solidifies his ranking on top of Manny Pacquiao as the pound for pound king as he demolishes journey man Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton.

It was televised for 200 countries all over the world… a match were boxing fans are obliged to watch as both fighters were undefeated and with both fighting for bragging rights and respect.

Floyd has earned the respect of the media and boxing fans as he showcase his hand speed, slick defense and precision jabs against the pressure puncher in Hatton. Fans are watching the fight for two reasons… the one is that they want to see how Mayweather deals with a legitimate pound 4 pound fighter and the other is they want the cocky Mayweather get knock out.

The fight was a see saw battle in the first two rounds which I scored Hatton winning in both rounds. Hatton was engaging Mayweather into a brawl like what Dela Hoya did in their match only to loose steam in the later rounds. But Floyd uses his defense and God given ability to be wildered the brit champion after round 2. Hatton could make some problems to the slicky Mayweather if he continues to go inside and get busy… but he just couldn’t catch up with Floyd’s precision punching. The best round was in round 8 where he almost decked Hatton nudging his head and almost fell to the canvass. From that point on it was all Mayweather show as he knocked out Hatton on the 10th round with Joe Cortez stopping the fight and Hatton falls to the canvass for the second time.


Floyd Mayweather has a built in ability compared to Michael Jordan, Lebron James and Tiger woods his just too fast and too athletic and could carve his way to the hall of fame in boxing. He maybe the no.1 pound for pound fighter but he still has a lot of things to be done in order to be at par with Muhammad Ali, Rocky Marciano and Sugar Ray Leonard.

He has still a lot of oppositions to clean up if he wants to be on top with the likes of Miguel Cotto, Antonio Margarito, Paul Williams and Sugar Shane Mosley. Ali made his way on top by challenging the best fighter in his division and that should be Floyd’s mentality now. He could be the best pound 4 pound fighter in this generation but his legacy is short lived. In order to be the best you have to fight the best… Floyd can be no.1 but for how long?? So bring it on with Miguel Cotto “Money” Mayweather…


The Rock is now a Tiger…

December 7, 2007

He maybe one of the controversial player who played in the PBA but he is one of the greatest center who ever played in the game. He is not a Wilt Chamberlain but his dominance and power has proved to be a dark horse in the Philippine basketball league.

Born in March 2, 1973 and at age 34 he seems to be at par with the young and talented players in the league.

Paul Asi “ the Rock” Taulava towers his way to stardome as he dominates every game with a Shaq like performance. The League’s MVP in 2003 and a two time All Star MVP in 2004 and 2006 respectively.

A mainstay of the Philippine National team and a starting center for the Talk and Text Phonepals.

Right now Asi is making waves in the PBA scene as he was traded to Coca cola for equally big Ali Peek and some future draft picks.

This move maybe beneficial to Coca Cola tigers as they are in dire need of a dominant big man and Asi wants a change of scenery as the Phone pals offense switch to the run and gun type. Although Asi can run and is very athletic the Derrick Pumaren offense can be compared to the Phoenix Suns offense with Steve Nash replica Jimmy Alapag running the show. Asi switch to his defense more and in return cost him a slot for the Phonepals roster. Why the Phonepals did trade him? Well it’s simple it’s a marketing strategy. With Asi who has a year or two before he retires they will have to look for other options and by switching to the run and gun type of offense the transition would be not that difficult. Offense would come from Macmac Cardona, Anthony Washington and Jimmy Alapag. Ali Peek might not be as dominant as Asi but a big body could help them man along the paint plus Ali doesn’t cost that much in terms of salary.

In the Coca cola Tigers part Asi prove to be a vital weapon in their offense as the motion run offense by Binky Favis would be beneficial to Asi.

Scored 30 plus points on his debut with the tigers… Asi went back to his dominant days in the PBA. With the PBA season is still ongoing the future looks bright for both teams and is shining more on Asi…

The rock relaxes..


Three Contrasting Fights

December 4, 2007

We all witness the three fights last Sunday (Manila time) which featured Boom boom Bautista, AJ Banal and Nonito Donaire. These fights are considered the measuring stick for the three Pinoy fighters.

First stop Nonito Donaire. After a timed left hook knock out punch against the cocky Darchinyan everybody was saying he is a one punch wonder. But last Sunday he proved to everyone that he is no fluke and made a legitimate claim to greatness as he challenge all the belt holders in his division with a dream to become the first Filipino to unify the alphabet belts. He was just a step ahead against Maldonado. Frustrating the robust Mexican in every way and considered to be one of the best tacticians in boxing today. I could see Nonito and reigning WBO champion Fernando Montiel square off late March next year and that would be such a great fight. Nonito not only validate his win against Darchinyan he also made a legitimate scare to all belt holders as well.

Boom Boom had to face his pay back time the hard way after losing in his last outing against Daniel Ponce Deleon. Although he rightfully won the fight but I think he still needs a vast improvement in his defense. He wasn’t using his jab and even tried to slug it out with Bario Meza which reminisce to the same old Boom boom we saw last world cup. His chin is not that suspect anymore as he proved he can take a punch against Meza but he was impatient at times and went to a brawl. His head movement is making some improvement but I think he still has a lot of work to be done in order to become a champion. And unless he learns to be patient he would never be a title holder in that perspective.

Contrary to Boom boom’s being impatient, AJ Banal was exactly the opposite showing lots of maturity way beyond his age. As he wait until the 9th round with a perfectly timed right hook that send Bambito Soto in the canvass. His defense is superb and has power in both hands… I think AJ is overly ripe and is for me the next big thing in boxing. I would love AJ to be the main event on his next fight and but in spite of his maturity he still needs 2 or 3 fights before challenging for a title.

Although three fights came with one result which is the “W” they are contrasting results but nonetheless a win is a win and will take it from there.