Three Contrasting Fights

We all witness the three fights last Sunday (Manila time) which featured Boom boom Bautista, AJ Banal and Nonito Donaire. These fights are considered the measuring stick for the three Pinoy fighters.

First stop Nonito Donaire. After a timed left hook knock out punch against the cocky Darchinyan everybody was saying he is a one punch wonder. But last Sunday he proved to everyone that he is no fluke and made a legitimate claim to greatness as he challenge all the belt holders in his division with a dream to become the first Filipino to unify the alphabet belts. He was just a step ahead against Maldonado. Frustrating the robust Mexican in every way and considered to be one of the best tacticians in boxing today. I could see Nonito and reigning WBO champion Fernando Montiel square off late March next year and that would be such a great fight. Nonito not only validate his win against Darchinyan he also made a legitimate scare to all belt holders as well.

Boom Boom had to face his pay back time the hard way after losing in his last outing against Daniel Ponce Deleon. Although he rightfully won the fight but I think he still needs a vast improvement in his defense. He wasn’t using his jab and even tried to slug it out with Bario Meza which reminisce to the same old Boom boom we saw last world cup. His chin is not that suspect anymore as he proved he can take a punch against Meza but he was impatient at times and went to a brawl. His head movement is making some improvement but I think he still has a lot of work to be done in order to become a champion. And unless he learns to be patient he would never be a title holder in that perspective.

Contrary to Boom boom’s being impatient, AJ Banal was exactly the opposite showing lots of maturity way beyond his age. As he wait until the 9th round with a perfectly timed right hook that send Bambito Soto in the canvass. His defense is superb and has power in both hands… I think AJ is overly ripe and is for me the next big thing in boxing. I would love AJ to be the main event on his next fight and but in spite of his maturity he still needs 2 or 3 fights before challenging for a title.

Although three fights came with one result which is the “W” they are contrasting results but nonetheless a win is a win and will take it from there.



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