Valero is calling Manny; Guzman is calling Valero

Edwin Valero is calling all the 130lb champions to a unification fight with special mention to Manny Pacquiao.

The Venezuelan native packs a whooping record of 23-0 with 23 by way of knockout and is now a known commodity among die hard boxing fans. After his easy win against unheralded Mexican Zulueta in Cancun Mexico he shouted Pacquiao’s name wanting to land a mega fight with Manny.

Although his bouts were with questionable fighters with the exception of Mosqueda were he was knock down and got up and went for the kill. Valero still has a lot of things to prove and with his license still in limbo he has to continue to make good and respectable fights outside US.

A fight with Joan Guzman would solidify his claim of greatness but from what ive heard Valero is avoiding Guzman. Guzman could really spell trouble to Valero as he is as slick as a cat and could very well handle the pressure against a slugger like Valero. With speed and technical skills Guzman could upset the record of knockouts Valero produced.

If a Valero-Guzman fight would be feasible this could be an eliminator bout against the winner for the Pacquiao-Marquez rematch.

2008 would be a good year for all boxing fans. A Guzman-Pacquiao fight would be a tactical matchup and a 50-50 chance of whos who will win. And as for Valero a matchup with Pacquiao could never be made not unless he fights an unparalleled fighter in the name of Guzman. Pacquiao could likely move up to the 135lb division and could be an acid test for Pacquiao if he could dominate this division with a fight against the 135lb ruler Juan Diaz. If Guzman moves up in weight then this would be his downfall since he is not the same power puncher while he was still in the 122lb division. All his fights in the 130 lb went to the distance so it’s unlikely to tell if he could sustain his power in the much higher and heavier division.

Valero is calling Manny and Guzman is calling Valero. Guzman could land a pretty good deal with Manny and for Valero unless he can have his license back he would still be an itch on Manny’s back but could very well died down as the hype and anticipation went in no mans land.

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