Be like Mike

January 30, 2008

My own vector design for his airness… Michael Jordan…

be like mike


A time to be Selfish…

January 28, 2008

Watching no.32 dribbling the ball with wizardry making swift passes that even his team mates were babbling their mouth saying “how did he do that?” Magic Johnson personified the NBA and a young Jason Kidd all could do was to get into the court and mimic his idol.

Born in March 23, 1973 in San Francisco, California, Jason Kidd grew up in the streets of Oakland California. He was a gifted player who played in the different city courts of Oakland and everyday he has to face his arch nemesis Gary Payton.

He was trashed talk and sometimes left him with sleepless nights and hatred was all over him. Gary pushes Jason to the limit and had to constrain himself every time they’ve meet on the court. Jason and Gary became good friends and made his painful experienced a good lesson in patience and determination.

Jason is a born leader with stars written all over his forehead. Lead the St. Joseph highschool in Alameda California and was name the player of the year by Parade Magazine. High profile Colleges offered Kidd good and promising deal but instead Jason chooses to be close at home by choosing University of California an underrated school that was coming off a 10-18 record. He led a spot for his team in the All Pac-10 in which was a feat considering the school entered the All Pac-10 last 1959.

Drafted second in the first round of the 1994 rookie draft by the Dallas Mavericks second to Glenn Robinson and was eventually the co-rookie of the year award together with Grant Hill.

Jason was now playing like his idol. He and Magic make team mates look good and can develop a perennial star in every talent they could be with… Remember Steve Nash while he was a rookie in Phoenix…

Jason was just a win or two away from his ultimate dream of snatching the coveted Larry O brien cup. And although New Jersey could enter the playoffs I just couldn’t see Kidd winning a championship or a conference championship in perspective.

His determination and heart is a valuable asset in any game. He is for me the best point guard in the NBA right now. He always has a mentality of pass first a trait in which is a rare commodity in the NBA right now. An assist in definition is to lend support a stat that was Jason’s highest achievement. Jason has done a lot to the game and has been self less in giving passes. Now its your turn Jason… This is the time you go for your goal a time to be selfish as father time is catching on you… a trade this time is the only option and what better way to be with in a team you idolized…


With five seconds left…. 5, Kidd throws an alley oop to Bryant… and scores…3,2,1..end

team mates??

My Fearless Forecast for Gorres-Darchinyan fight

January 23, 2008

Vic Darchinyan was doing the mitts when a young Gorres was doing his routine training in the Wild Card gym of Freddie Roach. Z was full of admiration as Vic Darchinyan unleashes his power. That scenario happened two years ago when Vic was an immovable force in the flyweight division. Vic’s vulnerability was heavily exposed by Nonito Donaire and Z Gorres lost to a questionable split decision against WBO champ Fernando Montiel.

Both boxers suffered a loss and both wanted to get redemption. This Feb.2 all is at stake for both of these warriors with the winner facing Dimitri Kirilov for the IBF championship belt.  Loosing is not an option here with one trying to set up his power punches and the other maximizing his speed and quickness.

I like Z Gorres chances since he is a good counter puncher and makes good decisions inside the ring but Vic Darchinyan’s power could very well spell out the outcome of the night. If Gorres can take Vic’s power then it’s a sure shot at the IBF belt but considering Vic’s ritual boxing stance he would readily be detected whenever he moves forward to set up his left hook as they say you cant teach old dogs new tricks.

This fight is a good barometer for both boxers and with only an inch height advantage this could very well be a toe to toe battle.

Im bad at predictions and as much as I wanted to be impartial but Z could very well loose this fight if he relaxes on Vic like what he did on Montiel in the later rounds. But nonetheless I see Gorres winning this fight in round 10 via Technical knockout.

Here goes my fearless forecast on Vic and Gorres showdown on Feb.2 but like the weather…its one thing we cant control….

Poverty and boxing…

January 21, 2008

Poverty could somehow associate to hardships and struggles… but have you ever wondered when you go to poverty stricken areas where people have absolutely nothing but still you could always see a smile plastered on each of their faces.

Those people are deprived of earthly things but they are happy and contented with life.

 Money maybe a measurement of being filthy rich but happiness could never be bought by grains of money or tons of it.

I have been a fan of boxers who came out from poverty and became successful. Manny Pacquiao is a product of poverty who had to sell cigarettes and fight for a small amount of money in order to survive…

Poverty in a sense made the best out of Manny and to many aspiring boxers.

Life maybe cruel at times when it is put on the line of fire many died and many failed in becoming a champion.

Sometimes we criticize boxers for not giving their 110 percent in all their fight but it’s hard to be put in the pedestal when you’re fighting for dear life.

Poverty and boxing may not be synonymous in a lot of things but still we should put it in our mentality that when life put us on the brink of nothingness the only thing we do is we have to punch our way out of it… like boxers do…


Z-Gorres-Darchinyan wall paper design

January 18, 2008

My Gorres-Darchinyan wall paper design… click to see full image… right click to save…gorres-darchinyan wallpaper

My “Iron boy” wish list

January 17, 2008

What’s the chance of having an immaculate record of 30 wins and zero losses holding a WBO belt with only five feet in height and at age 33? I guess it’s like one out of a million. But where lucky to still witness one of the greatest tactician the boxing world has made. Ivan “the Iron boy” Calderon, was born in Guaynabo Puerto Rico with a troubled childhood Ivan develop the sense of urgency and made him a better person as he juggled life with patience and determination.

His not a KO artist which speaks most of his record with only 6 knockouts including an 8th round victory against Noel Tuñacao but he hits you with volumes of punches.

A famed amateur boxer who once lost to Brian Villoria but became a crowd drawer because of his size and speed made a name for himself as an undercard for the Delahoya- Campas fight featured in ESPN’s fight night show where in he won the WBO straw weight title via a nine round technical decision against Eduardo Marquez.

A defensive dynamo where last 2007 won a split decision against a strong and talented boxer In Hugo Cazares the size was evident as Ivan Calderon look like a child trying to snatch a cookie jar.

There are good oppositions Ivan could fight this year like Edgar Sosa and Ulises Solis or he could fight a lesser known but credible opponents like Rodel Mayol or Bert Batawang for that matter.

The smaller weights right now has grown to be the main attraction because of exciting match ups and good talented fighters thanks mainly to Manny Pacquiao, Eric Morales, Barrera and of course Ivan “the iron boy” Calderon.

I wonder how he could manage to be in a defensive mode when he faces Ulises Solis power punches… well hopefully we could see that fight this year…another wish list for me..

Looking like “Money” Mayweather..




Moving on….

January 9, 2008

A broken hearted me struggled to get up in a rainy morning… my battered heart was aching every inch of my emotions…a bottle of alcohol intoxicate my body while I was in deep slumber is slowly vanishing and I am slowly regaining with my senses. My mind wanted to get up but my emotions keep me from moving on….


A bruised left knee coupled with shoulder surgeries is ganging up on a once mighty warrior named Dwane Wade. Miami a year ago was considered a dominant force in the East. But fell short and humbled down by the resurging Chicago Bulls.

Wade got injured and this season tried his luck in coming back with Miami in order to help his struggling team who is 8 games below the eight spot in the East.

With Shaq injuring his hip and his dominance is now suspect. Miami has no other choice but to get the best out of its young rookies and whats left of its depleted roster.

Shaq is a non tradable persona with 20 million a year until 2010. Without an extensive salary cap I find it hard for Miami to make some trades or sign free agents.

Miami has to realized that it’s the end of the season for them and theres no other recourse but to move on. Let Wade and Shaq rest and comeback when they are 110% fit to play the game. I remember last year when Boston was on the bottom top of the standings and made another dismal showing last season. But it was the complete opposite of where the Celtics are right now. Miami has to understand the consequences of playing an injured player. They have to re group and try to land the top spot in the 2008 rookie draft and get a dominant center to slowly cover up the holes which was left by Shaq.

It’s time to face the music and accept defeat…


Moving on was the best thing that happen to me. Even though failure is inevitable

But the preeminent thing that has take place to me is the success I made from my experience… I’m now happily married and I never been this complete in my life…


Life and Sports come together and moving on is part of it.

the battling warriors…