My 2008 Wishlist…

2008 will be a great year in sports as we approach the Olympics in Beijing China, the re birth of boxing and a tons of exciting things that will happen this year.

We all have our 2008 Wish list and I’ve created a wish list for this year as we approach the year of the earth Rat.

10.) A championship ring for Kevin Garnet and the re-birth of the Boston Celtics         dynasty.

09.) Stability for Lakers offense in a consistent Basis… I always dream of a Boston and Lakers intense rivalry to emerge but so far Lakers are blown out by the Celtics in all there season games…I think will have to wait for a new Showtime Lakers team to surface.

08.) Healthy Grant Hill… he deserves all the praises after he fought all the adversities and played hard to be always on top of the game.

07.) A belt for Z Gorres… After he will stop the cocky Darchinyan a face off with Kirilov is possible late this year.

06.) More fights this year for Gerry Peñalosa… a scheduled fight with Ponce De leon is already penciled out by GBP this February. After that fight I would love to see Gerry fight again. It’s really nice to see a tactician at work.

05.) A unified belt for boxing… Let’s face it the Alphabet belts for boxing makes people confused. We only need one champion so one champion needs only one belt…need I say more??

04.) Team USA’s basketball supremacy… It’s time to take the Olympics in a different level… USA has to win the gold in memory of the great Dream team one who traumatized each opponent as it cruises its way to victory. Execution will be the key to win that coveted gold medal not raw talent… hope they’ve learned that lesson.

03.) Mayweather’s Defeat… I’m not sure who will be the great boxer to win against “Money” Mayweather but surely that would be a good boxing match to see.

02.) A dream Match up for Nonito Donaire and Cristian Mijares… Both are sleek boxers and both are good champions… After Mijares emerge victorious against Jose Navarro this February a showdown with the Filipino Flash would be a great match up with the winner solidifying its ground in the light weight division.

01.) A good year for Manny…. This March 15 would be his rematch against Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez. The fight would be a grudge match that should have happened years ago. Manny wanted to fight 3 times this year… I would love to see him fight Marquez, then Diaz (It maybe David or Juan) and a showdown with Ricky Hatton.


So there you go folks… my 2008 wishlist…


3 Responses to My 2008 Wishlist…

  1. fouledout says:

    yeah, i wish for the health of grant hill too.. he’s one of my favorite players in my fantasy league.. lol
    but i would like to see gerry penalosa retire from boxing.. in my opinion, he’s already proven himself and it’s better to retire while he’s ahead than to risk his career and exit the ring with a sorry loss.. he’s a skilled and talented boxer but i prefer him to retire as a champ..

  2. hingedman says:

    i think there are still some gas left in the tank on penalosa… i wanted him to fight two more fights…and of course he has to settle a score against Ponce De leon… with a scheduled mandatory defense against Vorapin in which Gerry have won in their previous meeting via knockout. He has only one fight left… and its gonna be no other than Ponce…

  3. fouledout says:

    yeah i think so too.. i also believe in penalosa’s skill and talent but i just don’t want to see him exit with a loss.. i prefer him to go out while he’s on top.. and whoever he decides to fight before he retires, let’s just hope for the best.. he’s a very talented boxer and im sure he can pull off something big.

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