Moving on….

A broken hearted me struggled to get up in a rainy morning… my battered heart was aching every inch of my emotions…a bottle of alcohol intoxicate my body while I was in deep slumber is slowly vanishing and I am slowly regaining with my senses. My mind wanted to get up but my emotions keep me from moving on….


A bruised left knee coupled with shoulder surgeries is ganging up on a once mighty warrior named Dwane Wade. Miami a year ago was considered a dominant force in the East. But fell short and humbled down by the resurging Chicago Bulls.

Wade got injured and this season tried his luck in coming back with Miami in order to help his struggling team who is 8 games below the eight spot in the East.

With Shaq injuring his hip and his dominance is now suspect. Miami has no other choice but to get the best out of its young rookies and whats left of its depleted roster.

Shaq is a non tradable persona with 20 million a year until 2010. Without an extensive salary cap I find it hard for Miami to make some trades or sign free agents.

Miami has to realized that it’s the end of the season for them and theres no other recourse but to move on. Let Wade and Shaq rest and comeback when they are 110% fit to play the game. I remember last year when Boston was on the bottom top of the standings and made another dismal showing last season. But it was the complete opposite of where the Celtics are right now. Miami has to understand the consequences of playing an injured player. They have to re group and try to land the top spot in the 2008 rookie draft and get a dominant center to slowly cover up the holes which was left by Shaq.

It’s time to face the music and accept defeat…


Moving on was the best thing that happen to me. Even though failure is inevitable

But the preeminent thing that has take place to me is the success I made from my experience… I’m now happily married and I never been this complete in my life…


Life and Sports come together and moving on is part of it.

the battling warriors…


One Response to Moving on….

  1. fouledout says:

    shaq needs to step down.. he’s growing old and his hip problem is nagging him. there’s no hope for the heat this season. The best thing to do is rest their star players assuming the dwyane wade and stays in Miami and Shaq doesn’t retire from the game. Resting their stars will give some exposure to their young rookies and prepare them for the next season’s campaign.

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