My “Iron boy” wish list

What’s the chance of having an immaculate record of 30 wins and zero losses holding a WBO belt with only five feet in height and at age 33? I guess it’s like one out of a million. But where lucky to still witness one of the greatest tactician the boxing world has made. Ivan “the Iron boy” Calderon, was born in Guaynabo Puerto Rico with a troubled childhood Ivan develop the sense of urgency and made him a better person as he juggled life with patience and determination.

His not a KO artist which speaks most of his record with only 6 knockouts including an 8th round victory against Noel Tuñacao but he hits you with volumes of punches.

A famed amateur boxer who once lost to Brian Villoria but became a crowd drawer because of his size and speed made a name for himself as an undercard for the Delahoya- Campas fight featured in ESPN’s fight night show where in he won the WBO straw weight title via a nine round technical decision against Eduardo Marquez.

A defensive dynamo where last 2007 won a split decision against a strong and talented boxer In Hugo Cazares the size was evident as Ivan Calderon look like a child trying to snatch a cookie jar.

There are good oppositions Ivan could fight this year like Edgar Sosa and Ulises Solis or he could fight a lesser known but credible opponents like Rodel Mayol or Bert Batawang for that matter.

The smaller weights right now has grown to be the main attraction because of exciting match ups and good talented fighters thanks mainly to Manny Pacquiao, Eric Morales, Barrera and of course Ivan “the iron boy” Calderon.

I wonder how he could manage to be in a defensive mode when he faces Ulises Solis power punches… well hopefully we could see that fight this year…another wish list for me..

Looking like “Money” Mayweather..





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