Poverty and boxing…

Poverty could somehow associate to hardships and struggles… but have you ever wondered when you go to poverty stricken areas where people have absolutely nothing but still you could always see a smile plastered on each of their faces.

Those people are deprived of earthly things but they are happy and contented with life.

 Money maybe a measurement of being filthy rich but happiness could never be bought by grains of money or tons of it.

I have been a fan of boxers who came out from poverty and became successful. Manny Pacquiao is a product of poverty who had to sell cigarettes and fight for a small amount of money in order to survive…

Poverty in a sense made the best out of Manny and to many aspiring boxers.

Life maybe cruel at times when it is put on the line of fire many died and many failed in becoming a champion.

Sometimes we criticize boxers for not giving their 110 percent in all their fight but it’s hard to be put in the pedestal when you’re fighting for dear life.

Poverty and boxing may not be synonymous in a lot of things but still we should put it in our mentality that when life put us on the brink of nothingness the only thing we do is we have to punch our way out of it… like boxers do…



2 Responses to Poverty and boxing…

  1. fouledout says:

    very well said..

  2. hingedman says:

    thanks bro

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