My Fearless Forecast for Gorres-Darchinyan fight

Vic Darchinyan was doing the mitts when a young Gorres was doing his routine training in the Wild Card gym of Freddie Roach. Z was full of admiration as Vic Darchinyan unleashes his power. That scenario happened two years ago when Vic was an immovable force in the flyweight division. Vic’s vulnerability was heavily exposed by Nonito Donaire and Z Gorres lost to a questionable split decision against WBO champ Fernando Montiel.

Both boxers suffered a loss and both wanted to get redemption. This Feb.2 all is at stake for both of these warriors with the winner facing Dimitri Kirilov for the IBF championship belt.  Loosing is not an option here with one trying to set up his power punches and the other maximizing his speed and quickness.

I like Z Gorres chances since he is a good counter puncher and makes good decisions inside the ring but Vic Darchinyan’s power could very well spell out the outcome of the night. If Gorres can take Vic’s power then it’s a sure shot at the IBF belt but considering Vic’s ritual boxing stance he would readily be detected whenever he moves forward to set up his left hook as they say you cant teach old dogs new tricks.

This fight is a good barometer for both boxers and with only an inch height advantage this could very well be a toe to toe battle.

Im bad at predictions and as much as I wanted to be impartial but Z could very well loose this fight if he relaxes on Vic like what he did on Montiel in the later rounds. But nonetheless I see Gorres winning this fight in round 10 via Technical knockout.

Here goes my fearless forecast on Vic and Gorres showdown on Feb.2 but like the weather…its one thing we cant control….


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