The Laker named Pau…

Last Saturday while I was browsing the internet… I was thrilled and amazed of the news I found… Pau Gasol got traded for Kwame Brown, Javaris Crittenton and some future draft picks for Los Angeles. Pau is an intelligent big man who could pass the ball pretty well. A good low post player and a perfect fit to the triangle offense. Kobe is elated about the news that he went on a rampage scoring 46 points in their game against the Toronto Raptors. With the fast recovery of their young center Andrew Bynum the Lakers could very well be one of the top contenders in the Playoffs.

Pau doesn’t have to carry the load in the offense like what he did in Memphis. He doesn’t have to feel the pressure to exceed the expectations people have on him. He just has to play the game he loves and be himself.

Memphis has a dismal season (13-34) and with a depleted roster it was a good decision to rebuild the Grizzlies and trade their focal point in offense to clear the salary cap and hoping to get a good free agent player or a young versatile talent in the next draft pool.

Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum could very well spell trouble to other teams with both of the big men can cause double teams in post up and both men have good defense ability.

NBA teams are surely having headaches with the triple threat of Bynum, Gasol and Bryant and with the rest of the Lakers team jelling smoothly sky is the limit for these talented young Lakers.

Miami, Chicago and New Jersey should follow suit with Memphis. Superstars and franchise players are expendable they have to be practical if they want their team to prosper.

New Jersey has Jason Kidd and Miami has Dwane Wade the problem would be Chicago since they don’t have a legitimate superstar in their roster for trade baits…With the deadline for trade transactions is nearing to an end. I hope Kidd would land to a championship contender team and although Kidd being a Laker is a faded wishful thinking but still my hopes are high…

With the emergence of the Boston team… I can feel the rebirth of the Boston-Laker rivalry in the 80s but the question would be how well these teams play in the playoffs… and would Pau be the solution to the riddle in LA? I don’t know… but Pau is surely happy to be in a team he can surely jell…

now a Laker…


3 Responses to The Laker named Pau…

  1. fouledout says:

    yeah.. i hope kidd lands in a championship caliber team.. it’s about time for him to win the ring.. he will retire anytime soon and it would be a shame to see him retire without a ring.. i’ve been a fan of jason kidd since i was a kid..

  2. hingedman says:

    yeah i hope so also bro..

  3. allan says:

    as of the moment jason is with dallas, a strong contender but with the sudden injured report on dirk, mavs has no chance on the wild west considering the acquisition during the mid-season… kidd is good player just like karl, john stockton, charles and alot more with no rings..

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