It’s a dog eats dog thing…

Last Saturday Z Gorres and Vic Darchinyan went toe to toe in an eliminator bout with the winner going to a championship match with the reigning IBF champion Dimitri Kirilov.

Z went into the fight with the usual Black with white trims of the Ala Boys… but one thing I notice about Z’s attire… he is wearing a shade of fear behind his smiles and machismo look while walking across the aisle before a boisterous and critical crowd. Z was a tactician and a good boxer but never in his caliber did he face a brawler and a puncher like Vic… I was amazed how big Vic Darchinyan went into the fight while they were listening to the referee’s instructions. Z’s eyes was not the usual fighter I saw in all his fights… he was somewhat afraid and intimidated of the raging bull.

The fight started out with a bang with Z moving side to side confusing Vic with Jabs and ducking in whenever Vic approaches with his power shots. The first round ended with a controversial knock down which was clearly a slip by Gorres and the referee counted Gorres with debris of coins and mineral waters flying to his direction.

Z caught Darchinyan with a good right to the jaw that down Vic in the second round… But like on his match against Montiel… Z went in for the kill… swaying haymakers neglecting his game plan in favored Vic and the raging bull was back on his game.

Z could have made Vic look stupid with his speed and defense but instead he went toe to toe and got tired. Vic is a telegraph fighter in which you could easily see his punches. But Z failed to capitalize it and paid dearly.

Although the fight ended with a controversial split draw but I thought Darchinyan won the fight. Gorres gave his heart in the fight and proved to everyone that he deserves to be in that caliber with Vic. But in spite of Vic’s dirty tactics Z went into the fight neglecting his game plan. Vic would always be what he is…. He was awkward and dirty but Z was not the Z Gorres we saw while conquering the likes of Eric Ortiz and Fernando Montiel.

He wasn’t the confident boxer we know going into that fight.

A rematch is being penciled out and I guess this time Z would come in the fight prepared and confident. The fight with Vic would be a stepping stone and learning experienced for Z… Z has to learn that in this cruel world of boxing it’s a dog eats dog thing.

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2 Responses to It’s a dog eats dog thing…

  1. fouledout says:

    too bad i never saw the fight. but i was able to see the lesnar-mir fight and noguiera-sylvia fight in UFC.. did you see those fights?

  2. hingedman says:

    unfortunately i havent but i got much of the picture while reading your blog..:)

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