Jordan’s Apparent Heir..

Before Michael Jordan retired for the first time talks have been circling around the NBA and fans panicked uncontrollably asking and questioning who would be his airness apparent heir? There are a bunch of players slowly showing signs with the likes of Jerry Stackhouse who at that time played for the Philadelphia 76ers. He was a consistent scorer but he was no where in Jordan’s league. The heir would be describe as a player who could score 40 or more points in almost all games and his jump would be describe as flying rather than a vertical leap and of course he has to have a smile that could launched a thousand ships and break every girls heart.

Grant Hill was the second player who tried to be the apparent heir. Hill was a charismatic player and a working force in the Pistons team but it was cut short because of an injury that almost ended his once colorful career. Grant Hill now played for the Phoenix Suns and is very much contented to be a role player.

And there was Vinsanity… Vince followed Jordan’s career path with a scorer’s mentality and revolutionized the slam dunk competition with his out of this world dunks. He was in every way a Jordan like player but without a Scottie Pippen, Vince Carter never got close in winning a title up to this day. Injuries hindered the Vince we know and love as he is the Jordan at age 40 who is content on shooting rather than doing a kamikaze dunk.

Kobe Bryant has all the right to be called the heir to his airness. Kobe won championships and to top it all that he could score and pass at the same time. And with years still ahead of him before retiring he is arguably the best all around player in the NBA right now. Not to mention his 80 points outing against the Raptors. Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in an age where there are no 3 seconds or 24 sec. violation, with Zone defense and at 7’1 there are little distractions at that time. So Kobe could even surpass Wilt in that manner.

Lebron James is another candidate and an up and coming sensation of the NBA. Lebron brought his team to the promise land in just his second year. Although it was cut short by the Spurs I could see a big bright future for Lebron. He is a good passer and people love him to death but I love to see Lebron join the slam dunk competition next year. With the thought of a Dwight Howard/Lebron James duel it made me salivating and drool endlessly (hehehehe).


Michael Jordan for me is the best player who ever played the game of basketball. He would always be the player who flies and glides his way to stardome. There would never be the next Michael Jordan. Stackhouse, Hill, Carter, Bryant and James have there own identity. It’s just unfortunate that they are born on the same era.


3 Responses to Jordan’s Apparent Heir..

  1. Kvnkvn says:

    harharhar…… ignoring tmac……

  2. hingedman says:

    Tmac doesnt have the impact like Jordan has when he first started in the NBA in fact back in Toronto he was overshadowed by Vince Carter. He only made a name to himself when he went to Orlando. Although Tmac has all the qualities of an all star not to mention a slamdunk champion also but in my opinion the likes of Kobe, Grant hill and Stackhouse made a distinct impression when they first made it to the NBA like what Jordan does.

  3. fouledout says:

    tmac is very fragile and he should change his moniker to t-hurt..

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